Ride Hard: Dianne Visits Jack

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When Bill got back not long after lunch, he even brought me some a Subway roll which I was quite thankful for given that I hadn’t eaten and none of the guys in the yard had come in asking if I wanted anything, I told him about our new client. Although he had no reason to be, because it was my job, Bill was impressed with the way I handled Jack and RichCraft Custom Cycles. He was even more impressed that in the time he was gone I’d managed to also finish the payroll and accounts. Of course I was happy for the praise but truth be told payroll for ten staff and weekly accounts wasn’t a major feat.

“Do I need to go and see this,” Bill looked down at the paperwork on the desk in front of him, “Jack Richards, to finalise anything or do any sort of site inspection?”

A site inspection for new clients was often part of our introduction, partly because new clients didn’t always understand how much room our trucks needed in order to pick up skip bins and partly because it’s good customer service to touch base with the clients every now and again. I thought about telling Bill that I’d been offered a site inspection of my very own but instead told him that Jack would be more than happy to see him visit any time he was open.

At 3:30pm an hour before my finishing time Bill told me he was leaving early, one of the many perks of being the boss. He was going to go and visit Jack Richards and do the site inspection, my heart dropped at the mention of his name and I asked him if he wanted me to ring Jack first to make sure he was there. He declined the offer and suggested that if Jack wasn’t around, or they were closed he would drive by the following morning. I bid him farewell and sat back at my desk.

I spent the next hour answering the few phone calls that came in and doing some research on the internet. No guesses as to what I was searching, of course it was Jack Richards and RichCraft Custom Cycles. Now I’m not one of those tech savvy geeks who goes hunting for persons records, stories or other such stuff, my knowledge of the internet pretty much starts and ends with typing words into Google. I can navigate Facebook a little bit and I can follow links but that’s about it.

After nearly an hour of looking I’d hunted through RichCraft’s website, checked out the bikes they had for sale, which meant nothing to me, marveled at some of the artwork, I even marveled at some of the machines. I may not have known much about motorbikes but even I could see there was a lot of effort put into something to the bikes in the gallery. After looking at most of the pages of the website I Facebook stalked Jack, again not something I usually do but something about Jack told me he wasn’t something I’d usually do either…I mean the sort of man I’d usually do…I mean…aahh you know what I mean.

What I found out from Facebook was that Jack was single, no kids, bikes were pretty much his life, he’d been building them for years apparently. He had a small family or at least a small group of people who shared his surname that he was friends with and he had decent taste in music including liking some of the bands that I liked, he also played guitar. From what I could tell he wasn’t a rock god, he played in local pubs and clubs with a guy named Frank Flintoff who played keyboards but they had semi regular gigs. I wasn’t much of a pub girl so it was hardly surprising I hadn’t heard of them or the name they played under which was, Strange Pear.

“Stranger Pear” went straight into a new Google window and I was immediately presented with a small collection of videos, only six, of Jack and Frank on stage. I looked at the clock on the wall, I had twenty minutes until home time, that was long enough to look at a few videos. I clicked on the first one it was Jack singing Sultans of the Swing by Dire Straits, it was a song I was familiar with and thought Jack did a reasonable job of singing. The second one was Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl, I was pleasantly surprised just how good Jack’s voice sounded even on grainy mobile phone footage taken from the back of the pub, but it wasn’t until I heard them play Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time and Jack blew it away on vocals that I realized just how good his voice really was.

By the time 4:30pm ticked over I was beginning to think I was falling for Jack Richards, we’d only spoken for about an hour and it was all business, well mostly but something was telling me I was definitely falling for the guy. Something was definitely telling me I’d be visiting RichCraft Custom Cycles in the not to distant future.

The following morning Bill arrived just before 10am, he was the boss and owner but he was also late, something that redeemed his lateness slightly was the fact that he’s stopped by Starbucks and picked up both coffee and doughnuts. Remember how I said that I didn’t have the most glamorous job, there was some things that still made working at a steel recycler better than other places, healed the pain a little bit so to speak, and Bill’s generosity was one of them.

