Rock Hard: Adam Works It Out

Continues from here “Holy shit Christie!” Adam started. “You really got me on that one. I really did not see that coming. Did Sarah help you set that up? She’s a fire cracker that one!” He walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Hi darling,” I said. “I’m so glad you’re not... Continue Reading →


CopyCat Cafe: At Work Again

Continues from here. “Are you two connected at the hip?” Sonya said as she bound in the back door of the cafe not long after Tom and I arrived. “If we were we could certainly teach you a thing or two young girl!” Tom bit back quickly. “Ewww old people talking about sex. What do... Continue Reading →

Sweet Love Song

Your clothes come off, you drive me wild Naked before me, oh so beguiled Thoughts of you swirl through my head Naked now, I’ll fuck you on the bed I love your hips Your sweet, wet lips I love your glitz And your wonderful tits A night in your arms, I’d love to spend Our... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Organizing A Vacation

Continues from here. “I was only joking Di, honestly.” Bill said awkwardly as he followed me down the small hallway to my desk. “I’m sorry. Of course I remember the conversation. Of course you can have the week off work!” I was sitting down at my desk before Bill had finished his apology. “Oh so... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: It’s Official!

Continues from here. The look on Adam’s face was priceless as he stood in front of me on that stage while I kneeled before him asking him to marry me. At the same time, although I was kind of busy and not watching her, Sarah was standing side of stage cheering. The crowd were relatively... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Dawning Of A New Day

Continues from here. The sun might have been streaming through the cracks in the curtains but it hadn’t yet woken Tom. I knew when it did finally wake him he’d be stiff and sore because the two of us had barely moved in about six hours. I rolled away from Tom’s semi naked body and... Continue Reading →

We Both Know The Truth

When I look into your eyes I can see they tell no lies. It’s only your words that make believe And keep telling me I have to leave Your words keep saying to fuck off Yet to me you turn when you cough I’ll nurse you ‘till your cold is gone Rub your back until... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: A World Of Comedians

Continues from here. “So, this little cabin of yours, do I need to take anything?” I asked Jack the following morning over breakfast. I know we’d had a bit of a discussion about the cabin the previous night and that Jack had assured me things would be sorted but I am a female and there... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Making Good On The Bet

Continues from here. The trip to Kansas City was uneventful and slow and not a forest in sight. Sarah and I spent quite a bit of time chatting, not just about the thing we had planned for that night about her business, her parents, my parents, Adam, Dean, our tour of New Zealand and general... Continue Reading →

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