CopyCat Cafe: Calling for help?

Continues from here. I honestly could not believe Simon’s message. How did he know Tom was leaving my house? Was he just lucky enough to be driving past as Tom was leaving? Was he out the front watching? Even if he was watching out the front how did he know I had company? Did he... Continue Reading →


Continues from here. So of course I was going in early for the fifth day in a row, there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance to ‘make it the best week at work ever,’ as my mysterious elevator stranger had promised before leaving my office on day four. The... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Up Your Game Mister!

Continues from here. ““I better up my game then.” he replied placing his glass on the table and leaning in for a kiss.” Is where I left off last time and damn did Jack lift his game. If there was another guy he was trying to beat I honestly don’t think I could have handled... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Time For A Meeting

Continues from here. “Have you finally forgiven the guy or do you need to be put in solitary?” Dean said to me as he walked into the room and saw Adam sitting on the bed. I still didn’t know if it was a case of forgiving or forgetting but I didn’t really want to answer... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A Stand In?

Continues from here. “What the f…” I said before being interrupted. Tracey stood before me in my own cafe’s kitchen, Sonya was on her left and a man by the name of Tom stood on her right. During our evening of too much to drink Sonya and her girl friend Tracey had decided I needed... Continue Reading →


Continues from here. With my elevator stranger not saying anything upon his departure the previous morning I wondered if that meant he was not going to meet me for a fourth day straight. Considering I could easily find work to do which would justify my early start if he did leave me disappointed I decided... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Grease Is The Word

Continues from here. Jack’s spare room wasn’t an option, it was so full of stuff that I was wondering if the same man, the man who was so neat and tidy in everything he did actually lived in the house. I don’t suppose it was messy, just full, but it did mean he’d lied to... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Be My Slave

Continues from here. After our morning quickie and conversation I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I swear I could feel Adam’s eyes on my butt as I padded my way across the room towards the bathroom door and I didn’t mind at all. Inside the bathroom I opened the... Continue Reading →

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