An Expression

An Expression A single kiss Heavenly bliss Tongues dancing Love struck glancing Face to face Lip locked embrace Driven wild Completely beguiled Sexual drive Love will thrive Magnetic attraction Driving passion Fingers roaming Quiet moaning Sensual touches Blood rushes Breathing heavy I am ready Together we huddle So close we cuddle Skin to skin Lustful... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: The Aftermath

Continues from here. “What’s up Dean? What’s wrong? What aren’t you telling the rest of them?” I asked when Dean sat down next to me on the bus after breaking the news that one of our tour trucks had been involved in an accident. “As I just told everyone three out of six are in... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: After Dinner

Continues from here. From the outside Tom’s house looked very similar to the others in the neighborhood. It was well maintained with neat gardens and a well trimmed lawn, there was no mess around the place and even where many of the neighbors had leaves from falling trees scattered around their yards Tom had none.... Continue Reading →

A Happy Ending

You walked out on me Left me flat and drained Crying like a banshee Empty, dull and pained 🤧 You left without a word Left my heart without a beat Claimed you were not heard But all you did was bleat 💔 Alone I spent my nights Sad, depressed and down Can’t sleep without the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Another Hard Day At Work

Continues from here. “Was that you we saw on the bike yesterday?” Bill said to me after greeting me in the office the following morning. “Depends where it was you saw us.” I replied. I hadn’t seen Bill anywhere in our travels but that didn’t mean much, he could have been any where. “Out on... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: The Accident

Continues from here. “I think you owe me.” I said quietly to Adam as we lay together naked in bed, “I paid out on the bet you cheated on. You need to join us on stage tomorrow in Dallas as a show of respect!” “Respect? But baby I do respect you, I respect you a... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Tom Cooks Dinner

Continues from here. As you can probably guess I accepted Tom’s dinner invite. Seriously I wasn’t brave enough to say no because I had to work in the confines of a kitchen with Sonya every day! No that’s not entirely right, I’m sure Sonya would have had plenty to say if I knocked back the... Continue Reading →

Through The Window

I watched through the crack in the curtains of my bedroom. I didn’t think he was putting on a show just for me, firstly because the lights were off, both in my room and the rest of the house but secondly because I was almost certain he did not know I was watching. I knew... Continue Reading →

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