Your Kiss Is On My Lips

Your kiss is on my lips
Your hand is on my hips

Fingernails caress sensitive skin
Drive me wild with your stubbled chin

Don’t give me just a ration
I want to feel all your passion

Hot lips and a sensual kiss
Drive me wild sexual bliss

A touch so soft, a touch so light
Make me pant if you do it right

Touch me there
Show you care

Fingers wet
Make me sweat

Stroke me now below the waist
Take it slow without the haste

Slow, small circles take it steady
Keep it up I’m nearly ready

A touch so good, you make me scream
Keep it going, don’t make this a dream

Get on your back it’s time to swap
Lay still now while I get on top

Sliding down in one slow stride
Hold on now it’s my time to ride.

Grinding hips meet my thrust
Joined as one by our lust

Driving hard, thrusting fast
Not long now I just can’t last

Keep it going I wont be slowed
I nearly there about to explode

Reached the point of no return
Join me now or forever yearn

Breathing fast, just lost control
You rocked my world you rocked my soul

All over now just hold me tight
Hold me now until midnight

Hug me close don’t let me get colder
Forever mine my titleholder


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