Ride Hard: A Quiet Walk

So for our first little vacation exercise, the one I gave Jack the choice to make, did in fact turn out to be a bush walk, hence the comfortable clothes and shoes. Since it was my first visit to the mountains cabin I of course had no idea where we were headed, whether it was... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Starting The Day

“So have you decided what we are going to do today?” I asked Jack as he placed a steaming mug of coffee in front of me where I sat at the table eating my breakfast, breakfast of eggs and bacon that he also made. “Well yeah I have.” Jack said as he returned to the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Planning The Day

I shuffled slightly on my right shoulder and reached with my left arm looking for the table beside the bed which I knew was there. I was awake but my brain wasn’t having any luck convincing my eyes of that because they wouldn’t open properly. Through my blurry eyes I could tell that it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Triple Haiku

Climb on top of me Kiss me with your soft warm lips Wrap your arms round me I feel your hardness Slip into my moist warn depths Deeper, make me moan In, out, in and out Faster, faster, fuck me fast Fuck me ‘till I cum

Ride Hard: You Wash My Back…

“I would have thought that someone your age would have learnt to wash their own back by now?” Jack said to me as he stepped into the shower behind me. I felt his roughish hands on my bare hips and his soft lips on my neck as soon as he finished speaking. “There is a... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Serenading

Several times during the evening of our first night at the cabin Jack tried to prompt me into singing with him, but each time I politely declined the offer. He did his best to get me singing by playing some of the songs he’d heard me playing at home and found on my phone, but... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Any Requests?

Dinner wasn’t anything much, well actually it was, it was eggs, bacon, beans and toast, the ultimate camping menu item. The only thing we lacked was the camp fire to cook everything over, but we did cook it over a gas stove so I guess that was kind of close. We shared a bottle of... Continue Reading →

Lost Within Your Love Nonet

Lost for eternity in your love Object of my every desire Subject of my every dream Taken by your hot lust Wrap me in your arms I love your love Tantalise Heart beats I Need Your love Our Love’s lust Unbridled thirst Revered by others Love that knows no boundary Ostentatious we are not Valentine’s... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: M.A.S.T.E.R

I knew Jack’s comment about me getting the bags out of the car was a joke based on the silliness of the previous ten minutes where we played silly billy’s with the bunk beds in the spare rooms but that didn’t mean I wasn’t happy to help with the job. The first thing I noticed... Continue Reading →

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