Resurrected from the ashes

So afer a pause we shall start again.
We don’t know what happened, it was not explained
Maybe we were to risque, maybe we were hot for print
In the long run it doesn’t matter.
We started from scratch last year.
We shall start from scratch again and hopefully this time we wont attract the wrath of the censors.

So what is in store?

For starters we are going to edit and re-write our previous three serial stories.

CopyCat Cafe

Christie & Adam (possibly renamed)

Jack & Dianne (possibly renamed)

We are offering edited versions of these three stories from the start giving all readers a chance to see where these long running characters first started and why they became so popular. And looking at we’ve read so far, they really did need editing and improving!

Hopefully the edits will be for the better and give previous readers something new to keep them interested until we catch up and once again have the entire serial published on the one site.

We also have another serial story in the works, this one revolving around a married couple. Do married couples still have a romantic story to tell?

We will also be editing and publishing selected other stand alone adult stories that were previously posted. This time however some of the content deemed to hot for the censors will be adapted rather than censored.

With some luck followers of the previous site will find us.
With more luck maybe we’ll even pick up some new followers.

It may be a slow road we are travelling but we will get back there sooner or later!


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