More than Kissing Elvis

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With Elvis setting the office ground rules the day before I must admit I went into the office on Tuesday hoping for another one on one meeting with the boss. I’d even been considering where that meeting should be, there was limited places in the office we could do it but the location didn’t have to be different every day, we’d cross that bridge when we came to it.

What I had failed to take into account was that Elvis’ day had been booked solid, he had appointments at different locations scattered throughout the day and he wouldn’t even be back in the office for lunch. When I got in and saw his appointment book open on my desk my heart sank. I’d been so caught up in the previous day’s happenings I’d forgotten my job. I knew Elvis wouldn’t berate me for such a small oversight but for thinking about sex before my job I did.

By school knock off time I was of course finished my work but I hadn’t seen Elvis so I left him note summarizing the day’s work, (I didn’t have to but felt better doing so), then locked up the office and went off to the kids school with a yearning feeling between my legs.

On Wednesday we both arrived at the office at the same time, Elvis was carrying two Starbucks coffees.

“Sorry I didn’t get back before you left yesterday. I got your note, thanks.”

Walking in the back door and past the kitchenette I didn’t need to turn the kettle on since Elvis had been so kind and I followed him down the hallway and towards the front of the building.

“I wasn’t sure if you expected me to be here when you got back.”

Elvis laughed, it was an innocent playful laugh. “Don’t be silly, you knock off at whatever time you need to so you can pick those kids up. I don’t expect you to be late just because I’m out of the office. You don’t even need to leave me a note unless it’s important, but thanks anyway.”

A multiple orgasm in his office in the first week, a tongue lashing that rivaled what any guy had ever done for me to start the second week and the freedom to work during school hours without question. Could this boss get any better?

Elvis and I parted ways at the end of the hallway, him to his office and me to my desk where we carried out out respective tasks until morning tea time where the urges just got too much for me. When I saw Elvis head down the hallway with his coffee cup I bolted around the front of the office and locked the door, making sure I tuned the sign around to say “Back in 5 minutes.”

‘With a bit of luck it will be longer than five,” I thought to myself as I walked rapidly towards the kitchenette, reaching over the counter top and grabbing my opaque coffee cup on the way. When I got down to the kitchenette Elvis’ coffee cup was sitting on the bench but he was nowhere to be seen. Figuring he must have gone to the toilet I decided my job was going to be made even easier than I though.

Pushing the door to the Male toilets open quietly I stepped inside and closed it gently careful not to let it bang and alert Elvis to my presence. He stood in front of the second urinal on the back wall, only about 20 feet from me. Thankful I was wearing flat soled shoes I sneaked up behind him. Without saying a word or making a noise I reached around his hip and put my hand on his hand.

“Maybe I can help with that thing.” I whispered as I moved my hand on to the shaft.

Elvis jumped slightly. “Careful, I might piss on your fingers.”

Considering the previous week I’d had his huge cock in my mouth I didn’t think much of his threat and told him so. By the time he’d finished relieving himself the only hand on his cock was mine. I stood behind him with my cheek up against his back just holding him in my right hand.

“I usually put myself away after I’ve finished.” He said.

“I prefer it out.” I replied and gently began to rub it’s length.

“Is this pay back for Monday afternoon.” Elvis inquired.

“Sssshhhh,” I whispered as I turned him around.

Looking up at him he didn’t need to ask what I was thinking, I had his dick I my hand, he had a fair idea what I was thinking. He bent his head downward, our lips met and we began kissing. His cock grew rapidly in my hand. Without breaking the kiss, or the grip, I pushed him backwards to the bench which held two basins.

As soon as his ass was up against the wood I broke the kiss and kneeled down. On my knees I unbuckled his belt, undid the button and yanked his pants open so I could get that monster cock out of it’s confines. Looking up at him with seductive eyes I wrapped my hand around it and gently stroked back an forth.

I slipped my left hand under his balls, he’d shaved them since I last had them in my hand, they felt smooth and soft. I gave them a squeeze and rolled the loose skin between my fingers. By his increased breathing pace I could tell he liked his balls being rubbed.

Moving my concentration back to his thick shaft I varied the pace of my hand, he was hard but he needed lubrication, so I provided it. I started off placing my tongue on the underside of the shaft and began to gently move along the length. I licked across every ridge and vein all the way to the tip where I circled the eye of his cock and tracked along the top.

How any female could not give a cock like Elvis had the attention it deserved was beyond me but I don’t think he was used it given the moaning that was escaping his mouth. I licked my way back to the tip and circled it around few times, by then I just couldn’t resist I opened my mouth and swallowed his entire length.

Sucking hard I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth as I slid my lips and hand back and fourth. The moaning got louder but I didn’t care. When I felt the first dribble of pre-cum drip from the bulbous tip I dragged my lips toward the tip wrapped them tightly around the circumcised head and used my hand and a tight grip to jerk him off.

My right hand moved between the base of his cock and the head slowly and tight, while my left hand slid under his ball sack and towards his ass. The way his moans had turned into screams I knew he wasn’t far from blowing his load. I kept going.

As his scream edged closer to fever pitched I opened my mouth and pulled my head away several inches. I let my hands do the work and within second he shot his load. I saw the first burst of warm creamy white cum as it shot out the wet purple tip. I felt it as it hit my cheek. The second shot landed on the tip of my nose, the third in my hair.

Not wanting to waste any more of his cum I closed my mouth around the head of his cock, it was twitching, and sucked the cum out of him while still rubbing his shaft. I sucked and licked that beautiful dick until it began to shrink, I wanted to suck it longer but I knew we both hand to get back to work.

When I stood up, my hand still holding his semi hard dick, he put his hands out and gently place them either side of my chin. My first thought was that he was going to kiss me but instead he spoke.

“Well that was a nice surprise.”

He then licked the large glob of cum off my cheek, moved his lips to mine and began to kiss me.

I wasn’t sure if what he was doing was snowballing me, I’d only read about that it trashy magazines I found at the dentist, but it had long been a desire of mine to taste a guys cum off his own tongue and I couldn’t believe Elvis was doing it. I nearly came myself as his tongue circled my mouth.

I so wanted to continue with our bathroom games, we both did, but we also both knew there as a business to run. I also needed something else warm and wet in my mouth, a coffee!


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