CopyCat Cafe: Simon Rocks The Robin

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So there I was standing at the bench of my cafe at 6am staring at the piece of paper in my hand. I knew the note, and accompanying CD’s were from Simon, I knew Simon was hot, I knew his marriage was over and I knew he wanted me. What I also knew was that by the letter of the law he was still married and being the other woman didn’t sit well with me. But god how I wanted him.

Wanting him still didn’t make deciding whether to read the note any easier. Of course I wanted to read it but I was scared to read it. What if the note was ‘thanks but goodbye’? What if it wasn’t goodbye? What if it was all hyperbole? I didn’t truly know which way I wanted to jump.

After what I thought was several minutes of deliberation I decided to treat it like a band-aid and just rip it off, or in this case open it up, quickly, if there was going to be pain make it end sooner. With the note unfolded I began reading.

To my sweet tweeting Robin,

How the hell did he know my childhood nick name, a shortened version of my surname Robinson? Sure my friends called me Robin half the time but Simon only knew me as Katrina, the name on my cafe uniform, and the name he’d used during or conversations.

To my sweet tweeting Robin.

Please accept the CD’s as my gift to your cafe, the service you offer and the coffee is unparalleled. I have chosen what I think, based on a mix of good taste, and Sonya’s suggestions, will fit the mood and ambiance of the cafe.

I am so sorry I made you run away yesterday, that was not my intention. Please understand my marriage is over. I understand it’s an odd situation and I understand your hesitation. I’m not going to make excuses for my home life, you know I love my kids and cannot leave them in the hands of a woman who is not fit to be a sole parent. I’m also not going to make empty promises about moving out of the house in order to make you feel better about the situation because it’s not going to happen.

What I can tell you is that I enjoy your company, enjoy the time we spend together and want to do more of it no matter what that entails.

Please call me at the Music Barn during work hours any day.

Warmest regards

I read the note in my hand three three times allowing every word to sink in. Of course I wanted him I wanted him so badly I was dreaming about him. Of course I didn’t expect him to make promises he couldn’t keep, or didn’t want to make in the but there was still the matter of his wife no matter how difficult she was making things. Putting the note down I checked the CD’s in an effort to take my mind off his words for a few seconds. I was still reading the song lists when I heard Sonya come through the back door which meant it was 7am, her official start time. I’d been standing at the bench fussing over the note for nearly an hour.

“Hey Kat, hows things?” she started as he walked into the kitchen. “Oh you got the package, what’s in it? Simon said you should like it.”

“Uh um, morning Sonya. Yeah I got, whether I like it remains to be seen. Have you heard either of these bands?” I handed her two of the three CDs.

We chatted about the CD’s and the songs on them for a few minutes, Sonya showing her approval of a few and telling me which ones she was going to play first.

“Hey, did you tell Simon my nickname?”

“Yeah it slipped out, he kept referring to you as Katrina which sounded weird, I haven’t heard anyone call you that for ages, it’s always Kat or Robin. Sorry if he wasn’t suppose to know.”

“No it’s ok I was just surprised by the name when I saw it in the note.” Right then I knew I’d said the wrong thing.

“Robin? Note? What Note? Did he write you a love letter?”

I tried to deny it and push the folded note out of sight but I was caught and before I knew it Sonya had the note in her hand and was reading it. Unlike me she didn’t need to read it three times.

“Woohoo girl! You gotta go for it.”

Of course that is the response I expected from Sonya and I knew she’s be persistent about me “going for it”, but it didn’t automatically change my mind.

“You gotta ring him at least.”

Between the unveiling of he note and my break at 10am Sonya reminded me several times that I should make the call. By the time I made myself a coffee I’d decided I owed Simon that much.

I made the call on my cell phone so that I could sit outside in the smokers area and not be heard by my eaves dropping staff. Ironically, or maybe not, I made the call sitting on the table in the exact spot that Simon and I had sex only a few days before. By the time my coffee cup was empty the phone call was over. The final words spoken by Simon were.

“Please drop by any time, you will have my undivided attention.”

I had no idea what I should do.


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