Rock Hard: Another New Day

Continues from here. I honestly do know how often I used to sleep in the one position all night but since Adam and I had been sleeping in the same bed it was happening more and more often. I don’t know if I was going to bed more tired and appreciative of sleep or if... Continue Reading →


CopyCat Cafe: Making A Phone Call

Continues from here. “Do you think I should ring them now?” I asked as I looked down at the time on Simon’s phone which was still sitting on the table and hadn’t gone into screen saver mode. It was 7:37pm, Tom and I had just had a nice, but awkward dinner at my place. Nice... Continue Reading →

Another Nonet

Forever to have you inside me Undeniable love and lust Cuddle me tight, don’t let go Kiss me there, make me moan Make hot love to me Excite me now Never give up Oh yes! Wow       No mallets here

Ride Hard: Dinner Conversation

Continues from here. So before dinner, even before we’d finished our first glass of wine, Jack claimed he had my birthday present sorted. I’d given him the two parallel choices of beach or mountains, the two of us and nothing to interrupt us and when I suggested the mountains might have been my preference he... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Two Problems Fixed

Continues from here So we’d got our money for the gig, the band truck was free to pull out when they were ready too and we hadn’t even been kicked out of the bar where the rest of the band and those crew not loading were having a few quiet drinks. Obviously whatever had crawled... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Kat Videos

Continues from here. Again Tom didn’t offer to check the videos on Simon’s phones for me. Of course it would have been a nice gesture from a lovely man trying to protect his girl friend from seeing things that just shouldn’t be there. But at the same time can you blame a guy for not... Continue Reading →


I logged on this morning To see something not boring. Story or verse, or meanings so pliable From someone I know, oh so reliable From happiness to a funk I felt it as my heart sunk Seeing only a blank page And no words from my sage But alas, there is more too it than... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Too Busy For Sex?

Continues from here. “It will have to wait I’m too busy cooking dinner to have sex right now!” is what Jack said when I greeted him in his own kitchen and told him I had thought about what he could get me for my birthday. I suppose some of you might say I asked for... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Sarah Steps Up

Continues from here. “Where is the guy?” Sarah asked as we walked into the venue which only ninety minutes before was full of cheering punters screaming and yelling for the third encore. We had to rush just a little bit to keep up with her walking pace. Our crew were still loading the gear out,... Continue Reading →

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