In The Car

You just concentrate on driving Don’t worry about what I’m reviving Just keep your eyes upon the road And get us to our zip code Eyes forward as my hand roams Into your pants before we get home Fill your thoughts full of hope As I go in and start to grope Up and down... Continue Reading →


Sexcation: Day 1 Evening 1 still cont.

I didn’t have to wait long, thankfully Sam took my request seriously. Whether it was the panting, the moaning, the thrusting, or me rolling onto my back and asking him to fuck me it doesn’t matter because fuck me is what he did, but not straight away. Sam rolled over with me and kneeled between... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 1 Evening 1 cont.

“Would you like a coffee?” I asked Sam as I opened the door to my night time lodgings ahead of him. Given that we both knew exactly what it was that was going to happen in that room offering coffee, even freshly made coffee, might have seemed a little odd but I blamed the butterflies.... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 1 Evening 1

The drive to Rocksprings was uneventful, well not entirely uneventful because at one stage I had a great sing along to bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who and singers like Bonnie Tyler and Joni Mitchell. Actually some people might think that me singing for so long is a nightmare road trip, but I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

For Eternity in haiku

Take me to our bed I want to feel you near me Your body with mine Hold me tightly now Make me feel like a woman Hold me close to you Arms wrapped around me Embraced in the warmest hug Lost in deepest love Snuggled up as one Temperature is rising now Warmer and warmer... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 1 cont.

Day one and a bit of my sexcation was about to start, I was sitting in the garage with the engine running and I was ready to pull out into my driveway. The GPS had been programmed, not that I really needed it for the first leg of the journey, and I was prepared to... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 1

Day one of my vacation time started a little while after 6am. I wasn’t waking up early because I had a long day of driving planned I was waking up early because I was excited, not just excited for the road trip I was excited in a different way. As I might have mentioned it... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Starting Out

My name is Pattie and I was in a drought, not one that lacked water, although parts of my home state was, no I was in a man drought. It had been a long time since I’d laid down next to a man and done anything but sleep and it was getting to me. I... Continue Reading →

If Only

Your lips pressed against mine So soft and oh so fine Your kiss, passionate and sweet Temperature rises, feel the heat Erotic thoughts fill my mind Ready for some bump and grind Your tongue probing gently My heart beating intently Erect nipples against your skin Now I know you’re playing to win Hard, stiff shaft... Continue Reading →

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