My Sweet Sister-in-Law

It was just a tiny lapse of my vows, I kept telling myself that, I had to keep telling myself that. I loved my husband, I loved him more after ten years of marriage than I did the day I was walked down the aisle by my father, but it just happened.

Ok that sounds silly, fucking someone else doesn’t usually ‘just happen’ between two consenting adults usually something leads up to the act, but not this time, this time it did just happen.

Since Carl had been doing the early shift at work he leaving home about the same time as the sun was getting up and our sex life had gone to hell in a hand basket. When I wanted sex at night he was too tired, when he wanted sex in the morning he was too afraid to wake me up. The few times we had connected the sex was lack luster and uneventful, one time I didn’t even cum.

So when Carl’s sister, Margie, turned up for coffee and fried eggs last Monday and the conversation moved to girl talk I didn’t really feel much like discussing things. However Margie didn’t have any intention of asking me about my life, she wanted to tell me about hers. Part way through the conversation as we sipped coffee on the couch, she began telling me about her latest boy toy and how their sex games had been getting more adventurous. It was then she reached down and grabbed her large canvas bag from the floor. Putting the bag on the couch cushion she reached inside it and brought out a box that had a picture of a purple double ended dildo on it.

“Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap On. Two realistically shaped heads and shafts, both ribbed for pleasure and curved for enjoyment by both parties,” the box said.

“I brought this the other day, I so want to try it with Max but I’m not sure he’d go for it. He probably thinks it will make him gay or something.”

We both laughed

“He might be scared of the size, did they mold it on a giant?” I said looking closer at the box.

Opening the box Margie began unpacking her new toy. “It’s not that big.”

My hand was trembling slightly as I took the thing in my hand and began inspecting it closer. The size was no larger than several of my own toys but the double ended action was not something I had seen before.

“Give it here,” I heard Margie say as her hand came towards me.

Handing the toy to her she stood up and to my surprise she unzipped her skirt, pushed her black lace panties down and inserted one end of the dildo inside herself.

“What? No Lube?” I asked?

“Girl I don’t need it, every time I see this thing I get wet. That’s why I just had to buy it.”

Margie and I had always got along great but I still had no idea why she was sharing such an intimate thing with me, until seeing her insert the Fetish Fantasy inside herself I hadn’t even seen the woman naked. Yet here she stood naked from the waste down with a purple dong protruding from her waist.

“Oh it feels better than I imagined.”

While I was slightly shocked at what I was seeing I was absolutely stunned when she knelt on the floor in front of me, separated my legs and leaned in until our faces were only inches apart. There was no words spoken and the several seconds she looked me directly in the eye I couldn’t help but wonder what was coming next.

Holding the plastic dong in her hand like she’d owned one for life she began rubbing it against the crotch of my underwear. Her lips meet mine and she began kissing me. I hesitated at first but not for long.

Having played with my own toy on numerous occasions I had to admit having someone else control the toy was an extreme turn on. I’d also never kissed a woman in my life but as Margie’s tongue roamed around my mouth all I could think of was that Katie Perry song.

Forget about those stories where women say that there is nothing like being with another woman because only woman knows how to treat a woman properly, we didn’t have the time for that. The more we kissed, the more Margie rubbed me, and the more her own pussy muscles worked against her own artificial dick. Every movement brought us closer to orgasm.

“Put it inside me.” I moaned.

Sliding the wet crotch of my underwear to one side Margie did as I asked and inserted the wet end of the vibrating dong inside me.

There we were, two women, related by marriage, one kneeling on the carpeted floor, the other sitting on the couch joined at the hip by a vibrating plastic vibrator. We met each others thrusts. We matched each others moans and within minutes we came together.

Of course I have no intention of telling my husband how I fucked his sister with a large double ended vibrator on the couch he likes to lay on to watch TV. I also have no intention of telling him that Margie is coming around for coffee again tomorrow. I value our marriage too much to do that.


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