Clothes shopping at Sears

We walked into Sears hand in hand, my husband Dean wanted to buy me something sexy for Valentines day and honestly who was I to deny him such a pleasure. We wandered through the Ladies section, there was a smile on his face several times as I stopped to look at dresses.

“Lets look at the underwear.” Dean said to me with a huge grin on his face.

I wasn’t surprised because lets face it guys love lingerie as much as girls do but I also liked the idea of the sleek red dress I’d spied on the rack in front of me. I pulled the dress off the rack and then led Dean to the lingerie section.

Typical once Dean’s eyes started looking at silky underwear, lacy corsets and pink bras his eyes almost fell out of his head and I was immediately greeted with comments like, “Hey babe you’d look great in these”, or “I’d love to peel these off you with my teeth”. Honestly he was kind of cute but if I was only putting these things on to have him pull them off with his teeth why didn’t I wear nothing and save time? We wandered around for nearly twenty minutes and I selected several items which Danny approved of and I knew I would enjoy wearing, we then headed towards the fitting rooms.

“You can’t try on the underwear in there.” the sales assistant said as we approached. I didn’t really take any notice of her and she didn’t go out her way too look up at us.

“Of course not,” I smiled, “Only the dress, I promise.”

We walked into the fitting rooms section, there was an uncomfortable looking chair against the wall for Dean to wait on while I was in the cubicle. It only took me a few moments to get the dress on and it did look good but I wanted a second opinion so I poked my head the door and asked Dean to come in.

“What do you think?” I said when he stepped in.

Shutting the door he whispered, “Looks great.” I could tell he wasn’t looking at the dress the same way I was, he was looking at getting me out of it.

Pushing me up against the wall Dean began to kiss my neck, his stubbled face gently rasping against my skin. I felt his hands pulling the dress up my legs, inch by inch getting closer to my waist.

“We can’t do this here.” I whispered but wasn’t really trying to stop him, instead I put my arms around his neck. When I felt his stiffness below poking at my waist I whispered. “Let me take the dress off.”

Within seconds we were both standing in the fitting rooms of Sears wearing only our underwear, Dean’s boxers were doing their best impression of a tent. Just as I pushed my hand down into his boxers and wrapped my fingers around his hard member we both heard a voice.

“Excuse me, but we do only allow one person in the fitting rooms at a time.” It was the sales assistant who’d told me I couldn’t try on the underwear. In line with her request…well sort of, we removed our underwear

Deans fingers were moving between my legs rubbing my moist labia and clitoris. My fingers were sliding up and down his rigid shaft. Both of us tried not to giggle as I replied to the sales assistant with. “It’s only me in here.”

“Oh ok, your husband must have gone for a walk. Sorry to interrupt, call me if you need help.”

I lifted my right leg up Dean’s left leg and in his ear whispered, “Quick, take me now before we get busted!”

Dean didn’t need to be told twice and within seconds I was pinned to the wall, both legs wrapped around his waist, my arms around his neck, our lips together and his rigid tool buried inside. Dean thrust into me, pushing me against the wall, our tongues circled each others mouths and my grip around his torso became tighter as he continually drove myself into me.

When his lips moved to my neck and I felt his stubble rubbing against me again I moaned quietly and closed my eyes. “Oooh god Dean!”

“Sshh!” Dean whispered as he broke the neck kissing. “We’ll get caught.”

In the corner of the cubicle there was a small bench seat mounted to the wall, no doubt meant for sitting on while putting shoes on or something.

“Sit down.” I said.

A few moments later Dean was sitting on the bench seat and I was sitting on his lap, my back to his chest and his cock again driving itself inside my hot wet pussy. I used my legs lifting myself upwards then sliding myself down, his hands cupped my breasts and began rubbing my hard nipples through the fabric. I tipped my head back and gave him better access to my neck so I could feel that wonderfully raspy stubble against my sensitive skin. I closed my eyes.

When I felt Dean’s finger gently started caressing my swollen clit I moaned quietly, he knew how much I liked having my clit played with during sex and rarely let me down. It wasn’t until I realized both Dean’s hands were still on my breasts that I opened my eyes. I looked down and sure enough we weren’t alone, the sales assistant was kneeling on the floor the fingers of her right hand gently rubbing my wetness. I couldn’t see her face, I don’t know how she got in undetected and I didn’t care in the slightest, her fingers, fingers that obviously knew what a girl liked roamed my wetness and nothing else mattered.

Dean thrust into me, I rode him like I was riding a horse. He kissed my neck rubbing his stubble against my skin. We were both enjoying the sex and both getting closer to orgasm. I felt Dean’s hand slip off my breast and head south, I didn’t know how he would react when he found another hand down there but I need not have worried because moments before Dean’s fingers touched my clit the fingers that were already there disappeared.

Dean’s fingers had barely started working my wetness when I felt a pair of lips touch me. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, but I also wasn’t looking down because I didn’t need to conform what I was feeling. I placed my hand on the girls head and pushed her into my crotch, she used her tongue to lick my wet pussy, Dean’s fingers kept moving, rolling my swollen clit gently in small circles. I was moaning, Dean’s lips moved on my neck, if he was interested in who’s head was now between my legs he didn’t show it, he just continued thrusting his hard cock into my waiting pussy.

I was in heaven, a hard cock ramming in and out of my hungry pussy, two fingers gently caressing my swollen clit and a tongue licking my wetness, I was getting closer to orgasm with every second.

“I’m going to cum!” Dean moaned into my neck. We were so often in tune with our orgasms I wasn’t surprised.

“Cum with me baby!” I said.

Moments later we orgasmed together, our bodies shook together, writhed together and our worn out breaths gasped in unison. The next thing I felt was Dean’s cock being removed from inside me, I knew it wasn’t him doing it, I opened my eyes and looked down. Between my legs I could see the top of a blonde head, it was bobbing up and down as she sucked my husband’s shrinking cock which was covered in our love juices. She was sucking and sliding her lips up and down trying to keep him hard.

I so wished she could keep him hard and give us another round but I knew my husband, he was good in bed but there was no second chance, well not immediately. Despite that she sucked him off for several minutes while Dean continued rubbing my crotch.

Then before we knew what was happening our new friend was gone, how she moved so quick and so quiet I have no idea but she was gone before either of us could get another look at her and thank her for a wonderful orgasm.

I climbed off Dean’s lap, leg’s slightly shaky crotch wet from lust and sweating from every pore in my body. Dean remained sitting, his now limb member sagging sadly between his legs.

“That was extreme! What the fuck was that?” He asked.

“I don’t know but I think we need to come shopping again next weekend!” I replied.


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