“How did the site visit go last night?” I asked as I stepped into Bill’s office, interested for the business but more interested to find out what Bill thought about our new client.

“Did it this morning, that’s why I’m late, sorry for not calling.” I nodded, he always apologized but rarely remembered to call, not that it mattered to me but it was nice he offered the apology at least. “Jack really knows his stuff. There wont be any problems getting the trucks in and he’s bending over backwards to make sure everything goes smoothly. Couldn’t believe the size of his showroom, although it’s more of a show off room, I think.”

“Oh.” I said with a quizzical look on my face, I’d seen pictures on the internet and the room did look impressive. “I didn’t know you were that up with motorbikes.”

“Shut up!” he said knowing I was stirring him up. “I may not know much about bikes but I know talent when I see it.”

“I’m so glad every thing has worked out,” I said.

I turned tail and stepped out of Bill’s office headed for my desk to drink my coffee and eat my doughnut when Bill’s voice stopped me.

“He asked about you.”

“Huh? What? Who? Jack?” I stammered a bit getting the words out.

“Yes, Jack.” Bill replied.

“What did he say?” I asked and even I could hear the eagerness in my voice.

“He asked if I thought you’d like to go out on a date..” he paused for several seconds as my heart began to flutter. “…with his sister!”

“You bastard!” I said to Bill as he laughed in his chair. Obviously I hadn’t hidden my liking for our new client as well as I had thought.

“I told him you were free Friday night.” I heard him say as I made my way towards my desk. Bill’s sense of humor wasn’t always the funniest but he was harmless and we’d shared many a laugh over the years but he also knew, before making such a comment, that I’d pay him back for it.

In between answering the phones, ordering some new uniforms for the staff, ordering some health and safety signs and ordering lunch I did a bit of research on the internet for motorbikes. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at and I’m sure my search terms were too broad to give anything to in depth but I was looking anyway. By lunch time I’d forgotten all but a few names and I wasn’t sure that was going to help me much.

At 1:37pm, (yes I remember the exact time, do you want the seconds too?) the phone rang. As usual all calls come straight to my desk, rang six times and then divert to Bill’s phone if I don’t answer, however I answered the call.

“Good afternoon, welcome to Campbell’s Metal Recycling, this is Dianne, how can I help you?” I said into the phone after picking it up and placing in next to my ear.

“Good afternoon Dianne, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come and have a look around my shop this afternoon.” the voice on the other end of the phone said

“Umm? Who’s this? Sorry, we don’t take cold calls.” I replied and hung up the phone. No I didn’t, I’m not silly. I told him I’d love to visit but I was working until 4:30 and didn’t want to hold him up. He promised me that he’d definitely still be at work at such an early hour and that he’d be more than happy to show me around. I still didn’t know what I was going to do in a custom motorbike shop but I said yes anyway because if nothing else Jack would be there.

I honestly did plan to work up until my allotted finish time of 4:30 but at 3pm when I made coffee for Bill and myself, I decided to ask Bill if I could leave an hour early. It was touch and go for a few minutes as Bill’s positive answer relied on me making him a second cup of coffee after he realized the first one was laced with salt and not sugar, but it was worth the wait. Like I said Bill knew I’d get pay back at some time for his earlier comment and salted coffee was one of the few things he didn’t think I’d do.

At 3:30pm I was out of the office and headed home. I passed RichCraft Customer Cycles on my way home and I’m not so vain as to need to appear dolled up but none the less I decided to go home and freshen up a bit before I walked into my new man’s life. I don’t muck around a lot with make up and looks, maybe that’s why I am single, and at 4:09pm (yes I remember that time too) I walked into front door of RichCraft Custom Cycles. Apart from all the bikes in the show(off) room I was also greeted by Jack, it was almost as if he’d been standing by the door watching and waiting for me to arrive.

Without the bike he looked cute, but without the leathers he looked drop dead gorgeous and when he asked me if I wanted coffee I was caught staring at him, frozen and unable to answer for nearly ten seconds, but it felt like more than that.

Once I realized I was human and could actually talk again we started the tour.

To Be Continued


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