Ride Hard: From Harley to Hot Shower

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It was after the sweet ride on Jack’s hog, Chinese food for dinner, a wonderful night with a wonderful man and a deeply passionate kiss, which I don’t think was deep for only one of us, on my front doorstep that I did something I had not done in a very long while I went inside for a cold shower. The temperature of the night didn’t really warrant a cold shower but stepping inside my door the heat radiating from my mind and body after such a passionate kiss definitely did.

Not worried with any other part of the house I walked straight into the bedroom, threw my hand bag onto the bed, stripped myself down to my underwear and walked into the bathroom. Standing with the opaque shower door open I reached in, turned on the cold tap. Turning on the shower a few seconds before I got in was a habit, showering with cold water only wasn’t. I left the water running, unhooked my bra and slipped it off, then pushed my underwear down my legs until they hit the floor. Wasting no time I stepped out of my underwear and straight into the shower.

“Argh!” I said, as I told you I wasn’t used to cold showers.

It was an automatic reaction my body just didn’t want to be standing there in cold water so it sent a signal to my right hand to turn the hot tap on. Within seconds the water had warmed up and I was standing under a warm spray, the problem was the brief time I’d spent under the cold water wasn’t enough, I was still feeling hot and extremely turned on.

The pin prick needles of water hit my skin and I suddenly felt like Jack was rubbing his stubbly chin over every part of my body. It was a strange and impossible feeling and not surprisingly one I had never felt before as I stood in the shower but as I said this was something I hadn’t done in a very long time.

With the water regulated I put my head under the spray, one thing about being five foot six is that I can fit under most shower roses and have my entire body covered in the spray. As the water streamed down my body I began to move my fingernails gently up and down my stomach. When I moved my hands to my breasts and began rubbing them in each hand I could feel my breath increasing. Within seconds my nipples were erect and begging for some attention, I wished I had someone to give them that attention but it was all up to me.

I rubbed and squeezed my erect nipples, feeling the little exposed pieces of skin squeeze out between the tip of my finger and thumb. I let out a small squeal as I pinched a little to hard with my right hand and immediately went back to caressing and rubbing each breast. Visions of Jack bounced through my mind, I’d obviously never seen the guy naked but my mind was working overtime creating images of him.

As my right hand skimmed down my stomach towards my crotch I tipped my head backwards and let the water hit me directly in the face. The sprays from the shower rose again felt like Jack’s stubble, only this time as the fingers of my right hand pushed against my clitoris the feeling of stubble was on my neck and cheek and it was driving me insane!

I stood like that in the center of the shower with my fingers rubbing my clit and labia for what seemed like eternity. With my eyes closed and the needle like spray hitting my face I felt my breaths increase, I wasn’t panting but I was definitely heading in that direction.

I started by rolling my clit between my thumb and forefinger, gently at first just feeling my way and letting the sensitive little nub know what was in store. After a few moments the rolling turned into a rubbing, pushing my clit into my skin, not forcefully but with enough pressure that my legs began to feel weak. I then pushed my right hand downward, two fingers sliding slowly down into my labia and parting my lips. I kept rubbing, my breathing increasing to pants and my fingers getting wetter by the second.

I wanted penetration, I wanted Jack’s penetration but I knew that wasn’t going to happen so instead I bent forward and put my left forearm against the tiled wall. I bent slightly and laid my head on my forearm looking down at the floor. The needle like spray started to hit my bare back as I spread my legs and inserted two fingers into my waiting pussy.

I have to say it was one of the more awkward positions I have brought myself to orgasm but it was one of the more enjoyable. As I thrust my fingers in and out of my waiting hole I lifted my right foot off the ground. Standing on one foot I contracted my inner pussy muscles around my fingers. And as I gently rubbed the tips of my fingers against my g-spot I started to moan and orgasm. The moans were no doubt drowned out by the sound of the exhaust fan removing the steam from the room but there was nothing that could remove the feelings pulsing through my body.

The second it was all over I had to put my right foot back down on the shower base, both legs felt like jelly and felt like they wanted to give way and let me fall. I kept my head down, pushed against my left forearm which held me up against the wall and stayed that way with the water cascading over my body for several minutes until my breath had returned to normal.

I don’t mind admitting I was shocked, what had started out as me coming into the bathroom for a cold shower to stop me thinking about Jack had turned into a fifteen minute shower and orgasm driven by thoughts of what I wanted to do with Jack if I ever got him naked.

Once I was breathing normal again I washed myself down, stepped out of the shower and dried myself then went straight to bed naked as the day I was born thinking of Jack and how much I wanted him to be laying beside me. With the thoughts I was having it would not have been difficult for me to give into temptation and let my fingers roam again where they hadn’t long ago been.


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