Ride Hard: That Was My Idea

At Jack’s request I honestly did enjoy my present. It took his boys a few days to make the changes I requested but when he presented the finished product to me on the day before my birthday I was over the moon with elation. I was riding so high, not literally, that I had to... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: You Already Said That

I lay/sat on Jack for several minutes after our little romp, the first few moments were spent resting my head against his shoulder catching my breath. As he shrunk inside me I could hear him catching his breath too. Then we had ourselves a little kissing session and a bit of a cuddle, it was... Continue Reading →


Your kiss upon my lips Your mouth moves with mine My pout lost in your breath Pendulum slowly tips Your breath upon my neck Your tongue tracing paths Lower, lower, down you go Sensual touch, makes me a wreck Kiss your way down to my chest Soft mounds for you to kiss Erect nipples, turning... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: I Got A Motorbike

I know I have said this before but no matter how many times I say it, it’s still true. It’s amazing how things change! Eight months ago I would have laughed if someone had told me I would be interested in motorbikes. If they’d have told me I was going to be riding one I’d... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: This Is Your Present

Well I didn’t fall onto the floor in shock when Jack said “Happy Birthday” and waved his right arm towards the motorbike sitting before us, but I have to tell my heart definitely skipped a beat or two. “What? … Huh? … I beg your pardon?” I wasn’t quite struggling for words but I was... Continue Reading →

Splish Splash

Splish, splash, come ‘n get into the bath Slide along beside me, that’s right A rub dub dub, your fingers on my nub Drivin’ me all the way to delight Well, we cuddled in the tub Snuggled up to my back door You wrapped your arm around me and I Started to moan And then... Continue Reading →

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