Rock Hard: Adam Takes The Bait

Continues from here.

I didn’t see Adam again until sound check just after 4pm, it wasn’t a major sound check because Adam had his levels from the previous night, they just needed a bit of tweaking but it was still an important thing for both the band and Adam to get right. For Adam it was a chance to make sure no little gremlins crept in while we were asleep, you might be surprised how often that happens when no one is around. For us it was a good practice session, sure there was no audience but it still gave us a chance to play without pressure.

It wasn’t a case of Adam and I ignoring or avoiding each other it was just the sort of thing we did when we were on the road. Every band and band member has their own pre show rituals, their own cultures if you will, ours just happened to be that we keep separated and did our own thing especially if we had an afternoon where we weren’t on the road or loading.

When we crossed paths in the band room, I smiled at him and he smiled back, but neither of us said anything. My silence was deliberate I figured after the move I made it was his turn to make the next move. His silence, I had his Measure, was something I couldn’t work out, but a number of thoughts crossed my mind. Had I gone to far? Had I not gone far enough? Was he worried what Dean would think? Was he worried what the rest of the band would think? Was I over thinking things?

It wasn’t until the end of the sound check after we’d powered our way through several of our own songs and a cover version of Judas Priest’s Night Crawler, our usual last sound check song, that I made my first comment to directly to Adam.

“Yeah, sounds good and you lose.” I said from behind the microphone.

Although we do a lighting test during the sound check unless there is issues we usually keep the house lights on to make it easier to see one another. It was because of those house lights that I was able to see Adam’s face clearly as he stood behind the sound desk. He was smiling but he still said nothing.

‘At least it’s a reaction,’ I thought as I waited by the microphone until the rest of the band had confirmed they were happy.

Over dinner at the bar, where the entire band and crew all sat at a group of joined tables, Adam sat as far away from me as he could and despite shooting him several glances over the time to took to eat there was no words. By the time I was finished with dinner I was starting to really get the shits up with him. Was he playing games or was he really giving me the indication that what I did was wrong? By the time I was finishing off the dregs of my coffee I had almost convinced myself to march up to him and demand an answer, then I remembered the bet was only for a dinner date. I didn’t give him a time frame or a dead line for his answer I just told him he couldn’t forget me.

It was entirely possible that he wasn’t thinking about the dinner date the same way I was. Hell if I was being honest with myself there was no way he could be thinking about the dinner date the same way I was. Ever since I had walked away from him earlier in the afternoon I had thought of nothing other than Adam, in one thought I had even had us married and on tour with three kids. I think I was getting carried away. By the time I had finished telling myself off for expecting too much Adam was gone from the table and I had missed my chance anyway.

Before we took the stage we had the usual psyche session in the band room which involved pep talks, high fives and feeding each others egos a bit. Although I had managed to talk myself into not expecting an answer from Adam I was still some what disappointed that I was about to hit the stage without the answer I wanted. Two hours later we’d run a killer show, three encores, screaming crowds and despite not feeling like I could give 100% before going on stage I managed to give all that and more for the entire set. Two hours after the show ended we’d loaded out, had the truck packed and were all back in the bar having a few quiet wind down drinks in the closed bar.

I was on my third scotch when Adam, having just returned from the Men’s room, sat next to me. For a few seconds he said nothing then as another conversation started at the other end of the table and things got a bit loud he leaned in next to my ear as whispered.

“Ok you win!”

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