Elvis Kissing

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It was a rainy weekend and the kids and I spent the weekend at home playing games and watching TV. Each time my mind went idle, even for a second, it wandered back to Elvis and our Friday afternoon office meeting. My mind wasn’t the only thing that wandered, more than a few times when I found myself alone and deep in thought my fingers also wandered.

One time, 3am on Sunday morning to be precise, the thoughts and feelings were so strong I couldn’t ignore them. After checking the kids were asleep I returned to my room and lay in bed with my little vibrating friend for more than 30 minutes. The following orgasm was not as violent and fun as Friday’s effort but it was enough to let me sleep. Needless to say I was looking forward to Monday at work.

Of course Elvis complimented me on my tight black skirt and pink silk blouse the second I walked into the office, I expected nothing less from such a nice guy and I did look smoking! What I didn’t expect was a steaming cup of coffee, just the way I like it, milk and two sugars, placed on my desk the second I sat down. We didn’t even get to have a moment before the phone rang and I was back to being his secretary.

Elvis spent much of the morning out with clients and prospective buyers, which wasn’t a bad thing because it allowed me a chance to actually get my work done. By lunch time I’d managed to complete most of my tasks and my only real job for the rest of the day was manning the phones so I decided I’d kill time by doing a bit of cleaning.

On the western wall of the office we had the realtor boards and information sheets for the houses Elvis was selling, my desk ran down the center of the office. About 10 feet from the front door the desk curved back to the eastern wall, whilst at the rear it ran nearly the full distance back to Elvis’ office and our back rooms. My desk doubled as a customer counter as well, high enough on their side that a person of average height could comfortably lean on it as people so often want to. Whether that is the way it was designed or not I don’t know. On my side the desk ran the full length a bit higher than felt comfortable in the chair I was using and a lot longer than I needed it to be.

“You don’t have to do that.” I heard Elvis say as he walked in through the front door. “We have a cleaner for that.”

“Just keeping myself busy Boss!” I replied with a smile.

“Do it playing Candy Crush for all I care, as long as the rest of it’s done.”

How good was this guy? As Elvis disappeared into his office the phone started ringing, I made my way round the desk to answer it.

Twenty minutes later Elvis came out of his office.

“You had lunch?”

“Yeah I ate between calls and dusting.” I replied.

“I missed out, trying to sell the Bentley home.”

”How’d that go?” Did he sound a bit cranky I thought to myself.

“Not too bad but they are still thinking about it.”

“Want me to order you some lunch or something?” I asked politely thinking a walk down the street would be good for me.

“I’ll just eat you!” He said without even batting an eye lid.

Smiling and thinking he was teasing me I asked, “Are you always this forward?”

Instead of answering me he almost copied my move from Friday afternoon and placed his hand on my shoulder and gently rolled my chair out from under the desk. Without saying another word he got down on his knees, and with one hand on each of mine spread my legs.

“Oh my god!” I said shocked at how forward he was, “We can’t do it here, the door’s not even locked.”

He didn’t listen instead he leaned forward kissed my right knee and slid his hands onto my thighs. He then pushed his hands upwards exposing my legs. As soon as I felt his lips moving up my right leg I felt a my lips begin to moisten. When my skirt stopped rising his hands crept further, and further, upward until they grabbed the waist band of my black silk panties. He began to tug at them, I raised my hips slightly, too excited to keep telling him to stop. He stopped kissing my leg long enough to drag my panties passed my knees and down to my ankles, what happened to them after that I don’t know.

Feeling his lips touch mine I reached down with my right hand, grabbed his hair and pushed him into me. His tongue moved up and down my moist lips. With a handful of hair I lifted his head until I felt that thick wriggling tongue on my clitoris.

It was at that very moment I heard the bell over the door ring indicating that someone was walking in the door. I quickly turned back to my desk to greet the new visitor, Elvis and his head the least of my worries, or his really. I didn’t even look down I just looked toward our visitor and hoped we hadn’t been caught.

“Irene, Irene Cooper, isn’t it? Elvis told me he’d hired you since you came back to town.”

Holy fuck it was Elvis’ mother. I hadn’t seen the women in years and here she was standing in front of me while her only son hid under my desk. If I’d thought the little fact of his mother being in the same room was going to stop him I was wrong. No sooner had Joy finished her sentence than Elvis pushed his fingers between my legs and touched my pussy. I closed my legs, but it was too late, he was already as high as he needed to be.

“Long time no see, we must really catch up one day.”

“Oh for sure. We should do coffee.” Was my voice higher than usual?

I couldn’t believe Elvis was rubbing my wet lips and clitoris while his mother stood on the other side of the counter, but for some reason I also could not stop him. However when I felt his head pushing it’s way up my open thighs and those rough whiskers rubbing against my skin I knew I had to do something. As discreetly as I could, thankful that Joy was looking back at Elvis’ office and not at me, I shoved my hand under the desk and pushed his head backward but even I can admit I didn’t do it with much force.

“So is Elvis not back yet?” Joy asked turning back to me at the same time as her son’s tongue gently touched my pussy lips.

I tried best to answer without raising my voice three octaves. “Not yet, Mrs. Walker.”

“Please call me Joy. Typical boys, he told me he’d be back in after lunch. Oh well I’ll come back later. We’ll organize coffee then.”

As Joy turned and headed for the door I told her I’d get Elvis to call and said goodbye. The second the door shut I rolled my chair backward a few inches and slapped Elvis across the back of the head.

”You bastard!” I growled.

Ignoring me he moved forward and continued what he started.

“Oh you god damn bastard!” I repeated as I grabbed his head through my skirt and rammed it into my crotch. I held him down there, guided him where I wanted him and thrust at him when it suited me. When I finally pushed his head down and guided his tongue to my wet entrance I was so close to cumming I couldn’t have stopped if the Pope walked in the door. It was lucky the office was empty although my moan as I reached orgasm was so loud I wondered if the neighbors heard it.

Catching my breath I pushed away from the desk to see Elvis kneeling in front of me, the hair of his beard wet and glistening in the artificial overhead lights and a smile from ear to ear. As he climbed out from under the desk I slapped his face again and repeated my ‘bastard’ insult. Obviously not taking my insult seriously he leaned in for a kiss. I could taste my own cum and juices on his lips and tongue, something that usually drove me insane, but thanks to a ringing telephone I had to ignore.

The kiss lingered long enough for 6 rings of the phone, at which time Elvis broke. As I reached for the phone Elvis turned and headed back to his office. With the phone in my hand and ready to greet the caller I heard Elvis say.

“Tomorrow lunch is on me!”


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