Rock Hard: Hair Of The Dog?

Set up for the Washington gig went really well, the stage area was large and our boys had more than enough room to move around and get everything set up. We had two different lighting rigs in the trucks a smaller one and a larger one that gave us more directed spots and more colours,... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Pleasing Fans

Sometimes even I felt too lovey dovey for my own good! Honestly it’s only sometimes and I’m not suggesting it’s a bad thing just something that occasionally crosses my mind. Shall I explain? Well on average, while on tour, I spend a good four or five hours a night dressed up as Hella, the fearsome... Continue Reading →

Hush Little Baby

Hush, little baby, don't say a word, You’re going to be my little nerd And if my nerd gives me a kiss You will get some bed time bliss Bed time bliss makes my crotch twitch Turn me on like a toggle switch And if the toggle switch does break You’ll be there to sate... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Mom Joke!

Okay so there was no real reason for me to pause where I did last time, well there was but It definitely wasn’t a moment of high tension or a moment teetering on the edge, it was a moment of joy. After all I’d just told my mother that Adam and I were getting married,... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Big News For Mom

“Hey I thought there was going to be no more pay back and silly bets!” Dean said to me as he stood in line getting his breakfast and I planted the sloppiest cheek kiss ever on him. “Pay back is different to silly bets, and you deserved that one!” I said wiping both the slobber... Continue Reading →

Succumb To You

Sliding in next to you Anticipation of what we can do Two naked bodies side by side Here’s a quarter for my ride Moving closer, sexual tension Here you are standing to attention Leg over leg I climb on top Down onto you I do drop Up and down I ride your stalk Puff and... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Stopping The Bets

The following morning was a little sad. Adam and I were still living on a high, all the fun and shenanigans surrounding the proposal were forgotten, well maybe not forgotten but definitely put aside, and we were extremely happy with the choices we made. But there was sadness because Sarah’s weekend was over and she... Continue Reading →

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