CopyCat Cafe: Meet Me At Home

Continues from here.

As soon as I replied to the message I began having second thought about doing it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend time with Simon, I did. It wasn’t even my ideas about being the ‘other woman,’ although I may never get over that particular feeling it was waning a little bit. No it was because I knew my reply was out of spite, out of anger, an anger that Simon probably didn’t deserve. But there was no way that woman was going to speak to me the way she did.

I didn’t really have a plan of revenge but in my mind it definitely wasn’t a case of ‘screw you bitch, I’m going to sleep with your husband whether you like it or not’. No, it was more of a case of ‘I’m going to spend time with him, no matter what that time is spent doing and if you don’t like it tough titty’. So what was my message?

Simon. No need to be sorry.
No need to call, drop around

The message was short and to the point. The fact that he’d been the first to reach out led me to believe I wasn’t being too forward, but I wasn’t really sure. The fact was I was a bit out of practice when it came to dating it had been a few years since I’d done anything closely related to it. I remained just a little bit on edge for nearly forty minutes until I heard my phone beep telling me there was a new message. I just hoped SHE hadn’t some how intercepted the phone message and decided to reply to it.

After ignoring the phone for the few minutes it took me to prepare the order I was working on Sonya told me I had to look at the message. She was my employee and I was suppose to be giving the orders but I obeyed her anyway.

Katrina. I have the day off tomorrow
Maybe I could drop around for coffee?

The message was again short and to the point.

“Screw coffee, you’re taking the day off tomorrow. Tell him to meet you at home!” Sonya said as she read the message over my shoulder.

“Excuse me, is there no privacy around here?”

“Not when it comes to your sex life, now message him back, and don’t forget to keep details!”

Instead of replying to his message with a positive answer I messaged him my home address. Less than ten seconds later I got a reply. It was just a smiley face.

To say I barely slept through the night is an understatement, the anticipation of seeing Simon was way too much. I had no idea where Simon and I were going and I didn’t care I just wanted to talk it out, well at least that’s what I thought.

Opening the front door I saw Simon standing there, it was only 8:30 but thanks to a sleepless night I was awake, dressed any ready and this time I didn’t have my cheap underwear on!

“I’m so sorry.” he said standing in the open doorway.

“Really there is no need.” I really did mean it, I didn’t expect an apology from him for his ex wife’s behavior. “Please come in.” I motioned him into the house, he entered.

We spoke for all of ten minutes, him promising things between his ex wife and him were as he’d previously claimed and that the comments of his wife were not true. I didn’t need t hear it but it was nice of him to say so. I was just about to offer him coffee he’d come around for when I decided against it.

I don’t know why I did it, I’m just not usually a forward kind of person but I stood up from the table, reached behind my back and unzipped my dress. Slipping the straps of my dress off my shoulders I pushed if downward and let it drop to the floor. I stood before Simon, a guy who I really didn’t know that well wearing a two piece dark blue silk lingerie set with white lace edging.

The corset top loosely hung over my breasts and dropped to cover my stomach, the panties were tight and hugged my waist and crotch like a warm hug. I could feel my erect nipples pushing against the sheer fabric of the corset, my breathing had increases since unzipping my dress and with each breath I could feel the silk gently move again each nipple. Where the smooth silky material disappeared between my legs and rubbed against my crotch I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter.

The look on Simon’s face as my dress hit the floor was one of total surprise. However the look when he saw what I was wearing underneath that dress was one of excited anticipation.

I stepped towards him, sat on his lap and looked him directly in the eyes, those deep green eyes which melted my heart almost instantly. Several seconds passed as we gazed into each other’s eyes, I was desperate for him to kiss me. Instead he placed each of his hands on my hips and gently pushed them upward under my silky smooth top. He slid those hands slowly and sensually onto each of my breasts and cupped them firmly. My lips were still waiting patiently for his to touch mine, for his tongue to slide into my mouth, but he didn’t do it, driving my anticipation level higher with every second.

When his lips finally touched mine the anticipation level was so high I felt shock waves through my lips. I know that sounds crazy but that’s what the anticipation did for me. We kissed long and hard, his hands caressing my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. His lips and tongue entwined with mine and getting hotter, deeper and wetter by the second.

When he finally moved his lips to my neck and I felt his rough stubble rub against my skin I was lost, I wanted him so bad I could feel an ache in my groin. When he began nibbling my neck I put my right hand on the back of his head, held him there and moaned. He kept kissing and rubbing, I hadn’t ever been with a guy who was happy to spend so much time kissing and caressing a nearly naked women without trying to get in her pants.

He went from gently pinching my nipples to slowly circling them with his finger tips, a touch so light I could barely feel it but it drove me wild. He then moved his lips to my ear lobe and began to nibble, the moan I let out was louder than I expected, it must have been louder than he expected too because I felt him jump underneath me. I nearly came with anticipation alone.

“I want you to fuck me.” I moaned into his ear being more forward than I could ever remember being. “Fuck me here now!”

He didn’t need to say yes I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I stood upright, lifted the corset over my head exposing my breasts and then pushed my dripping panties to the floor. Not worrying about where it ended up I then shoved my hand bag out of the way and across the table and climbed up on my own dinning table not unlike I did on the picnic table at work. What is is with us and tables I thought as he stood up and dropped his pants revealing his hard dribbling cock. I wanted him inside my wet pussy so badly I could feel it but I also promised myself that before the day was out that lovely cock was going to be in my mouth.

As he stood at the edge of the table, his half naked body between my legs, he was holding onto his dick at the base and gently rubbing it against my drenched labia. He moved it up and down like it was a thick finger, parting my lips, pushing against my swollen clit, I was excited, I was nearly breathless again. Each time he rubbed that beautiful bulbous pre-cum dribbling head against my clitoris more shock waves jolted through my body, this time starting at my crotch and radiating down each of my legs.

“Stop teasing and fuck me. Put it inside me now!”

Finally he did as I ordered and slowly, ever so slowly pushed that bulbous pink head inside me. I felt the tip gently push past my entrance, I moaned quietly, then the entire head was inside me. As my pussy got used to the thickness I put my arms around his neck and dragged his face to mine so I could kiss him. Feeling the head of his cock gently push deeper inside me was like heaven. I knew I’d been tempted, I knew I’d been excited and I knew I’d been waiting for it but nothing I’d thought about since feeling it for the first time came close to what I was feeling now.

When our crotches finally meet I had my tongue circling his mouth and my hands holding his neck against me tightly. My pussy muscles were gripping his dick tightly and with every slow thrust in and even slower slide out my breathing increased.

“Faster, harder, make me cum.” I wasn’t usually one for dirty talk but Simon was bringing the strangest things out in me.

Sitting on the dinning room table we thrust and pumped against each other, moaning, groaning, panting. It was like we were running a marathon. I wrapped my legs around his waist locking my ankles and holding him against me. With every outward slide I used my legs to drag that wonderful cock back inside me hard and fast. Whether by good management or luck we came together, moaning together and screaming as we climaxed at the same time. My orgasm lasted longer than his but throughout I felt every pump, every jerk and every spurt from his throbbing shaft.

Once he was spent he didn’t try to pull away, again something I wasn’t used to with a guy. My grip around his waist and neck eased but his arms remained around my body, his lips remained on my neck and his cock remained inside me. We stayed in that position until our breathing settled, I started wondered if we were stuck there.

Eventually we separated and I offered him that coffee, which we took in the bedroom still completely naked. Although we talked during coffee I couldn’t help but think about the promise I’d made when he got undressed. A promise I planned to keep.

To be continued……


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