Ride Hard: Morning Call

Continues from here. I actually spent a full day without seeing Jack, if I was a paranoid sort of person I’d have started thinking the worst, I mean he’s resistant about spending the night, then as soon as he does we don’t see each other. Who wouldn’t be paranoid, it’s the sort of thing movies... Continue Reading →

What’s Behind The Chair?

My boyfriend had this annoying little habit, he’d begin foreplay by tickling me. Under the arms got me every time, made me squirm and thrash around. The second he started doing it I would jump in shock, then I’d get used to it just a little bit but if he didn’t stop after about thirty... Continue Reading →

Phone Sex Episode 2

“Hello, Cindy speaking” “Hey Babe, how’s it going?” “Yeah good. Whatcha doing?” “Laying in bed thinking of you. What about you? “Watching TV.” “So you not thinking of me?” “Not really, there’s a Helmsworth on my screen!” “What if I told you I was laying in bed naked?” “Whose bed? Oh, well it is pretty... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Kat fights back

Continues from here. I stood between the kitchen and the dinning room table dumbfounded and silent. It had nothing to do with the fact that I was standing in her house barely dressed, she’d seen me half naked before. It had nothing to do with the fact that Simon and I had spent the night... Continue Reading →

By the swimming pool

It started out in the swimming pool, his name was Gerry Blossom. Tanned muscular body, 6 pack abs that rippled his skin, pecks big enough to fill my hand, a 3 day growth, luscious lips and shoulder length blonde hair and that was just the top half. Below the belt, not that he had one... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Dianne Goes Home

Continues from here. I rocked up to Mom and Dad’s just after 5pm, I hadn’t gone home first, there was no need Mom and Dad definitely weren’t the formal type. When I pulled into the driveway I saw Dad coming out of the garage, since he retired it’s like his outdoor living space, he waved... Continue Reading →

At the cinema

“That will be 9 dollars thank you Miss.” I handed over correct change and thanked the man at the ticket counter for my ticket. I don’t really know why I was going to see Zootopia especially since I don’t have kids but I had a few hours to kill before my date and I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Christie Steps In

Continues from here. “You didn’t need to punch him in the face!” I called to Dean and I stepped up behind him. Last time we were on tour and came through Tallahassee we stayed at this same motel and a fight broke out in the car park due to roadies not being able to hold... Continue Reading →

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