Dreaming Of You

I lay on my back totally naked, thoughts adrift, looking down I could see the top of his bald head between my legs. As his tongue moved it’s way around my wet crotch with vigor I watched his head move up and down, glancing up at me with lust in his eyes each time his... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Kat Agrees To Dinner

Continues from here. I’d spent most of the week moody descending towards annoying apparently, from what Sonya told me more than once. At work she tried to send me home on more than one occasion but I refused, there was no point being moody at home with no one to share it with and I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

I have to admit he did look just a little ostentatious standing there in front of me. I wouldn’t say he was dressed to impress, because there wasn’t enough dress to be impressed by, yet I was impressed. He stood before me, I was sitting on the couch, lounging back with my eyes glued forward... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jack Comes For Dinner

Continues from here. When I rang Jack to return his call from earlier in the morning one of the girls in the office answered, although I’d had a brief introduction too most of his staff I barely remembered their names and couldn’t pick them on the phone so I just asked for Jack. “Who can... Continue Reading →

Applications Open

The Mythical Creature - The Perfect Man. Where is my perfect man? It’s almost like they are mythical creatures. Read romance novels and you could be excused for thinking the perfect man has such attributes as a six pack chest, tattoos, wispy little beards, muscles on muscles, spray and wipe skin and of course a... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Playing Games

Continues from here. Just like ever other night the band put in 110%, no qualms about it. Without the fans we wouldn’t be there and not giving them our all just means we are short changing them, we were all tired but the band always came first. For me the gig was a lot better... Continue Reading →

Don’t Break A Promise.

I slipped my right hand down into his shorts, I could feel a recently shaved pubic thatch it wasn’t as silky smooth as mine but it was smooth. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft. “A present for me?” I asked as I looked into his deep green eyes. “I’ll have something... Continue Reading →

Hold my rod

“It smells like fish.” “Of course it does, that’s because it is fish you idiot! And if you catch another one like it I’ll reward you with something special.” Fishing wasn’t my favorite past time but I indulged my husband occasionally because he indulged me when I let him. We were sitting out on Tahoe... Continue Reading →

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