Up Late!

It was 1am, I wasn’t sleepy and there was nothing on TV, my boyfriend at the time, he’s 3 years gone now, was asleep in the bedroom. I didn’t blame him for being tired, he’d just come off a double shift at the hospital, but at the same time I was lonely.

Just as I was wondering if it was worth going to bed a pop up ad on my computer caught my attention. Now I’m not in need of a larger chest, my C’s are good enough for me, and I don’t make a habit of clicking on internet ads but for some reason I clicked on this ad. A few clicks later and inevitably I was on a porn site. Having visited a few porn sites in my time I’m not shy so I scrolled through the pages of mybigcock.com looking at the video thumbnails. Of course one thing led to another and before I got to the bottom of the page I’d clicked on a video promising a well hung Cowboy doing filthy things to a big boobed blonde.

Immediately my thought was, “Well Rexie, you can’t not see this now that you’re here.” So I clicked play.

When the video started they were dressed, I wanted none of that so I skipped through all of 40 seconds to where the clothes started coming off. For once something on the internet was advertised right, the Cowboy was well hung and the boobs were big. On the screen the cowboy was sitting on a bale of hay, he still had his hat on so I knew he was a cowboy, having his dick sucked by the blonde, she in turn was kneeling on the ground with her ass in the air and her fingers rubbing her crotch.

I didn’t expect to feel turned on so soon into the video but as the blonde on the screen inserted two fingers into herself and wanked the cowboy off with hard quick jerks I felt a small dribble between my own lips. I kept watching and the further the video ran the more turned on it made me. I really wished Gary wasn’t in bed asleep but beggars can’t be choosers so I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally.

Pulling my legs up and placing my feet on the edge of the recliner cushion I sat with my knees in the air and the notebook resting between my knees and my breasts. My face was only inches from the screen but thanks to my loose skirt and how it fell with my knees up I was rewarded with an easy way to get the fingers of my right hand where I needed them.

Below the notebook and straight to my moistening crotch my fingers went as I watched the Cowboy and blonde change positions. As Busty bent over the hay bale Cowboy stood behind her and gave the cameraman a clear shot of his tongue lapping at her crotch. Rubbing my clitoris through the fabric of my cotton undies, even I don’t wear lace panties all the time, I tried to imagine my finger was the Cowboy’s tongue. It didn’t work that well but I really didn’t need to, the rubbing was having the desired effect by itself.

By the time the Cowboy had stood up and pushed his huge cock into the blonde from behind my fingers had progressed downward and were working my own wet lips. I kept rubbing myself up and down, twirling my fingers around my clit, gently pinching my lips and teasing my own hole as I watched the action on screen. I don’t usually get that excited by watching porn, at least not freebie internet porn but I was really getting into this video.

According to the timer on the screen when the Cowboy pulled himself out then carried the blonde to the tractor and sat her on the front tire I’d been watching the video for all of 7 minutes. It seemed like the orgasm gods were looking over me because I don’t usually get that excited so quickly, but this time I was.

As Blondie spread her legs on the lumpy tractor tire and invited the Cowboy back inside I pushed two fingers inside myself, again imagining that I was getting it from a Cowboy. On the screen the Cowboy started easy then increased both his thrusts and his grunts, I didn’t have the volume that loud but I could hear he was putting as much effort into the grunts as he was the thrusts. At one point he was thrusting so fast I thought if he pulled it out smoke could be coming off it.

Fingering myself towards ecstasy as well as rubbing my clit with my thumb I must have been really caught up in the moment because I neither saw nor heard Gary sneak out of the bedroom.

The first I knew he was there was when I felt his beard touch the lower parts of my legs. Although I didn’t jump the touch of his beard startled me but not for long as he used his nose to push the crotch of my panties out of the way. Suddenly forgetting about the big dick on my screen I grabbed the netbook with my left hand and swung it to the coffee table.

The second I slipped my fingers out of my snatch Gary inserted his tongue. Saving him from doing all the work I moved my fingers upward and rubbed my clit. Gary licked, probed and even took over rubbing while driving me closer and closer to orgasm. It only took another few minutes before I was cumming, it wasn’t the best orgasm I’d ever had but it was made better by Gary’s arrival.

When he stood up and kissed me I offered to take him to bed and repay the favor but I got a blank stare. Then without saying another word he walked back into the bedroom climbed in bed and when I got in there less than 30 seconds later he was snoring.

Had I just been sleep eaten? I had no idea but I did vow that I would watch porn more often at night when Gary was in bed. You girls with partner should do the same!


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