Ride Hard: You’re Going To Pay For That

I was so aroused at just the touch and the thoughts those touches created that I even surprised myself how far things went. Oh that’s a nice way to start another chapter isn’t it? Just as a bit of context for you, in case you’ve forgotten, Jack was undressing me as I stood beside his... Continue Reading →


I’ll Do It Everyday

Cold, hard and strong as steel But you know I love the feel There may have been men before But you’re the one I just can’t ignore Turn you on and you come alive Slow at first but you wont deprive Hot and steamy does work best Speed it up and I am impressed Leave... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Katie Heads Home

After our ride around Jack’s workshop, up and down the driveway and a few laps of the front car park, I took Katie back inside to show her my helmet and jacket. On the way back through the workshop I politely told Jack where we were headed, in Jack’s eyes I didn’t need to be... Continue Reading →

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle, Twinkle, your my star Hot and sweaty with your guitar Above me on the stage so high All the girls they gasp and sigh When your blazing songs are sung And all the screaming girls so young Have gone home full of lust and smite I know you’re mine for all the night In... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Dinner With Friends

The night after my birthday is traditionally spent with Katie my best friend, you might remember her from a while back when I introduced Jack to her and they got on very well. You can be excused for thinking she was a one off friend and I’d forgotten about her but the truth is we... Continue Reading →

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