1 to 10 and back

Hot Red hot One only touch Between my legs Feel your fingertips Moving down my sweet lips Stroke me, stroke me, drive me wild Fingers rub my excited clit Stroke me, stroke me, slide your fingers down Further down, oh so good, tease my entrance Slide them in, nice and slow and oh so deep... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I never did prove whether Adam’s offer for a romp in the sack was one he could live up to because once I came out of the bathroom after removing my stage make up I was nearly dead on my feet and I just collapsed on the bed. I did lay awake for a few... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Track Mind

So Adam was a little late to the venue for set up. I wasn’t with him and therefore didn’t hear any of the cocky comments from the peanut gallery and to Adam’s credit he didn’t share them with me. To be fair I don’t really care what people say, insults and abuse are one thing... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Rhythmic Motions

I guess we’ve all been in one of those weirdly uncomfortable positions where we agree to have sex and then suddenly we realise that things could be a whole lot better. That was what happened in our room in Philly. As much as our game of foreplay was a little silly it was still a... Continue Reading →

Triple Haiku

Your hand stroking slow Up and down your throbbing cock Wish it was my hand Fingers parting lips Sliding gently through wetness Wish it was your hand Watching makes me hot Turn me on and drive me wild Aphrodisiac

Rock Hard: Sexy Talk

So how’s that for form? We spend half the day on the bus travelling to get to our next gig and then because we are a little bit early and have some time until his majesty needs to be at the venue he puts the hard word on me and asks me if I want... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Wacken?

“We are going where?” A loud voice came from the back of the bus. Bob didn’t have a chance to get any information, to us, or the rest of the band and crew before he was having to answer to loud mouths again. “Europe, Fly, would you like me to spell it for you?” Bob... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Bob Has More News

I have to say Bob, our manager for those who have forgotten, really knew how to draw things out, it seemed like he’d been promising us another titbit of news for ages yet he still hadn’t delivered it. I suppose in his defence we had been discussing our tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan,... Continue Reading →

Not Last Night

Not last night but the night before Twenty four hot hunks came to my door Hurried downstairs to let them in They were all naked with a big grin First one swung free in the breeze On the way past I gave it a squeeze Second one was short and was stout But had walked... Continue Reading →

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