Rock Hard: Adam Takes Christie To Dinner

Continues from here.

So for those of you not following I won my bet with Adam. It took him a while to admit it but at the end of the night he eventually told me that I’d won, he even leaned in and whispered it in my ear. I knew he wouldn’t back out on the bet, he was a decent bloke and he’d never backed out on a losing bet before, all I hoped was that the kiss I’d given him as a part of the bet indicated to him just what sort of dinner date I was hoping for.

Although we had Tuesday night off we’d been on the road between towns most of the day and when we rocked into Cincinnati we were all tired and worn out so when everyone petered out to their own rooms it was not surprising. Just like when there was a knock at my door at 4:15pm and Adam’s voice came from the other side of the closed door I was not surprised.

”Chris, you there?”

He wasn’t talking that loud and I assumed he was still treating our date as a bit of a secret from the rest of the band. I didn’t mind that but if things where going to go the way I planned the band was going to know about us before long!

I walked over the to the door and jolted opened it. “Hey Adam. What’s up?” I said with a smile. “Come in.” I moved out of the door way and gestured with my arm that he should enter.

“Nope, I’m right.” he started, instantly making my stomach drop. “Just come by to let you know that I’ll be picking you up at 6, be ready.”

My stomach picked itself back up realizing that Adam wasn’t breaking bad news to me. “So where are we going?”

“Burger King, wear something nice!” he replied as he walked off.

Shutting the door I had to laugh, he was a smart ass, his sense of humor was one of his appeals, but I was also going to kill him if he wasn’t joking. While I’d laid down the rules on Adam and told him the place he was taking me had to be classy enough that he wouldn’t get in the door wearing his Manowar T-shirt I also had to take into account that as a Power Metal band on a four month tour with very few free days having dress clothes wasn’t exactly a priority. I’m sure I could find something, and I’m sure it was easier for a girl given we can look dressed up in a lot less than a guy can but I wasn’t sure what Adam would do.

So I fluffed around the room waiting for Adam to come knocking and I was actually prepared and waiting at 5:35 because I was so excited about finally getting a date with him. When he knocked on my door, three whole minutes early it was lucky the door was shut because I came off the bed so quickly I don’t think I’d have stopped until I was in the car park.

“You’re early!” I said as I opened the door.

“Ah close enough, you look great. Are you ready?”

While Adam stood before me wearing a pair of black jeans, a white dress shirt, which I’m sure looked brand new, and a blue silk tie with a Chinese dragon on it, I stood in the door in a white silk blouse, tight black skirt, black stockings and white four inch heels. I had to admit I was impressed, as I’m sure he was given his open mouth stare.

“Yeah, are you ready?” I asked coyly.

I have to give Adam credit, when he lost a bet he did so in style, he not only managed to get us dinner in a swanky restaurant, he got us into a five star restaurant. When we sat down at the only vacant table I asked him how he managed to get us into such a place at short notice. Turns out he was actually reaching for his phone as he was calling my name from beside the truck the day I kissed him, He’d held onto he idea that I’d won the bet all night before admitting it, I couldn’t help but think the bet was beginning to mean something similar to him as it did to me.

Given the two of us have known each other since we were kids the date wasn’t the usual ‘getting to know you’ type of date, we knew each other, we knew more about each other than many married couples did. Instead we did talk shop, the band, the gigs, the sound, the new album and the tour. It wasn’t a let down, trust me I didn’t need to know what Adam had for breakfast, we ate together on the road so often that I knew what he had, where as road talk was what we were all about.

Dinner went a lot longer than I thought it would as neither of us were really in the mood for rushing but the downside of a long dinner meant we didn’t have time for dancing or a club. Which did kind of suit both of us given that on our only night off for two weeks sitting up until the wee hours of the morning wasn’t really something we wanted. However we did go for a wonderful walk along the water’s edge beach after dinner, just the two of us, a gentle breeze, a warm night, a full moon and the crashing of waves.

We also walked out along the jetty to the very end and under the one single lonely white light Adam asked, he actually asked, if he could kiss me. Of course I said yes.

As our lips locked and we began to kiss I felt the breeze brushing against my cheek, it had suddenly turned ice col, at least I thought it had but maybe it was just another one of my senses that had gone haywire as my brain adapted to those soft warm lips. By the time he broke the kiss I was wondering if we were floating on air while the crashing of the waves under the pier to my ears sounded like people cheering, just like I was, at least on the inside.

When we got back to our rooms I was expecting Adam to at the very least ask me to his room or fish for an invite into mine but it didn’t happen. Instead he walked me straight up to my door, gave me a big kiss squarely on the lips and then said.

“I enjoyed the night Christie.” Dammit he never called me Christie, where was he going? “What bet do I have to loose to get another one?” and without saying another word he let go of my hand and walked away.

I watched him walk past several other doors until he stopped at his and as he used the key to unlock it we shared one more glance before he disappeared.

Without considering the fact that I hadn’t even unlocked my door, I walked straight into it. The crash was loud but obviously not loud enough to disturb anyone else, especially Adam. Embarrassed but happy no one saw me I unlocked the door and walked inside, by the time I was sitting on the bed I hadn’t decided on what the bet would be but I had decided it would be an easy one for him to loose.


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