Working at the Thrift store

As one of 6 volunteer that work at the local Thrift store I get to meet a lot of people, some nice, some rude and some scary, but the single thing they all have in common is they are all needy. They need clothing, bedding, furniture, food and all number of things those down on their luck have trouble supplying for themselves.

Sometimes it’s a tough job made all the harder by dealing with people at their worst. A time when anger, desperation and sadness or loss are more of a controlling factor than common sense. However there are days that make going to work a pleasure. Last Friday was one of those days.

I was standing at the front door just about to lock up for the night when he ran up to the door.

“Are you still open?”

I really wanted to say no, I was in the store alone and just wanted to go home but that’s just not my nature.

“Sure, what can I do for you?” I said as I pulled the door open.

“I just need something for dinner for my family.”

Closing the door behind him I locked it because I didn’t want more customers coming in and forcing me to keep the shop open. We went through the usual rigmarole of working out who he was, what he was entitled to have and how I could help him. I had all the information I needed on the computer, although what the computer didn’t tell me was at 6 foot 2, 210 pounds, short black hair and green eyes Dean was not just good looking he was ruggedly good looking. But that’s besides the point, he was there for my help and I was there to help him.

Although it happens from time to time breaking down as I confirmed his story was not something I expected from Dean. As I reached for the box of tissues I asked him if he was ok. He was clearly upset and calming him down wasn’t going to be easy so instead of attempting it in store I offered him a cup of coffee and a more comfortable seat out in the store room.

I handed him his coffee as he sat on the donated sofa wiping his tears. He sipped his drink and told me his story a story I was happy to listen to but I really did want to go home. He told me how his wife had been threatening to leave him for a year because she was upset with their life. The usual stories of money troubles and couples who didn’t talk about their problems followed, I’d heard it all before and they never got easier to handle. When he went on to tell me about how his wife was abusive toward him, not psychically but with her words, or lack there of, I did begin to feel for him. He told me how the kids were picking up on Violet’s attitude towards him, the way she spoke at him, ignored him when it suited her and at other times just disagreed with him for the sake of it and that even they were getting sick of it. But each time the kids reacted Violet would just drag them into their rooms and cuddle them and tell them how much she loved them.

He told me how he’d asked her, pleaded with her, begged her to move out if she felt so unhappy and didn’t want to make things better but each time she refused. She knew that without the money, the effort and the support of Dean (which she wouldn’t openly admit was there) she’d have trouble coping. She also had no intention with leaving the kids with Dean, in her mind separation meant the kids stayed with her and Dean just picked up the pieces she couldn’t. So Dean was living with a woman who claimed she wasn’t happy, wouldn’t move out, wouldn’t allow him to be the father he wanted to be and constantly ground him into the ground in an effort to remind him and those around him who held all the cards. All Dean was trying to do was hold together his family, or whatever was left of it. He still loved Violet and he wanted to sort things out but above all he wanted all 6 of them to be a family but Violet had grind him down so far he was only one step away from a mental breakdown.

When he leaned in a without warning for a kiss I was slightly shocked, but I did not immediately stop him. The kiss was long, lingering and the way his lips moved with mine had me tingling where I hadn’t tingled for ages.

“I’m sorry,” he said breaking the kiss and pulling away.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said and meant each word.

“It’s just that it’s been so long and I’ve…”

“What about Violet? You said you still love her.”

”I do, even after she slept with our neighbor.”

So was he hoping for a bit of pay back? Could I be part of that? My body was telling me yes.

“I’m sorry that sounds bad, I didn’t come here looking for anything like that, I just wanted some food for dinner.”

“Ssshhh.” I said as I put my fingers to his lips.

Knowing I shouldn’t I removed my fingers and replaced them with my own lips. We began kissing again, warm, wet and passionate. We kissed long and deep I could taste the coffee on his tongue as he could no doubt taste on mine. Taking the lead I pushed my hand down past the waist band of his pants, further, inch by inch until I was able to wrap my hand around his shaft. Within moments he was rigid in my grip. I made the most of it as we kissed deep and hotter.

After several minutes of kissing I broke the kiss, pulled away and stood up. I could see the look on his face, one of sadness as he thought I was stepping away, but he was wrong. Reaching behind me I grasped the zipper of my dress, yanked it downward quickly and peeled my tight fitting red dress off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

Laying on the couch I invited Dean to my waiting arms, he obeyed. As soon as our lips met he pushed his hand under the band of my white lace panties. The moment he touched my clit I was lost. He rubbed in small soft circles making me moan into his mouth. As he pushed those rough calloused fingers downward dividing lips. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. For what felt like an hour, but was probably closer to 10 minutes, he kissed and rubbed without penetration.

There was no escaping how excited I was and when he finally broke the kiss and took a breath I moaned for him to slip his fingers inside. He didn’t obey immediately, choosing to tease me as long as he could. While I was waiting desperately for him to slip his fingers inside me what I wasn’t prepared for was his thumb circling my clit at the same time. I moaned loudly

“OOooohhh my god!” I said as I began to thrust my hips against his fingers.

I couldn’t believe where he was headed, no man I had ever been with before knew how to stimulate both spots at once, if he began kissing my neck I knew I was going to lose it.

Almost as if he read my mind he moved to my neck. My moans turned to screams, my thrusting turned to writhing and my legs clamped his hand between my legs, holding him inside me as I came harder than I’d ever cum before.

Through short fast breaths I groaned. “Oh god, fuck me now.”

Watching him almost tear his clothes off in the haste to climb on top of me was mildly amusing, but I was still breathing too fast to laugh.

With my knees up in the air and spread apart Dean moved in between them. He didn’t need to move my sopping wet underwear, they’d been torn with the writhing and were skewed off to the side allowing him easy access to my already wet pussy.

Sliding himself inside me felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. Reaching upward I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and pulled him down to kiss him. Again the kissing was hot, hard and wet. The thrusts of his waist were slow, long and deep. We thrust together and we writhed together as the couch springs squeaked. He changed angle, changed position and changed speed continuously and his lips worked both sides of my neck. My hands caressed, almost groped his back and shoulders, my legs spent time either up against his thrusting body or wrapped around him pulling down after every outward stroke.

Time seemed to stop as we moved together on that couch but that didn’t worry me, I was so lost in the moment that the world could have ended and I wouldn’t have cared. By the time we both reached orgasm and I felt him explode inside me you couldn’t have wiped the smile of my face with a scrubbing brush.

That was nearly a week ago, since then I have volunteered to do the closing shift every night in the hope of seeing Dean again but so far he hasn’t shown up. Maybe I am in denial, I have to say my heart is yearning for him to visit one more time but it’s somewhere else that is screaming for him.

So it looks like another day is going to pass by without him visiting, another day I’ve done the late shift for no reason. I guess I may as well just lock the door and head home. The I hear it.

“Are you still open?”


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