Take Me Home

“If you buy me another drink I’ll let you volunteer to walk me home.”

Tim looked Sandra directly in the eye, he knew there was more to this women than she was letting on but having spent most of the night buying her drinks there was no way he was giving up now. He wanted to get to know her, get to know what secret she was hiding but most of all, thanks to those fuck me eyes she’d been giving him all night, he wanted to get her naked between the sheets.

Tim waved to the bartender and indicated that he’d have two more of the same.

“Too many more and I might not be able to walk home.” Tim said with a grin.

“Well they’ll kick us out of here for doing it on the pool table.” Sandra said cheekily as the drinks were placed in front of them.

She may not have been a supermodel but at 5 foot 3, 160 pounds, blonde wavy hair that fell down past her shoulders, dazzling blue eyes, luscious red lips and the cutest nose, squashed just a little bit against her face, she was more than attractive, she was stunning. Tim couldn’t believe his luck finally hooking up with Sandra, he’d been convinced for weeks that she was out of his league and that he’d have had more luck chasing one of those made up tarts with long legs, no meat and make up applied with a garden trowel. Even when Sandra agreed to him buying her the first drink he still couldn’t believe it was happening and it wasn’t until their sixth drink and the offer of walking her home that Tim finally began to think his luck was turning.

True to her word Sandra happily let Tim escort her home once their drinks were finished. The walk home made all the more pleasant by the warm summer evening and the full moon lighting their way.

“Aren’t you going to put your arm around me?” Sandra asked after a few minutes of walking.

Tim didn’t need to be asked twice.

They waked for about 20 minutes before Sandra guided him left through a set of gates and said, “Here was are, home sweet home.”

Standing at the front door hoping for an invite inside Tim got his answer pretty quickly as Sandra leaned forward and placed her lips on his. It was a long and passionate kiss with Sandra’s tongue moving freely inside Tim’s mouth.

Finally breaking the kiss Sandra whispered, “Take me now!”

“Here?” Tim quizzed.

Not answering immediately Sandra pushed her hand down Tim’s pants and began stoking him.

“Yes, on the day bed in the corner.” Sandra whispered leading him where she wanted him.

Unbuckling his pants and pushing then down she motioned for him to lay on the bed. Tim did as he was told. As he lay on the day bed naked from the waist down he watched Sandra slowly and seductively lift her skirt up her legs and over her waist, shaking her hips side to side as she did so. If he hadn’t already been excited the sight of Sandra without any underwear on would have changed that.

“Seem’s you lost something on the way home,” Tim said slightly nervous and trying to find words to fill the silent gaps.

“I lost them in the toilets after the third drink just in case you got frisky before we left.”

Tim said nothing as Sandra lifted her left leg over him and wedged it between his leg and the cushions of the day bed. Pulling her other leg off the ground and onto the bed beside his left leg she quickly positioned herself and slid down his stiff cock.

She spent 20 minutes riding him, moving her hips against his, sliding her pussy up and down him in long slow motions before rocking backwards and forwards breathing hard and deep.

As she brought herself closer to climax, happy that Tim had been able to hold on to his own for just as long she lowered her lips and began kissing him deeply. They writhed together, Tim wrapped his arms around her back and Sandra moved her lips to his neck.

The both came together, Sandra holding him inside her and twitching against his shrinking member for as long as she could.

Sandra kept kissing Tim’s neck, hoping and teasing for more.

It was at that moment Tim broke the silence.

“What was that in the window?”

“It’s only my husband, he likes to watch me have sex with strangers.” she replied prudently


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