Rock Hard: Breakfast With Christie and Adam

Continues from here.

After our date, and my momentary lapse of reason (hey that sounds like a good title for a song, nah it would probably suck!), I lay on the bed in my room staring at the ceiling. The TV was on but I wasn’t really watching it I was thinking about the night that had led up to that point and the years that had led up to the night.

Now some people might think I was frustrated that Adam didn’t invite me back to his room, some might think I was silly for not inviting him into my room, especially given the connections we’d seemed to make after all these years. But I felt neither. I actually felt happy, I felt content and above all I felt excited for what didn’t happen.

I was content because we’d had such a great night, I was happy for the same reasons but I was excited because his parting words indicated he was happy to lose another bet so that this game could continue. In the words of our immortal god Lemmy, “The chase is better than the catch!” In my case I was still thinking the catch was the prize for putting in the chase.

I fell asleep with thoughts of Adam running through my head, not sexy thoughts of what I’d like to do to him, they would be real one day I hoped, no I had thoughts about our date, our sweet and quiet walk and that hot lingering kiss on the end of the jetty. I’m sure I feel asleep with a smile on my face.

Waking up the next morning, only a few hours later than most normal people, at 10:30am I’m fairly sure the smile was still on my face. It was going to be an easy and relaxed few hours, the crew would load our gear into the venue when it was opened, Adam would be a part of that for some of the time, and myself and the rest of the band would show up about 4pm for a sound check, then we’d all head back to our rooms for some quiet time before dinner and our show.

It was 10:32am when I heard a knock at my door, not expecting anyone I threw the covers back, rolled out of bed and padded over to the door where I looked through the spy hole to see Adam standing on the other side. Thinking he was probably reminding me that breakfast would stop at 11am I reached for the door handle, I was just about to turn the knob when I looked down.

I obviously hadn’t changed clothes in the two seconds it took me to get from the bed to the door and I was still dressed in what I slept in, a Nightwish Tour shirt, from the tour we did with them, and my black panties. Now I had dressed the previous night for a successful date so the panties weren’t of the embarrassing kind but it was 10:30 in the morning and I was about to open the door and show myself to the outside world. Screw it I thought as I stepped back one step and opened the door.

“Good morning Adam!” I said in a cheerful and happy voice.

His jaw didn’t drop to the ground, he didn’t start instantly drooling and he didn’t grab me in his arms and drag me into the room and ravish me on the bed, but I could tell he was both surprised and happy to see me. A girl can just tell!

As he composed himself and more than likely worked himself up to a point where the right words were going to fall out of his mouth and not something silly he said. “Umm. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast together?”

“Sure, sounds good, fry me an egg.”

“Throw something on and we’ll head down to the cafe on the river, my treat!”

Wow two meals in less than 24 hours I was getting for free, I think I liked this game.

“Ok, give me 5 minutes.” I replied. “Want to wait inside?”

He refused politely and told me he’d wait outside behind the closed door. ‘What a gentleman,’ I thought and disappeared into my room to get dressed.

Sitting down at the Waterfront Cafe 30 minutes later we were reading through the menu looking for something the eat for breakfast.

“Menu looks good. I might have to have the Scrambled Eggs with the Bacon and Hash Browns. What about you?” I asked Adam as I looked over the top of the menu.

“Does look good,” he started absently. “Think I might have a Big Breakfast with double Bacon and Eggs.”

“Have you seen the size of it?” I asked pointing to the guy sitting at the table against the wall. “It’s huge, you’ve got no chance of getting through it.”

“Wanna bet?”

As soon as the words came out his mouth I knew the game was on again.

“What are the stakes?” I asked trying to hide my excitement at the opportunity beating him and get my way again.

“Ummm, if I win by eating all I order it’s your shout for dinner and drinks at any place I choose. You win it’s my shout again.”

I thought about my answer for a few seconds before coming up with another option. I know I was possibly throwing a chance to get a second date out the window but Adam was obviously keen to see where this was headed and I decided I needed to get some pay back for all the other bets I’d lost over the years.

“Ok you eat it all, I pay for dinner anywhere you like. If you don’t eat it all and I know you wont,” I paused for dramatic effect then leaned across the table and whispered my demand in his ear.

Adam laughed loud enough that those on the table closest to us turned and looked. I sat back in my seat with a smile on my face and waited for his answer.

“That’s your bet?” he asked. “Seriously? No dinner, no date, you just want that?”

“Yep!” I said with a smile on my face.

“No idea why you’d want that…”

“Embarrassment factor is worth more than dinner.” I interrupted.

“Well considering I’m going to eat it all the embarrassment factor doesn’t come into it.”

“So you agree to my stakes?” I asked

“You’re on.”

All I had to do was make sure he didn’t eat all his breakfast!


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