Belated St Patrick’s Day

“Kiss me I’m Irish You’ll find none more stylish. It’s the day of St. Patrick Let me show you my magic” Those are the words, that I had heard Words oh so straight, they weren’t being slurred They weren’t being spoken with any brawn They were being spoken by a leprechaun He was a wee... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: “You Didn’t Wake Me Up.”

Continues from here. When Jack asked what I wanted for my birthday, after we’d just spent a glorious time semi naked on the sofa, and after that mind blowing orgasm Jack delivered by barely touching me, both of which were brought on by an unresolved discussion about birthday presents, I said nothing. That’s right nothing,... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Unwelcome Visitor

Continues from here. On the way home and before Sonya and I parted ways I spotted Simon in his car, to be fair it wasn’t obvious that he was watching me because it was the right route for him to be driving home. He also didn’t stop, whether that was because Sonya was with me... Continue Reading →

Date Night In Haiku

Date night, two of us Dinner, wine and an evening out Date night, make love bloom Date night, make love bloom Dance with me then take me home Home again, we kiss Home again, we kiss To the bedroom we shall go Come to bed with me Come to bed with me Hold me closer,... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Still On The Sofa

Continues from here. Did I tell you about the time Jack brought me off, made me explode, blew my mind, and whatever other description you’ve got for it, while we sat there on the sofa discussing birthday presents? Did I tell you how he managed to do it all without touching me below the waist... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Working Out The Details

Continues from here. “So what the hell is this bet going to be?” I asked Sarah as lunch time got nearer and I was still wondering why I hadn’t heard her come up with anything. If you remember we were on the tour bus headed towards Tulsa. Sarah, my bestie and Dean’s girl friend, was... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: It Wasn’t Me!

Continues from here. So there we were, Sonya and myself cleaning up the cafe getting ready to close up for the night so that I could rush home and get myself changed from work Kat to home Kat before Tom arrived for the dinner I promised him. Sonya had earlier in the day delivered the... Continue Reading →

Bubble Bath

Lose me now under the bubbles Do it right forget your troubles Water’s warm no need to shiver Kiss me right and make me quiver Lip to lip don’t lose your breath My body’s there for your caress Fingers slide and fingers roam From under water I do moan Coming up for a breath of... Continue Reading →

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