The Lawnmower Man

I liked my job, most of the time. But like most jobs good customers made the job, while bad customers made you wish murder was legal. I’m a lawn mower man, not like the guy in Stephen King book just your average run of the mill man with a lawn mower who mows peoples lawns.

The stories you hear are true, lawn mower men and gardeners get to see the weirdest sights. I’ve had timely incidents and seen half naked bodies, men and women, couples having sex, couples having fights, I even caught one guy going at it with a blow up doll. It’s amazing what people do in their own homes, but what’s more amazing is what they continue to do even though they know their hired tradesmen are in the yard. However it’s not all bad and it wont be bad ever again at the Robinson house, not after last week.

I’ll cut the boring stuff about mowing the grass and raking the leaves in favor of jumping straight to the part where I was finished the job and about to get in the truck and drive away. I know its going to sound like some made up story in a men’s magazine but I swear on my life that it really happened.

I was about to get in the truck when I turned around to look over the job I’d just finished, although I’d never met David Robinson he was a stickler for having things done right and I didn’t want him to get me banned from maintenance around the gated community. While I might not have seen anything wrong I did see something oh so right. Standing in the open door way leaning against the door jamb was David’s wife Sarah, until seeing her I didn’t even realize she was home. However after I saw her I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Standing in the doorway she was wearing a pink corset bordered with black lace and tied up at the front with black silk draw strings. Her ample breasts, pushed up and out the top and the curves of her body were accentuated by the tightness of the garment. Underneath the corset there was a matching triangle of silk and lace. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, she was beautiful, sensual and when she motioned me inside with her index finger I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Of course I went inside and by the time I made it inside the front door Sarah was disappearing into the bedroom. I followed. When I got to the bedroom she was sitting on the bed, saying nothing and again using her index finger to motion me forward. I walked forward until I was standing directly in front of her. My mind was trying to convince me I was dreaming but it was having a hard time, especially when Sarah yanked my pants down and wrapped her right hand around my dick.

The next few minutes were like a dream. She started by sliding her hand back and forth along my shaft, my dick rose to attention. The second I was rock hard she wrapped her lips around it and gently slid them the full length only removing her fingers to take in the last inch. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat, then she began sucking. The sucking was followed by the feeling of those sensuous lips moving up and down along with the fingers of her right hand. The fingers of her left hand pushed down under my balls edging closer to my ass. I’d barely been hard a minute and I already felt like I was going to explode. I put my hand on her head, rubbed my fingers through her hair and moaned quietly holding off as long as I could. My pre-cum seemed to excite her more with every dribble and both her hands and lips started working faster. Sensing I was close to cumming Sarah pulled her mouth back to the tip opened it wide, tightened her grip and jerked me slow and hard. When I finally did explode it was like my legs were about to give way on me. She didn’t stop sucking and licking until my erection had faded.

Next it was my turn.

I didn’t even bother removing her g-string, I didn’t need to it wasn’t going to stop me. On my knees I lifted her legs over my shoulders and buried my head into her warm, wet crotch. I may not be the best lover in the world but I do try to please any woman I’m with so instead of going straight for her pussy and jamming my tongue in there I concentrated higher up. With my arm over her leg I used my thumb and tongue to caress and rub her clitoris, by the sounds she was making I wasn’t making a wrong move. I licked, sucked and nibbled my way around her crotch for what seemed like an eternity, savoring the taste, enjoying the aroma and loving every second of it. When I felt her hand pushing my head downward I didn’t resist, I knew what she wanted. Not wanting to disappoint I inserted my tongue, at the same time she thrust her hips into my face. Just like a few minutes before the room was filled with moans, only this time they were hers and like mine they lasted until she reached orgasm.

I let my tongue lap at her wet crotch until her breathing slowed down I then slowly stood up from my knees holding her legs against my chest and letting them slide as I went up. I was as hard as a rock yet again, something that doesn’t happen often outside of porn movies and as Sarah lay on her back with her legs in the air and her ankles either side of my head I pushed my waist forward and slid myself inside her warm wet hole. What started out as long, slow thrusts quickly became hard, deep, fast thrusts as Sarah moaned. I knew second time round I wasn’t going to last as long but I wanted to make sure Sarah got off too so I slowed my pace down, it was then I felt her pussy muscles working against me. When she reached up with her hands I knew what she wanted immediately so I gently lowered my face towards hers. As soon as her arms could reach around my neck she grabbed me and dragged me down. Her legs were folded between us, her knees spread either side of those ample breasts, she was like a small ball laying on the bed with me bent over her. We kissed and kissed hard holding each others moans in until we exploded together.

Five minutes later I was in my truck and headed out the driveway. The entire encounter lasting just over and hour and the only words spoken between us for the entire time, spoken by Sarah, were “Same time next week.”


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