Rock Hard: A new bet for Adam

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Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

I looked around the stage as Mark Borrel, Magnhild’s guitarist broke out in a guitar solo. I have to give the boys in the band credit, it was my bet, a bet I thought I could win but they helped me pay my dues to Adam by playing that damn Taylor Swift song. In case you are catching up Adam and I had a bet as to how many encores I could get out of the crowd the night before, I lost and my punishment was singing a Taylor Swift song, which was a bit extreme. Thanks to the band it was a power metal version of the song but to be honest I think they enjoyed seeing me pay my dues more than they hated playing to song.

I apologized to the crowd as we came back out on stage for the first encore and before the band hit the first note, then I apologized again at the end of the song. The crowd was a good crowd and they seemed to except it well, I even heard a few laughs as I told the crowd why we had to play it. During the second apology I looked out over the crowd, it was a decent crowd for a small town, and straight at the sound desk out in the middle of the small venue. The desk was only lit by a small lamp and the stage was bathed in the glow of the spot lights which made him hard to see but I could still see Adam sitting there with a huge smirk on his face.

Adam had won another bet but unlike our usual ‘drinks after the show’ bet this time the odds had been so much greater, not only had he made me sing Taylor but I missed out on him taking me on a date. I had to figure out another way to win my date with the sound man.

We ploughed on through two encores, each one having three songs in it and when we left the stage after playing the title track off our second album Battle With Pride we were all buggered. Having had a really good show and really putting in our all we’d have been happy to have called it quits there but after two minutes and one scotch and coke in the band room the crowd was still screaming our name. There was no way we could leave them screaming we had to give them a third encore.

As we headed out for our third encore I thought, ‘Dammit, one night out!’

Two hours later our gear was in the truck, the doors of the venue were shut and we were sitting at the bar winding down from and energetic and tiring show.

“I can’t believe you went through with the song.” Adam said before taking another sip of his beer.

“Hey, a bet’s a bet!” I said raising my glass in the air. “and I’m no welsher.”

“Yeah but Taylor Bloody Swift and a metal gig, even the cock rockers that opened wouldn’t have sung something that trashy.” Adam exclaimed.

“I should have run double or nothing tonight and I’d have got my dinner.”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked.

“Well we got three encores didn’t we?”

“Yeah but…” Adam paused and I knew the bastard had set up the third encore just to rub it in.

Once he stopped laughing Adam told me how he had selected two punters out of the crowd before the show and paid them twenty dollars each to start the chant as we went off stage at the end of the second encore. Once the two chanters got a bit of momentum Adam made sure that Frank, venue manager, kept the house lights off and natural crowd behavior did the rest.

Adam had orchestrated us and the crowd so well I had to admire his dedication to the cause. I suppose it was just another reason that after all the years we’d been working together the lust I had for the guy was growing. Not just growing it was burning and had been now for quite a few months I’d been letting it get that way.

Draining the last of my second drink from the glass I looked directly at him. His muscular frame covered in a HammerFall T-shirt that was tight enough to look two sizes too small, that wavy hair, those blue eyes. How I wished he would let me peel that black shirt of his hot body. How I wished he was back stage when I peeled off my sweaty black leather corset and replaced it with a silk dress shirt.

“What are you staring at?” Adam asked me when he looked in my direction and caught me staring.

“Uh..Umm…Trying to figure out how to get that dinner you owe me.” I replied with a sweet smile.

“Owe you?” he laughed, “I won the bet.”

“Yeah but after setting up tonight as a shit stir I’ve decided when the bet is paid it’s going to be a decent payment.”

“And just what is decent Chris?”

I looked directly in those big beautiful blue eyes. “At a minimum it’s three courses, wine a show and a night that doesn’t end before midnight.”

“Can I wear my Manowar T-shirt?”

I threw a potato chip at him from the bowl on the bar. “Sure if you want me to rip it off your back you smart ass!”

I actually meant I was going to rip it off if he turned up to our date, I was calling it a date not sure what he was calling it yet, wearing it but he took it a different way.

“Ooooohhhh. So what’s the bet this time?”


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