A Walk In The Park

Low 90’s, blue sky, not a trace of a cloud and barely a breath of wind, is it any wonder I chose to go for a walk through the park during my lunch break on such a glorious day? It wasn’t like my job was overly taxing, I was like most other office drones working... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Adam’s Little Wager

Continues from here. As I relaxed in our Houston motel before soundcheck I couldn’t help but wonder what Adam’s wager was going to be on our bet. I was fairly certain it wasn’t going to be something sexual, given these bets started long before we were a couple and I think we had an unspoken... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Good night?

Continues from here. Sex is a strange thing, many of us crave it, many of us base so much of a relationship on it and many of us get disappointed if it doesn’t live up to our expectations, especially the first time with someone. Maybe it’s because of my age, maybe it’s a self confidence... Continue Reading →


As I sat in the chair naked the buxom blonde dancer stood next to the silver pole asking me what I wanted. I told her to put on a show, make me smile, make me forget everything but her. There was no nod of agreement, no words, just movement. I don’t now her name but... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Sharing Rooms

Continues from here. It’s amazing how the body and mind reacts to things and overcomes things. We’d spent five weeks on the road with our days consisting of something like waking between 9am and 11am, breakfast or whatever meal people want to call it, on the bus or truck for anything up to six hours,... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Dinner for Two

Continues from here. Rolystone Restaurant wasn’t the fanciest restaurant in town, which suited me fine. It was the sort of place that one wore more than street clothes but less than their Sunday best. I had plenty of time when I got home so I decided to have a quick shower and wash a day... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time

“Where is my present Santa?” I asked. “I’ve got a special present for my number one elf, why don’t you come over here and get it.” “Oooh Santa, are you sure.” “Yes dear, even Mrs. Claus tells me I need to look after the elves.” We were in the store room of the local department... Continue Reading →

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