Ride Hard: Off To Buy A Bike

“Do you not remember the question I asked you when I walked in the door?” Jack said. I kind of did but not enough to recite it. I seemed too remember something that was Jack like but at the same time not Jack like so I figured it was better to remain forgetful than repeat... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Another Question

“Want to go for a drive tomorrow?” Jack asked me as he walked into my house for dinner the following Friday night. “But Saturday is my shopping and relaxing day!” I said having not really had one of those days in months thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and his insistence that we do things together.... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Bear All

Continues from here. Do you have one of those gifts that you received from someone special that just takes pride of place against everything else? Up until that evening of bowling I didn’t but before we got home that night I knew I did. It started out as a cute little bear that Jack finally... Continue Reading →


Sleep I feel you beside me Breath I hear you beside me Heat Your body beside me Desire Just being beside you Love Just laying beside you Lust So close beside you Nearer Come together as one Closer We are as one Unite Two bodies are one Now No reason to part Tomorrow We shall... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Clearing The Desk

“We can’t work up that appetite here!” I said to Jack as his kiss lingered on my lips and his hand rested on my inner thigh. We’d just spent the best part of an hour talking to Jack’s parents on video chat, they were in Hawaii and it was the first time I had “met”... Continue Reading →

The Chef: 3 Japanese Tankas

I watch while you work In the kitchen, so damn hot My own Naked Chef Rhythmic movements drive me wild Watch your ass move side to side. Under that apron I can only imagine My mind goes crazy Cook for me, and only me Pleasure comes in many forms So hot and juicy When you... Continue Reading →

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