In The Backyard

I caught him walking through the backyard, he was cool, he was calm and he looked like he belonged there. When he stood at the bottom step of the patio and asked if I need a someone to give me an orgasm I thought he was being stupidly confident and it had to be a joke. But apparently it wasn’t.

I sat on the daybed watching him as he confidently stepped towards me stripping off his shirt and pants as he walked. Before I knew it he was standing naked before me, his dick growing in front of my face.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I stood up unzipped my dress and let it fall to the decking boards. It was a hot day so I had no underwear on and was not about to waste any time. I dragged him to the bed, both of us naked and both of us ready for action. I started the ball rolling.

His long stiff shaft felt silky and smooth in my mouth. My tongue gently tracked it’s way up and down, each downward stroke ended with the tip of his cock touching the back of my mouth. I could taste the sweet clear dribbles of pre-cum as they seeped into my mouth. His moans filled the air, his breaths rapid and loud.

Holding my lips in a tenacious grip around the circumcised head and letting my right hand move up and down rapidly I sucked whilst letting my tongue circle around the tip. I felt his hand running through my hair as he gently pushed my head down.

Not wanting him to cum too quickly I stopped, removed my lips and looked him in the eye. My hand was still firmly around him as I kissed my way up his hairy stomach and chest.

“Is it my turn now?” He whispered to me as my lips caressed his.

I didn’t need to say anything for him to take control. He rolled me on to my back kissed my lips then dragged his tongue lightly down my body. In a hurry to please me as I pleased him he traced a line directly down my stomach, past my belly button ring, over my shaved mound and straight to my clit. I resisted the urge to grab him by the head and force him where I wanted him.

As he closed his lips around my clit his tongue went to work, flicking, licking and gently caressing it. He concentrated his efforts in the one spot for a long time, nearly too long, but seemed to know how I liked to be eaten. He moved his tongue up and down, separating my lips with his fingers and concentrating on every flap. Each time his tongue slid down to my hot waiting entrance he circled it and came back up, never entering me and always returning to my throbbing clit.

My groans were louder than his, my breathing faster than his and my writhing as he brought me close to orgasm was more violent than his. I felt his finger gently rub my entrance, I begged him to push them inside me.I thrust my hips forward hoping they’d slide inside me but he kept teasing me.

When he eventually slipped two fingers inside me I could barely hold myself. I let my pussy muscles work on his fingers, hoping for more, begging for more. But it didn’t last long enough and as he removed his fingers I immediately felt sense of loss. However it didn’t last long as he dipped his tongue inside me.

While he licked my pussy his fingers rolled, tweaked and rubbed my clit, his nose gently rubbed against my wet lips and I groaned in pleasure. Before I could count to ten I was cumming.

He kept his tongue working until my breathing subsided, I called for him remove his tongue and replace it with his dick three times but he ignored me, then just when I thought he was going to lick me to a second orgasm he licked his way back up my hot sweaty body.

Like a guided missile hitting it’s target as soon as our lips met he was inside me gently thrusting. The sex didn’t last long, it didn’t need too, the road getting there took more than enough time for us to be screamingly happy.

As we lay on the bed afterwards cuddling, his left hand circling my back gently tracing lines with his finger nails, we said nothing, there was nothing to say that would have made the situation better. He didn’t need to tell me he loved me, he didn’t need to me to tell him he’d done well. We’d been married ten years and one thing marriage of that time taught us was exactly how to please each other and do it without needing self gratification.


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          1. OMG. I read your story about bringing home a friend and having your husband watching. That was very hot. I’d be watching with a lot of interest for sure. I’d be happy to trim your edges while you took care of guests on the day bed, out there getting hard and very turned on.

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