I Miss You

Hear your voice over the phone Reminds me that I am alone Because the coop you have flown Tour of duty, I can’t bemoan But you’re stuck in a, war zone I miss you clearly I miss you dearly I miss you, so severely I think about the deserts you stroam I think about the... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Double Date P3

Continues from here. We topped off a lovely evening of dinner at the restaurant with a lovely walk along the river. The moon was close to full, there was a gentle breeze but it wasn’t cold and hardly rippled the water and the dark sky was cloudless. The only real downside of the walk was... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Getting Good News

Continues from here. We were in Dean’s room in Oklahoma City and we’d just found out that Sarah, his girlfriend and my bestie, had arrived from home to visit Dean (and me obviously) for a few days. It was great news I hadn’t seen Sarah for weeks, Dean hadn’t either but this wasn’t about him... Continue Reading →

A double nonet?

Thoughts Of you In my head Drive me insane Laying by your side Listening to you breathe. Edging closer, feel your warmth Body heat from under the sheet Together with you my only dream Touching, feeling, wanting you more Snuggled up to your warm chest Legs entwined, now you wake Hot, kiss on the lips... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Double Date P2

Continues from here. When I got in the Escalade that was sitting in my driveway with the engine running I felt kind of special. I don’t know why the Mustang is a much more impressive vehicle so I guess it had to do with the person driving it rather than the badge on the front.... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: BFF’s

Continues from here. I know Bob said he had big news that he wanted to share with Adam, Dean and I all at the same time but in all honesty it probably didn’t warrant my reaction. I pushed Bob up against the side of the bus, held him around the neck and screamed at him... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Dinner With The Kids

Continues from here. Despite the cheeky comments from Sonya about being seen out with her grand parents her and Tracey were more than happy to drop whatever plans they might have had so that Tom could buy them dinner. We didn’t go over the top fancy for dinner, instead choosing the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Of Him

In bed at night I dream of you One hot body to make me woo From dreams of you I can’t abstain The dreams of you drive me insane Laying there as my husband snores I dream of getting in your drawers I can’t tell him that I fantasize About the singer with blue eyes... Continue Reading →

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