CopyCat Cafe: Someone Always Pays

Continues from here. At the point when Tom asked us all if we wanted take away for dinner I hadn’t caught up on what him and Tracey had been doing all day, that would come later, but for Sonya and I it had been a busy day. The bullshit at the start of the day... Continue Reading →


CopyCat Cafe: Insults, Insults Everywhere

Continues from here. After Tom left I couldn’t shake the feeling that Simon was going to turn up at either the front or back door sometime. It was a feeling that continually wandered into my mind every few minutes, especially the times I thought I heard a noise at the back door. If he was... Continue Reading →

And In News Just Breaking

With summer arriving along with it comes some decent evenings, evenings I can happily spend outdoors staring at all the joggers who run down along the shoreline in front of my beach front house. Honestly, I think I can burn more calories watching some of the tightly clad men and women that run past my... Continue Reading →

Another Love Song

Let me feel your red hot love Wrapped around me like a glove Passionate love, we can make Sensuality, no one can fake Thrusting deep Make me weep Rewards you reap Until we sleep Hold me tight, a warm embrace Driving love, pick up our pace Fuck me fast and fuck me slow Fuck me... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Going For A Ride

Continues from here. “You want to ride along side me?” I asked Jack after he’d offered me the blue Harley Softail that was sitting next to his bike. “I’d be honored to ride beside you is what I actually said.” Jack replied. I guess I was flattered and not just because of the nice words,... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Took You Long Enough!

Continues from here. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe anything. I might well have won the bet and gotten Adam up on stage, then proposed to him and heard him say yes in front of more than a thousand people but when he congratulated me on a joke... Continue Reading →

Ooohhh Aaahhh

Your tongue lapping my lips Your hands on both my hips My hand rubbing through your hair Sweet sensation too much to bare Replace your tongue with two fingers Gentle probing, feeling lingers Deep inside, a touch so light Muscles twitch and go so tight Come up here and kiss me quick Horny as hell,... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Oh My, A Suprise

Continues from here. I know when Jack asked me to come via the workshop after work and my response was simply “Why?” it didn’t seem like I was too excited to be receiving the invite, but honestly I was just surprised. Not surprised by the invite, surprised because it was offered. It turned out Jack... Continue Reading →

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