CopyCat Cafe: And SHE Makes Three

Copycat Cafe continues from here.

Over coffee, which was taken in bed sitting up completely naked we talked about ourselves. There is something wonderfully open and honest when you’re naked and discussing topics, sure a person can still lie but in my limited experience unless they are a heartless wanker they don’t.

During our conversation I filled Simon in on my life, that didn’t take long mine is not that exciting, and he filled me in on his. His wife was really a piece of work, she didn’t want him but she didn’t want him to leave. It was only my opinion from what I’d heard from Simon but to me she was the type of woman who wouldn’t admit such a thing openly but it was easy to see by her actions that living without Simon was something she just couldn’t do. Her ridiculous requests that he leave her and the kids in the house with an allowance and he pays for everything were just her way of making sure he didn’t go anywhere because even she knew he wouldn’t abandon his kids and he wouldn’t submit to such a ridiculous and costly peace keeping settlement.

I didn’t really feel sorry for Simon, but I did feel sad for him and his kids and I told him so. As much as he’d tried to save his marriage his wife just wanted everything her way. If he converted the garage into sleeping quarters and only came inside to tend to the kids, cook and clean she wouldn’t have any issues with him living there.

I know it was rude of me but after finishing my coffee and listening to Simon talk for nearly half an hour I was a little tired of talking about his bitch of a wife. She wasn’t loosing any sleep over the way she treated him, why should I loose out because of her. I had a wonderful man sitting beside me, he was sad, he was naked and his dick just lay there begging for attention. I bent over, put my hand around the base of his shaft then wrapped my lips around the tip of it and began to suck.

“Oh, that’s a hell of a way to end a discussion.” he said through a smile.

As I pushed my lips down his shaft I could feel him getting rigid in my mouth. Shuffling my body downwards I moved into a better position and let my hand follow my lips up and down his growing dick. I felt the veins and the muscles as they rubbed against my tongue, it was turning me on as much as him, I could feel my crotch getting moist again the poor thing couldn’t remember the last time it has such action. Holding my lips around his bulbous head I sucked hard and let my tongue flick the tip of his cock, gently rubbing against the edges of that sensitive eye that would soon be dribbling into my waiting mouth.

“Turn around.” I heard him say whilst I had a mouthful of cock.

I knew what he wanted and obliged, it had been a long time since I’d given a guy head but even longer since we enjoyed the game together. With him laying on the bed I climbed over him, one leg either side of his head, careful not to put a knee in the wrong spot. There was no waiting, as soon as we were in position we both went for it. I wrapped my lips around his thick meaty cock, feeling every vein, every twitching muscle and every throbbing pulse. The sweet dribble of pre-cum coming from the tip excited me, I loved the taste of it, wanted more of it and kept working for my prize.

As I worked his love tool his tongue went to work on my moistening crotch, and boy did he know what I liked. That sweet sucking of my clit, the parting of my lips with his soft tongue, and the gentle nibbling of every part of my wet snatch. He was driving me insane. When he used both hands to part my wet lips then drive that tongue into my sweet hole I nearly screamed, but I had my mouthful.

The longer I worked his dick the closer I knew he was getting to pumping his white hot cum inside my mouth. I wanted to taste him so desperately I worked my hand faster and tighter and sucked hard trying to make it happen quickly. I could hear his moans as he worked my pussy those moans driving me to work my mouth harder. When he eventually came I sucked his beautiful milky juice into my mouth and swallowed greedily savouring every drop. But I still hadn’t finished, or more to the point he hadn’t finished with me.

Letting go of his dick I sat bolt upright and lifted my wet snatch inches from his face, he chased it with his lips. I hoovered above him while he licked and sucked, at the same time I desperately wanted to let go, desperately wanted to orgasm so I pushed my fingers down to my clit and moved my hips until his tongue was sitting at my entrance. I then lowered my hips feeling his tongue push its way inside me. As I rubbed and squeezed my clit he moved his tongue inside me and within seconds I let go.

Ten minutes later we lay on the bed, still naked, both spent, again, and both smiling. It was then that I heard the door bell ring, it rang once, then again, then again. I didn’t want to get up and get it but obviously whoever was on the other aide of the door thought it was important.

I put on my long silk robe, nothing else and headed for the door. I know I should have looked through the peep hole to see who was on the other side but I wanted to be back in bed with Simon and I was in a hurry. I didn’t even have the door open all the way when SHE barged in pushing the door and me out of the way..

“Where the fuck is he?”

“Excuse me!” I replied angrily, this was obviously no chuckling matter.

“Tell me where he is or so help me I’ll rip your fucking tits off.”

She had a wonderful vocabulary and before she finished using it she was storming her way through the house. When she got to the bedroom she stormed straight in. I wasn’t far behind her and I must admit I expected to see Simon struggling into his clothes or hiding in the bathroom or something but inside I saw him just laying there on the bed, naked and with a smile on his face.

SHE stormed over to the bed and screamed at him to get out, using every variety of the word cheater and every expletive should could find. When Simon simply lay there and told her to fuck off I nearly laughed. It took a little more than that to get her out of my house but we eventually got her out. I don’t know what the neighbors thought of the wild screaming bitch in the front yard but thankfully once she was outside she didn’t stay long.

“Guess I’m going to be in the shit tonight when I get home.” Simon said before adding, “Oh well may as well make it worthwhile.” he then grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. “I’ve got a perch for the Robin to sit on.”


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