Pulled? Over

You’ll be banned from driving for that little effort.” the police officer said to me as he stood bent over at the open window of my car berating me for driving too fast, again.

“But officer,” I said as I looked at him with seductive eyes.

“There is no excuse Rexine,” he said interrupting and handing my licence and registration back to me.

I knew I had broken the law, I wasn’t trying to get out of the fine but I couldn’t afford to lose my licence and as he walked up to my car after pulling me over I did what I’d seen done in so many movies, I opened by blouse, just two buttons, not all of them. Given that it was 1:30am I knew he’d shine his torch in my window and I wanted the tops of my ample sized breasts to be the first thing he saw. The problem was they didn’t seem to be having an effect on him, not before he went back to his car and not after he came back with the ticket.

“Please officer, I can’t lose my licence.”

Obviously bending over in my window was getting the better of his back and while he kept his torch shining into my car he straightened his back. I had to lean closer to the window to see his face, or more accurately show him mine. It was then I decided to just go for broke.

In a quick and well judged movement as I reached out the window, grabbed his zipper, pulled it down and shoved my hand into his pants. Due to my haste and the angle I was a little rough but I didn’t want him to get away.

At first touch I couldn’t believe how big he was, even soft he felt thick and more than a handful, it easily measured longer than I’d ever had in my hand. He had boxer shorts on, the kind that have an opening at the front and I could feel him beginning to push through that opening. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and gently pulled it out, exposing it to the cool night breeze. He said nothing, don’t ask me why but I like a man who says nothing as I rub his dick .

He grew in my hand as I gently slid backwards and forwards along the stiffening shaft. I wanted to get his balls out and rub them along with the shaft but neither my angle out the window or his trousers allowed it so I continued with my rubbing. I could feel the veins on the underside of his dick, I could feel the silky smooth skin, and I could feel the velvety tip every time my hand reached the top.

With a tight grip on him I dragged him closer to the car. As he turned around I heard him put both hands on the roof. He stood beside my car with his thick and rigid cock poking in the window. I didn’t hesitate for a second I opened my mouth wrapped my lips around that velvety purple knob and sucked him inside my mouth. While the size of it in my hand was surprising it was nothing like the surprise I got as it moved across my tongue and made it’s way to the back of my throat. I nearly gagged as it touched areas no other cock has ever touched, but only once!

I rubbed, licked and kissed him, lapping up the beautiful dribbles of pre-cum as they leaked from the tip. I almost felt greedy the way I ate him but he had no need for the lubrication he was producing and I so liked the taste.

I had to let go of his dick when he un-buttoned his trousers, unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground, but I was rewarded with a set of lovely recently shaved balls, which he sat on the on the sill of the open door.

Wrapping my hand around his dick once more I started to suck, lick and kiss his balls but it wasn’t until I gave them a little nibble that he let out his first moan. From his balls I went back to his shaft and sucked, licked rubbed and kissed him until I could feel him on the verge of cumming.

From such a lovely big dick I expected him to explode hard and he didn’t let me down. He shot that creamy white liquid into my open mouth, onto my face and onto my exposed breasts. I licked what I could and let the rest settle where it landed while I made sure he was well and truly spent.

When he removed his crotch from my car window and pulled his pants up to where they belonged I couldn’t help be feel a sense of loss. I hadn’t felt a dick so big and wonderful for so long and I so wanted to take it home. Thoughts of the ticket, my loss of license, the dark secluded country road we were on and how I was going to get to work next week were the furthest thing from my mind, I just wanted to take my new friend home, at least I thought he was my friend until he bent down, shined that torch in the window and said.

“Don’t forget to pay the fine, you can contest the loss of licence in the courts if you so desire.”

He then walked casually back to his car, got in and drove away.


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