Test Drive Me

She came in to test drive the new Dodge Durango, we’d sold a few in the last month but there was no denying that sales had been slow. At the time she walked in the door there had been no other browsers in the dealership and she just didn’t look like a buyer, but I volunteered to be her customer sales representative anyway.

“Hi my name’s Matthew Davis, you can call me Matt. How can I help you this afternoon?”

She told me her name was Francis and that she was looking for a Durango. Her reasoning for wanting a new car? Hubby earned so much money a new car around Christmas each year was just expected. He didn’t care what car it was as long as he didn’t have to organize it, he’d just sign the check and forget about it. I quickly realized that the woman none of my co-workers (or myself) thought was a real buyer was not just a buyer but the sort of buyer that would take the full package and pay whatever price I told her.

The fact that the sale was going to be an easy one and more than likely a profitable one ensured I wasn’t at all worried when Francis took a right turn and instead of heading through town she went for the open road.

“I want to see how good it is on the highway.” She said to me without taking her eyes off the road.

I didn’t argue, just like I didn’t argue when twenty minutes down the road she pulled into a vacant dirt area which trucks had been using as a make shift rest area for the last ten years.

“I want the full package, all the extras and everything, I don’t even care about a discount.”

Liking what I heard I replied. “Great, we’ll head back to the dealership and I’ll organize the paperwork.”

“Just one little thing before we get to that stage,” she turned and looked me directly in the eye.

“Yes?” I said wondering.

“I want $10,000 cash put in the car on delivery. Obviously you can put the money on the final bill but I need the cash and the receipt can’t show it.”

I looked on quizzically. I knew what she was asking was technically possible, hell during a slow month we’d do just about anything for a sale, but it was also illegal. I asked her why she needed it and she went on to explain that her husband didn’t give her any cash reserves and the money would be for her own private bank account. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea, although I was thinking about it, when she unbuckled her seat belt, twisted in her seat and put her hand on my crotch.

Even before I knew what was going on she had me out of my pants and her head in my lap, I wasn’t even hard when she started, although it didn’t take long. Reaching down to my right I reclined the seat and pushed my feet into the foot well.

Francis’ head rose up and down in my lap, I could feel her hand sliding up and down following her lips. After every few strokes she stopped at the tip of my dick and circle her tongue around the head whilst gently scratching her finger nails up the sensitive underside. She licked, she sucked, she rubbed and with every sensual movement I was getting more turned on.

“Push the seat back all the way.” I heard her say as she lifted her head.

I did as she told me and lowered the back of the seat as far down as it would go. In one quick movement, one I’m sure she’d done before, she climbed out of the drivers seat, flicked her left leg over me. At the same time was she was moving over the top of me she lifted her skirt up revealing no underwear.

She didn’t need to aim, and she didn’t miss as she lowered her hips and swallow my rock hard dick. I moaned at the feeling of her warm and wet pussy moving up and down. When she bent down and began kissing me I couldn’t help myself. I reached around, grabbed her ass with both hand and pulled her down onto me, grinding our hips and driving me inside her as far as I could.

I could hear the sound of the springs in the car squeaking as our bodies rocked together but I didn’t care. I wasn’t there for a long time I was there for a good time and fucking in a car that wasn’t mine, whilst doing a job I really wasn’t happy with was the icing on the cake. There was no way Francis wasn’t going to get her $10k bonus.

Lifting my feet up onto the edge of the car seat and gripping her waist between them I lifted her hips and began thrusting hard and fast, pushing each thrust as deep as I could. Her lips moved to my neck and bit me, I was close to orgasm but I still hoped that bite didn’t leave a mark that needed to heal.

She then began moaning.

“Oh god. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder.”

Each hand grabbed her butt cheeks as I began ramming myself inside her, with every upward thrust I pulled her ass down with as much force as I could. I could feel my balls bouncing against me with every direction change.

“Cum with me.” she moaned, “Cum now.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement I’d been holding off for as long as I could hoping to make the experience last. As I exploded inside her she let out a scream that must have echoed across three counties.

Five minutes later Francis and I climbed out of the passenger seat of the car only to see what was not long ago an empty rest area now had three trucks parked in it. We couldn’t see any of the drivers but when one of the air horns started blasting we knew it was time to leave.

On the way back to the dealership Francis not only agree to buying the car but agreed to three more test drives before her new car arrived.


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