Simone who?

We promise these do get better as we go on but we did promise to re-edit and re-post some of the stories that started it all.

“I’m not sure I want to sex tonight.” Jonas whispered as Kristen climbed under the duvet wearing nothing but her blue silk nightie.

“Oh come on baby, it’s been so long since you let me ride the lovely hard cock of yours.”

“It’s only been three hours.”

Kristen slid across the bed, closer and closer, so close Jonas could feel her warmth spreading every closer towards him. He rolled over onto his side holding the duvet close to him and leaving her looking at the back of his head.

“Awe baby, don’t run away, I’ll catch you!” she said playfully.

Jonas said nothing.

Not taking his silence as an answer Christie slithered closer, inch by inch until her stomach touched his back. Through the silk of her nightie her nipples became erect at their first touch of the bare skin of his back. When her lips touched his neck she felt her breath speed up just a fraction.

Jonas lay in silence, he was spent from their previous love making session which lasted nearly three hours but there was no denying that Kristen turned him on. He just wished Simone, the woman he’d been married to for the past 5 years, did the same thing. It wasn’t that Simone wasn’t beautiful, when she made an effort she could turn heads in any room, but Kristen was the kind of girl who didn’t even have to make an effort. She was no supermodel but she had everything a supermodel didn’t, brains, looks, a sense of humor to kill for and the lust for sex like no other woman he’d known.

Placing her left hand on Jonas’ left hip she gently pushed her hand downward, under his jockey shorts and over his short curly pubic hair. She pushed her fingers along his semi hard cock before closing her fingers around it and grasping his shaft.

“I caught you!” she said breathing gently on his neck as she spoke.

“And what are you going to do with me?” Jonas said finally breaking his silence.

“I think I’d rather show you than tell you.”

Kristen began sliding her hand up and down Jonas’ stiff shaft as his cock grew into the raging hard on she knew and loved. With the jockey shorts quickly becoming too restrictive Kristen removed her grip and pushed the band of his shorts down. Not worrying about where the pants finished she quickly put her hand back on his dick and continued rubbing.

Jonas lay on his side enjoying the feel of someone else hand rubbing his stiff cock. Every time Kristen’s fingers moved over the circumcised head and across the tip an electric jolt shot through his dick and into his groin. It was all he could do to stop from twitching.

Kristen moved her hand in long slow strokes making sure each motion rubbed from the very tip of his dick to the base. The second she felt the bulbous dribble of pre-come forming on the tip of his dick she picked up the pace, careful not to rub too hard, too early.

Still resisting the urge to make a sound Jonas lay smiling, hoping, wishing for more.

Using the increasing pre-come as lubrication Kristen gripped his dick tighter and began to stroke faster.

“Seems to me someone down there is getting excited.” Kristen whispered in his ear.

Careful not to squash her, or make her loose her grip Jonas rolled onto his back and broke his silence.

“If you’re not careful he’ll be getting all excited in your hand.”

“I can fix that.” Kristen whispered.

With a firm grip on his wet, slick dick Kristen lifted the duvet with her shoulder and hooked her leg over his body. In one quick movement she rolled over on top of him. Her hand still gripped his shaft as she guided it to where she wanted it.

“My shorts,” Jonas said at the same moment as they both heard a ripping noise.

“Oh well, we don’t need them.” Kristen said quietly as she gently lowered herself down his hard dick.

Jonas moaned as Kristen placed one hand either side of his head and lowered her face to his. They kissed passionately and deeply, lips pushed together and tongues entwined. As Christie began grinding her hips and moving them against his rigid cock they both began to moan into each others mouths.

It wasn’t until Jonas lifted his hips pushing them against hers and driving his dick further inside her that someone spoke.

“Let me do the work baby.” Kristen said through panting breaths before lowering her lips to his neck and kissing her way around his exposed neck line.

Jonas said nothing, he could barely breath let alone talk.

Letting her hips and pussy do the work down below while her lips worked on his neck Kristen controlled the situation like a master bringing them both to the very edge of climax then stopping.

“Oh my gawd don’t stop!” Jonas cried.

Kristen paused just long enough to catch a breath then started again this time not stopping until they both climaxed.

“Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum.” he cried.

“Cum with me baby!”

As Jonas unloaded spurts of hot white cum inside her Kristen used her pussy muscles to extract every last drop like it was a precious liquid.

“Fuck me!” Kristen panted as she let herself collapse on top of Jonas, “No guy has ever made me cum like you make me cum.”

“Is that trick only reserved for women?” Jonas said cheekily not really expecting an answer.

“Not at all, in fact the only other woman who’s made me cum like that recently is some girl I met at the supermarket last week named Simone.”


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