Getting my hands wet

I was standing up against the kitchen bench arms wrist deep in bubbly water. Our house is no different to anyone elses the dishes are a necessary evil, someone has to do them. Since Travis was out cutting the grass and getting kids to do housework is like having a limb severed it was up to me. Truth be told I didn’t mind doing the dishes, it was other chores around the house I disliked.

The rubber gloves I had on had a hole in them somewhere and I could feel warm water leaking into them, it wasn’t burning me but it was pissing me off. I lifted my right hand out of the water and inspected it between the third and fourth fingers where I suspected the hole was. The bright pink glove had a coating of suds on it making it look white but the tiny hole could not be found. Annoyed but not perturbed I pushed my hands back into the hot water, rearranged the dishes and started singing to Toby Keith which was playing on the stereo.

Moving like some kind of stealth sleaze I didn’t even hear Travis come into the house. The quiet bastard had come in from the laundry and hadn’t made a sound as he walked up behind me. The first I realized he was there was when his hands grabbed each of my hips and his breath hit the back of my neck, I was jolted just a little bit. Immediately he started to kiss my neck and grind his crotch against my ass.

Pulling the 12 inch carving knife out of the hot soapy water and holding it in the air I said. “Unless you’re the dishes fairy coming to save me from getting wetter than I already am you better have a damn good excuse for poking me in the bum.”

With a firm grip he turned me around and looked me in the eye, “You’re already wet?” he asked, eyes seductive and a slight pout in his voice.

“Sure am, I’ve got a hole in my glove.” I replied in a silly voice.

“I’ve got some thing down here that might be able help with that wetness?” He moved his hips as he said it.

I was going to reply with something relating to mopping up the wetness with a dishcloth but quickly decided on a different reply.

“Nah thanks, I’ve got a bag full of cocks in the bedroom, been saving them for a a while now, why do you think I’m washing this knife.”

“Oh way go from hard on to hard off there Rexie.”

“Maybe I can fix that.” I said dropping the knife back in the water and not wanting to dishearten my poor man that much.

With soapy rubber gloves still on I pushed my right hand into Travis’ shorts. Thankfully the rubber was still wet and lubricated its own way down past his waist band. I pushed further until I could wrap my fingers around his thick cock.

“I thought the bloke was suppose to wear the rubber!” Travis said through a smirk.

“If you had five dicks you could burrow mine.”

“Hang on I’ll go to the bedroom!”

Laughing I followed up with, “Not while I’ve got hold of this you wont.”

Even through the silly talk Tavis’ dick was growing in my gloved hand. As I kept rubbing gentle strokes backwards and forwards along the lengthening tool Travis slipped his hand under my skirt and began to slide it up my inner thigh. I have no idea what it was but the feeling of his hand rubbing slow and only just touching me was like and electric current through my blood. Both legs tingled as Garth Brooks took over the singing duties.

Our lips met, the kiss was hard and long. Our tongues mingled as our lips moved together. When his fingers finally reached the top of my legs and glided across the fabric of my underwear the electric current in my blood stream instantly turned into an electric shock. A small spasm went through my entire waist and lower torso, but it was nothing compared to the jolt that hit me as he pushed his fingers under the crotch on my underwear and slipped two fingers across my moistening lips.

“Fuck! What are you doing to me?” I moaned quietly into Travis’ mouth.

He knew he had me where he wanted me, but I had him in a similar position.

I pushed his shorts and underwear down, letting them fall to the floor once they were loose. I then wrapped my hand back around his thick shaft and continued to rub. He did the same to my soaking wet snatch. We rubbed, kissed, licked, fondled and moaned together until Garth Brooks finished singing and Tim McGraw took over.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here,” I moaned through panting breaths.

Grabbing hold of the crotch of my underwear and yanking them down Travis replied. “Lets make it quick then!”

How could I resist such a romantic gesture? Well to be honest I couldn’t and as I lifted my skirt up to my hips Travis lifted me up onto the kitchen bench. Dirty dishes waiting to be done got pushed out of the way noisily, one or two even falling to the floor, but we didn’t care.

As opened my legs Travis stepped between them, his thick throbbing dick pointing at me with a dribble of pre-cum running from the tip and down the purple velvety head. I was just about to grab and guide him where I wanted him but he didn’t need guiding. His dick was like a home pigeon as it found the wet entrance to my pussy and pushed its way in.

The feeling of his cock rubbing against the walls of my vagina made my inner muscles twitch. I heard myself moan as he slid deeper. By the time our groins met my pussy muscles were working overtime holding him inside me. He began thrusting, we both began moaning, he put his lips to mine to muffle my moans.

As his lips moved to my neck I whispered for him to pump faster. Putting his hands on my ass he picked up his pace, that wonderfully thick and throbbing cock moved quickly in and out of me. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. At the end of every outward stroke I used my legs to drag him back into me, hard and fast.

I knew neither of us would last long if we kept up that pace and as much as we were pushed for time I still didn’t want it to end.

“Slow down, long and slow until you blow!” I whispered.

Letting out a little giggle he obeyed and drew his shaft outward until just the tip was inside me, then slowly, nearly too slowly pushed it back inside me. I moaned, he repeated, we kept going.

After several minutes of trusting and a new song on the stereo I could tell Travis was nearly there, I wasn’t far from there myself. Then he pushed his hand between our bodies and began to rub my swollen clitoris. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Cum with me. I want to feel your cum on my cock!” he groaned knowing I was as close to exploding as he was.

Twenty seconds later we came together. My pussy muscles contracted around his thick dick and held him as he pump that white milky juice inside me.

We didn’t have time for pleasantries and we didn’t need them. As Travis yanked his shorts back up I climbed off the bench and adjusted my skirt and we went back to our respective tasks.


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