Ride Hard: Jack Takes Dianne to Dinner

Continues from here.

After picking up my dinner which consisted of Chicken Franesca and an appertizer of fried Calamari I headed straight home. There was no candle lit dinner, no table cloth, nothing fancy, just me, my dinner and my computer.

I began with the obvious and most memorable name ‘Harley Davidson Fatboy’, the first few sites linked directly back to Harley Davidson and while their product was nice to look at the information was too specific for my needs, I need something more generic. I went back to Google and found the link for Wikipedia, sure it’s not the most accurate site, but I wasn’t looking for fine details I was looking for conversation fillers.

By the time I was finished eating I thought I had enough information on Fatboys to get me through a few random conversations. Over coffee I moved on to other makes and models that I could remember, with each search I tried to remember a few details in the hope my poor brain could hold them in long enough to not make me look like a fool.

At 8:30pm less than an hour and a half after sitting down to research motorbikes I found myself searching YouTube for more videos of Strange Pear. I had seen most of the videos but I honestly didn’t mind looking again. Yet again while watching the videos I was amazed just how good Jack’s voice was but it wasn’t until I heard him sing A-Ha’s Take One Me, a song which from music studies a few years ago I knew covered over two-and-a-half octaves, that I appreciated just how good it was. To my relatively tone deaf ear his guitar playing wasn’t too bad either, I hoped I wasn’t going to have to learn about guitars as well, motorbikes was already proving time consuming.

Before closing down the computer I did a search for “Top 10 biker films” and it seemed like the definitive answer was something called Easy Rider, so after cleaning up the mess from dinner I went to the bedroom, lay down on my bed and hunted Netflix for a movie called Easy Rider. By the time I was nodding off I realized I had just watched my first real biker film and I was very pleased I had. What was Jack doing to me?

When I woke the next morning I was well rested and of course my first thought was of another motorbike lesson. I dressed myself up in a bit more than my usual casual work attire, with a nice blouse, I also made sure to wear slacks and not a dress and I applied just a little bit more make up than usual. The day was as bright as my outlook.

As with most days I beat Bill into the office and when he finally arrived, with coffee in hand, he remarked at my attire. I honestly didn’t think I’d up-scaled that much but if Bill was noticing maybe I was over doing it.

“I’ve got a dinner date tonight, didn’t want to go out looking like I worked at a steel recycle center.” I replied quickly.

“Well It worked, you’re dressed well enough to pass off as an office girl at the plastic recycling center.” After he spoke I heard him giggle all the way into his office and until he sat down at his desk.

“Well great for me, that’s the look I was going for.” I called without turning to see if he reacted.

Several times throughout the morning I considered asking Bill for an early mark at the end of the day but given he’d let me knock off early the previous day I decided I wouldn’t ask. At lunch time when Bill came out of his office and asked me what I wanted for lunch he also asked me who the date was with. I wondered if he suspected and was just making conversation or whether he knew and was seeing if I was going to be honest enough to tell him.

“Just a guy I met the other day,” It was only a partial lie. “It’s not a real date, just going out a for a meal to get to know each other.”

“I hope Fonzie doesn’t mind.” he said as he walked towards the intercom to call one of the boys over from the yard to get out lunch.

When I was in the office alone I waited for one of the yard guys to come and ask me if I wanted lunch, it seemed like the polite way to do things. Bill on the other hand figured he paid them a wage, he provided the vehicle and he let them do it outside their own lunch break so getting his lunch was a reasonable request.

“Why would a character from an 80’s TV show have something to worry about with my date?” I asked innocently when he returned from the intercom.

“Not that Fonzie. The one you were clung to going to Main Street last night.” he replied , then admitted that he’d seen us on his way home from work.

“Hey I’ll have you know I was not clung to him, I was holding on exactly as a pinion passenger should!”

“Well I hope he’s not jealous of your new date, the two of you looked pretty chummy.”

“Ok, smarty, Ok, cut the silliness, the date is with Jack.” I wasn’t cranky but playing with Bill was fun.

Once Shaun had come and collected out lunch orders I told Bill how I’d been on a tour of RichCraft Custom Cycles and that after showing an interest in the bikes he offered to take me for a ride. Bill of course had to remind me of the fact that until two days ago I didn’t have an interest in bikes but I ignored him. Just like I ignored him when he asked me if I’d put in a good word with my ‘boy friend’ so he could get a ride.

I left at my normal finishing time and headed straight to RichCraft where Jack was waiting for me as he said he would be. We didn’t waste any time before we were on the road, on the same bike as the previous day, with me as pinion. We rode for nearly a full hour, Jack giving me control about twenty minutes into the ride when we found some quiet country back roads.

When Jack finally tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was time to head home I refused to give up the controls and told him I was steering the beast back to the showroom, he didn’t argue. It was a slower trip than when he was in control, especially as we caught up to some light traffic and I became ultra aware of what I was doing, but we made it.

Jack definitely wasn’t backward in coming forward and as soon as I removed my helmet he asked me to dinner. I of course accepted, I didn’t even know if he had somewhere in particular in mind but I accepted anyway and didn’t ask. Jack then suggested he follow me home to my place where I would drop of my car and we’d take the bike to dinner. I needed so little convincing I wondered if there was something wrong with me.

Dinner was great, a good Chinese meal always goes down easy and the company was great, a good man always goes…well with a good meal. My previous nights research wasn’t all in vein as I was able to throw a few questions toward Jack about what I’d read as if they were questions I’d considered all my life. But bless his sweet heart the guy was more interested in me than talking about his bikes. I gave him a brief run down of my life and he gave me a brief run down of his, given how well we’d been getting along I figured we had plenty of time to fill in the gaps over many wonderful dinners, but I wasn’t planning too far ahead…only to the wedding.

When I mentioned that I had seen his videos on YouTube I couldn’t help but wonder if I had gone too far. Was I admitting to internet stalking him? Was I admitting to checking him out too see what his friends all thought of him before we dated. Well yes but I hoped he didn’t see it that way.

“Haha, that is so funny.” I was happy for the reaction but also a bit surprised. “I did the same thing, but I found very little on you.” He was right, I have zero social media presence and do not appear anywhere on the Internet as far as I know. “Made me wonder if you were in Witness Protection or something.” He laughed, I couldn’t help but laugh either.

After telling him that my lack on Internet presence was really only laziness and the fact that I didn’t think I had anything to share he told me that he was quite glad I’d seen his YouTube videos because it wouldn’t be a surprise if he ever broke out in song whilst cruising on the bike. I couldn’t help myself, I thought he was cute when he said that.

The night ended on my front door step with a long kiss, so deep, so hot, the right amount of tongue, the right amount of suction and oh so much passion. His hands gently caressed my side but never touched anything they shouldn’t on a first date.

I invited Jack inside for a night cap, I had no idea where I wanted the night to go but I didn’t want it to end. To my utter shock, he said no. I was so shattered, but at the same time impressed I said nothing. We kissed again, as good as the first time, and he bid me farewell, with a wave and the promise to call me the following day.


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