Dreaming by the riverside

I have no idea where it came from but since I was 16 I have had a fantasy of sex in the great outdoors. I’m not overly fussy where it is, there is no special place, no special stud and no special act, it’s simply the act of having sex among the trees beside river. When I was 27 I fulfilled that fantasy with my boyfriend of the time, but more on that another time because this is my story about the day I tried to live out the fantasy by myself. You might get a chuckle from it

I was 18, I’d had sex with a few boys which at the time I thought was great but now realize boys will be boys. Things had been a bit slow on the sex front for a few months and I was getting horny. I still don’t know why on that day I chose to head down to Thompsons River instead of just pulling my well used toy out of the drawer. It might have had something to do with more fantasies than actual experiences or maybe my plastic fantastic just wasn’t cutting it and we needed a break. Whatever the reason I chose not to take the toy with me but I did head down to the river with every intention of reaching orgasm.

After parking my car at the last empty parking area I could find I walked along the river for more than 20 minutes, in parts I had to make my own path through the trees so I figured I was in a secluded area. I kept going until I found a place that suited my needs. I didn’t know what those needs were until I saw them but when I came across the large dead tree laying on the ground immediately next to a large oak tree where I could sit on the log, lean my back against the upright tree and look out over the river I knew I found it.

I looked around in every direction I could see there was no one on the river, no one on the opposite river bank and no one in the trees. I couldn’t help but being excited at the prospect of what I was about to do, it may not have been a complete fulfillment of my fantasy but it was half way there. I could already feel a dampness in my crotch.

I straddled the large log, one leg each side. My denim skirt was short and took very little to get out of the way, just as I planned it. I was so prepared for what I was about to do I didn’t even bother wearing underwear so the instant I slipped my fingers between my legs they met with my waiting clitoris. I wasn’t just damp down there I was wetter than any guy I’d been with had made me and I’d barely started.

I rolled my love bud between my finger and thumb gently feeling every movement as it sent little shivers through me. I pushed two fingers downward feeling my lips slip between my fingers, I concentrated my finger movements up and down, flicking my clit occasionally and rolling the folds of skin between each finger.

I loved having my pussy played with nearly as much a having it fucked but at 18 most guys have no idea how to really turn a women on, hell half the women don’t know how to turn themselves on. But I knew the key to my good time was concentrating of my crotch not just the penetration. Although it was nearly impossible to encourage a guy into anything other than putting his dick inside I made sure sitting on that log that penetration didn’t happen too soon.

I circled my wet entrance with the tips of my fingers more times than I could count but I never entered, preferring to slip my fingers up and down, twisting, tweaking and pinching the sensitive folds of skin and my swollen love bud.

When I was finally ready to slip two fingers inside myself I was dripping wet. I brought my fingers up to my mouth to taste myself more than a few times, the more I tasted the more I got turned on.

I gently pushed the tips of two fingers into my hole, feeling them, feeling their width and getting my pussy ready for what was to come. When I finally slipped those fingers inside I let out a moan and gasped for a breath. I pushed deeper, then gently slid my fingers out. I repeated the move more than a dozen times, moans and gasps followed. Feeling my fingers rubbing against the walls of my vagina I began wriggling them inside myself. The tips of each finger touched different parts of my vagina and sent little spasms though my crotch.

I started to thrust my hips against every driving stroke of my fingers. My breathing was so rapid I was actually gasping for breath. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I removed my index finger and slipped only my long middle finger inside me. Going for the G-spot I found it quickly, almost too quickly.

With one finger rubbing my G-spot I quickly moved my left hand between my legs and started to rub my clitoris between my thumb and forefinger. Once I was giving myself double the joy I lasted less than a minute before I was coming. I kept going until I came again, I’d have gone for a third time but I was so short of breath I had to stop.

I sat on the log with my eyes closed and my fingers resting against my wet crotch catching my breath. I might not have fulfilled my entire fantasy but what I had done has surpassed pretty much every sexual experience I’d had up to that point.

When I finally started to breath normally I opened my eyes, stood up, adjusted my skirt down my legs and looked out over the river. I couldn’t believe my eyes not a hundred feet away there was a man, probably as old as my dad, fishing in a small punt. The boat had no motor so he’d either drifted from up stream or he’d paddled there. He had his back to me and was not paying me any attention. Whether or not he was like that the whole time I do not know, all I do know is that in my fantasy dreams from that day forward he not only looked but he came ashore and with his
giant dick he helped me complete my task.


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