A little alone time

The second my husband walked out the door with the kids I started wondering what I was going to do with my hour or so of freedom. Without thinking too hard about it I
blindly grabbed for the USB stick that was sitting next to my computer and began transferring one of the movies I’d downloaded while he was in bed the night before.

It took a few minutes to load the movie onto the USB stick but while it did it’s thing I got prepared. I walked excitedly into the bedroom and to my dresser drawers. From the second drawer I retrieved my two new artificial friends, ones I hadn’t even tried out with Barry. The first one was a basic Blue Dolphin vibrator, it was waterproof for bath time fun but that wasn’t the kind of wet I was looking for right then. The second toy I grabbed was the Wallbangers Waterproof Clit Vibrator, bought more for its name than for anything else.

Retrieving my USB stick I plugged it into the TV in the bedroom, undressed and sat on Barry’s side of the bed. I tried to kid myself that sitting on his side of the bed was simply because it gave a better view of the TV, but in truth it was probably to feel just a little bit closer to him. Our marriage had been strained since the birth of our third child, I was feeling different, he was scared to touch me and I simply fell into a rut. My body was changing and I couldn’t control it, I deeply wanted him to touch me but I made it difficult for him to do so, difficult to the point it drove a wedge between us. Buying the sex toys was my attempt to reconnect with the man I once loved so deeply that I floated on the air, but I wanted to test them out first.

As the movie began playing on the 55 inch TV in front of me I began to rub my clit with the first two fingers on my right hand, within seconds I was opting for a more comfortable position and shuffled back onto the bed. I lay side ways so I could see the TV and I watched as the six pack wielding tattooed biker walked naked into the room with a dick that put my six and a half inch rabbit to shame.

Feeling excited I picked up the dolphin and began rubbing it against my clit, the vibrations were sending shock waves through my body. As I moved the blue ribbed jelly shaft slowly up and down I could feel myself getting wetter. On the screen my biker friend was being rubbed and caressed by an unseen female, I imagined it was me.

I rubbed up and down, concentrating especially hard on the spots I knew excited me. Laying on my left side so that I could use my best hand for the hard work I lifted my right leg straight up in the air. Looking past my raised leg I could see myself in the floor to ceiling mirrored cupboard doors. I watched as I slid the dolphin past my wet lips. I usually like to wait as long as possible for penetration but between the rubbing, the TV and the mirror I reached that point so much quicker.

As I pushed the blue rubber vibrator inside myself the biker on my television screen inserted a large, larger than I could handle, red rubber vibrator into his waiting woman. Still not able to see her face made it easy to imagine he was doing it to me. The feel of the dolphin inside me was better than I expected, but not as good as the real thing. I moved position several times trying to get the most of it but it wasn’t until I closed my legs tightly holding the blue beast inside me then letting my internal muscles do the work against the vibration that I really felt I was headed in the right direction. My fingers went to my clit and I began rubbing it in circles pushing downward against my closed legs as I did so. As I let out a loud moan I could feel myself so close to orgasm but I wanted to hold out, I wanted to keep going.

Opening my legs I reached for the dolphin and slowly dragged it out each inch felt like a loss of a loved one. On the screen my biker boy was kneeling between his girl’s spread legs inches away from sliding his wet monster inside her. Imagining my dolphin was his dick I pushed it back inside myself. I repeatedly thrust the toy in and out of my hot wet hole mimicking the action on my TV screen and dreaming that my toy would turn real.

Once again close to orgasm I closed my eyes and began to wish that Barry would walk in the door. I finished well and truly before my horny well hung biker and his girl but given my orgasms were not done for a camera I was willing to bet that I’d enjoyed mine more than they enjoyed theirs.

Laying spent on the bed, the dolphin sitting between my legs still vibrating and a wet spot on the duvet that would require a change before Barry and the kids got home I was in heaven. I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe my eyes, I’d been writhing on the bed for nearly an hour, my alone time was almost up. I knew when the kids got home they would go straight to their rooms and change their clothes and Barry would come looking for me which would give us precious seconds alone. I was so tempted just to lay on the bed naked waiting for him, show him what I’d been doing as a teaser for the evening when the kids finally went to bed but I knew I just couldn’t risk it.

As I cleaned up, got dressed and turned the tv off I saw the Wallbanger pushed up against my pillow. I hadn’t had a chance to try it out, the excitement of the dolphin was more than enough for one day. I wonder if I can talk Barry into taking the kids to the park again tomorrow.

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