A Night At The Rockbox

I don’t really know why I let him talk me into it but I suppose it’s just one of those things that you do when you’re dating, especially when you think the guy you’re dating has the potential to be Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right-Now. What am I talking about? Let him take... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Good Morning Dear!

Continues from here. We fell asleep naked and with just the sheet covering us. I’m not sure how many times Jack woke during the night but I didn’t wake at all, however when I did wake I was laying on my back and not in Jack’s arm. There was a reason for Jack not being... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Talk To Dr. Kat

Continues from here. When I woke up the following morning I remembered I had to reply to Simon’s message. I hadn’t given much thought to the reply I wanted to give him but I knew I owed him something. I looked at the clock, 5:53am, too early to send a message, even if he was... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: At Home Again

Continues from here. Jack kicked his pants off leaving them on the living room floor and we walked hand in hand towards the bedroom, he didn’t need to be led there but I think he wanted to be. Once in the bedroom I quickly, maybe even too quickly, stripped down to only my underwear and... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Why Jason?

Continues from here. So there I was standing face to face with Jason, backstage at our New Orleans gig, the support act was on stage and although it was loud we were sheltered from the majority of the sound which was going into the venue for the punters. I was waiting for Jason to give... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: p21 Another Chance?

Continued from here. I sat at the back of the cafe for ages just staring at nothing and thinking. Thoughts of Simon, thoughts of work and thoughts of Sonya. The thoughts of Simon always came back to the same thing, he was not willing to accept just how hard his situation was on me. Sure... Continue Reading →


At first I didn’t realize it happened, I thought it was just an innocent collision of bodies on a escalator as I was headed towards my office so I ignored it, but apparently I shouldn’t have. I work on the seventeenth floor of a thirty floor office building in the city. It’s kind of a... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Meet My New Boyfriend

Continues from here. When I rang Jack to come and meet us, my friend Katie and I, at Murphy’s Irish Bar I figured he’d drop whatever he was doing and come down, he was that keen to meet Katie. What I didn’t expect was for the waitress to appear with another round of drinks as... Continue Reading →

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