Rock Hard: Christie Bets Adam

Continues from here.

Since Adam so kindly suggested another bet was in order I had to think about it. While he seemed keen enough to lose a bet where he had to pay for dinner I didn’t know exactly what that meant to him. I knew what it meant to me, a date with the guy I’d been lusting after for years. I also knew that my next bet had to be weighted in my favor, I wasn’t going to cheat, but I had to win. I thought of making it a ridiculous bet that even he knew he couldn’t win, but decided against it in case making it too weighted turned him away. I’m wanted him to lose, not run away from a bet, after all the bets were as much fun as I hoped the prize I was going to claim would be.

We had a two night stay in Nashville, the extra night made it a little easier on the crew and the band because it gave us all a chance to sleep past lunchtime. I had slept on the decision, alone sadly, and when I woke early in the afternoon I had managed to work out what I was going to do. When I wandered out of my room at 1:30pm I walked straight down to the bar. I know that sounds cliched but I was going there for coffee not the Rock N Roll nightmare of party all night, party all day. By 2pm the rest of the band and crew had started to filter into the bar and took up their seats all looking for the same thing as me something to eat and coffee.

“Thought of your new bet yet?” Adam said as he sat down on the chair next to me.

Was this guy keener than I thought he might be too lose the bet or was I imagining things?

“Yeah I have,” I said with a smile.

“Well, come on, out with it.”

“Come with me.” I said as I stood up from the table and flicked my head slowly to indicate he should follow me.

Of course he followed me. We walked out of the bar, through the large archway and into the foyer.

“Where are we going?” he asked, I could tell he was curios.

I didn’t answer I just kept walking out the door and into the car park not looking to see if he was following me but knowing he was. For most normal people they’d been dealing with that big burning ball in the sky for several hours and it wasn’t a huge problem to them but to those of us who’d just surfaced from slumber it still made the eyes sting a little bit.

I led Adam almost blindly to our second gear truck, it was a rental and there was a Magnhild banner tied to it but no sign writing, the sign writing was on the first truck which we’d been renting for several years now. Having sign writing, even a banner, on the trucks is a two fold thing, firstly it was good advertising and let the fans know we were in town, but it also meant groupies. Although most of the groupies we got were for the boys in the band I still got my fair share, both male and female and some of them are darn hot I must say, but they aren’t always welcome.

I stepped around the rear of our second truck and stood next to the rear wheels.

“Ok you’ve got me intrigued now, why did we need to come out here? What’s this bet you have in mind?”

I stayed silent for a few seconds before saying. “So the deal is, I make the bet and if you loose you pay for dinner and wine at some fancy restaurant on Tuesday night. Agreed?”

“What’s the bet?” he asked with interest in his eye but obviously not wanting to commit until he had more details..

“Agreed?” I repeated not giving in.

“Yeah I agree,” he said reluctant but trusting, “now what’s the bet.”

Without saying a word I put my hands on his shoulders, pushed him gently back against the truck and pushed my lips onto his. I kissed him hard, he responded almost immediately, and almost immediately I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Our lips moved together, my tongue mingled with his and I could feel the heat rising between us and it wasn’t just from the sun. It was the first real kiss I had had with the guy of my dreams and I was extremely reluctant to break it but I knew I had to.

I don’t know how long we kissed for but it was hot, wet and passionate and it was every damn thing I expect it to be.

Pulling away I looked him in the eye and said, “I bet you can’t forget that.” and I walked away.

As I rounded the front of the truck I heard him calling my name to come back but I kept walking, picking up my pace as I went. The next move was his if he wanted it!

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