Kissing Elvis

When his tongue touched my swollen clit I had a tiny orgasm. I’m not usually brought off that quick but I had been lusting after Elvis since grade school. Well not exactly lusting, and not THAT Elvis. He was however the first boy to ever touch my breasts, a wild and crazy grope whilst kissing on the Ferris wheel when we were both fourteen.

Since then we’ve both been and gone from town, grown up, grown apart and come back to our sleepy little hollow of Bakersville. When I was offered the job as secretary in the Realtor office that Elvis managed I was in two minds as to whether to take it. Obviously we hit it off, remembering each other and old times during the interview, and I was desperate for work since becoming a single mother with three kids. But was what I was feeling when I walked out of the interview lust or desperation? It took nearly a full week before I realized that it was both!

It was a cliched porn movie type scenario where the nicely dressed office girl gets seduced by the boss and finds herself having sex with him in his office, only it was happening to me. Like I said it took nearly a full week for it to happen and on Friday afternoon, an hour before I was due to finish work and pick the kids up from school, he called me into his office asking me to lock the front door on the way in. I wasn’t naive, I pretty much knew what he was asking, but I was in lust over something that never was, a lust that had been building for twenty five years.

Walking into his office I was greeted by his six foot three frame, muscular but not over done, short brown hair, facial growth getting long enough to be considered a real beard and piercing blue eyes. He was sitting at his desk, computer mouse in his right hand and his left hand holding the pen he was chewing on.

“What can I do for you Mr. Walker?” I asked with no expectations but a lot of hope.

“We need to do something about the twenty five years of tension between us.”

“What do you suggest we do?” I said still hopeful

“I suggest we resolve that tension and see where we go from there.”

I didn’t need further encouragement, I walked around the desk placed my hand on his shoulder and pushed him away from his desk.

“How’s this for resolving the situation?” I asked as I lowered myself to my knees and unzipped his pants.

He obviously been thinking about more than just house sales because he was rock hard inside those dark blue trousers. Fumbling slightly with his belt and button I had him out and standing proud within seconds. I immediately went down on him swallowing that massive hunk of meat all the way to it’s base.

While I may not have quite lusted after him everyday since grade school I had on many occasions thought about how that cock of his would feel since rubbing my hand against it on the Ferris wheel all those years ago. My own dreams did not do it justice. The silky smooth skin, the thickness and the twitching it did every time my tongue circled the circumcised head had my mind thrashing inside my head. Why I had held every man I’d ever slept with against Elvis, especially since we’d never had sex, was beyond me but I was quickly realizing that no man I’d been with matched up.

I spent a full twenty minutes, rubbing, sucking and caressing him, several times his velvety tip touched the back of my throat and brought me close to gagging but I enjoyed ever second of it. When he finally shot his salty white juice into my mouth I swallowed greedily. It was my turn next.

Taking control Elvis bent me over the desk, lifted my tight black skirt up over my hips and dragged my wet panties down my legs. I spread my legs for him allowing him better access and before I knew what was going on his tongue was tracing it’s way along my wet lips. He circled my entrance, nibbled on my flaps and licked nearly every inch of me. His beard drove me insane as it tickled my legs. While the feeling was sensational I was wondering if he knew what a clitoris was, then as if he read my mind he slowly moved his tongue across my swollen clit. I nearly came instantly.

By the time he’d finished with his tongue I was again realizing that holding every sexual encounter I’d had against what I thought it would be like with Elvis was still an unfair comparison.

Still coming down from the high of cumming twice on his tongue I heard his chair rolling backwards on the hard wooden floor and I knew my party wasn’t over. I didn’t feel his hands, I didn’t feel his legs, the only thing I felt was that long rigid shaft as it parted my lips and entered my waiting hole. Pushing it in it felt like it was going on forever and it wasn’t until I felt his short prickly pubes rubbing against my ass I finally let out sigh of pleasure.

He rode me hard, he rode me fast, he rode me slow. Each motion his hands held onto my hips and pushed and pulled me to meet his thrusts. On the hard thrusts I could feel his balls slapping against the back of my legs, he was moaning as loud as I was.

Whether by accident or by skill he managed to hold off until I was ready for him.

“Cum with me.” I moaned, “Cum now!”

He did. I did. We did and despite how long it had lasted, longer than it had with any other man, it still didn’t last long enough.

As I pulled my unravelled underwear up to where it belonged and he sat back in his office chair, pants around his ankles and the dribbling remnants of his hard on resting in his lap I asked. “Did we resolved anything?”

“Well I know that waiting twenty five years was way too bloody long. We should have done that a long bloody time ago. But I really don’t think it really resolved the sexual tension in this office.”

“Oh well,” I started, “I guess I’ll just have to come back on Monday and see if we can’t find other ways to resolve it!


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