My Sweet Sister In Law Part 2

Continues from here.

The word cheating keeps chasing me around the house. I walk into a room and it’s like some eerie ghost is hiding in the wardrobe whispering the word. I turn the TV on and in those short seconds where there is a black screen I hear the word. Even in the whistle of the kettle as the water boils I hear the word cheating. So why the hell was I waiting with such anticipation for Margie to arrive for coffee?

In case you haven’t caught up Margie is my sister-in-law. I’m happily married to her brother Carl and despite his work killing our sex life our married life was fucking awesome, let me repeat that, fucking awesome! But I have needs and when Margie turned up with the double ended dildo she brought to share with her boyfriend one thing just lead to another. Now that one thing was leading to coffee a spike in my heart rate and tingle between my legs.

Despite the horny feelings running through me I decided when Margie arrived I’d be up front and tell her that if she was not 100% into what I hoped we could do she needed to say so and that I wouldn’t be offended. I would tell her I just wanted sex and somehow in my head sex with her was not cheating like it would have been if I was fucking some random guy. I know that’s technically wrong and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin my marriage but I was so horny for Margie I wasn’t thinking straight and given that she instigated the previous effort I was sure she felt the same.

So what happened? Well it didn’t quite go as planned, for starters I didn’t get my coffee. After I let Margie in and shut the door behind her she dropped her bag on the kitchen table, grabbed my right arm and dragged me into the lounge room. Before I knew it we were sitting on the couch lip locked. The kiss lingered and lingered, it was wet, hot and her tongue roamed my mouth like an explorer.

“I didn’t want to give you a chance to say no without reminding you what you might be missing out on.” Margie said in a soft seductive tone when she finally broke.

“I don’t need reminding, it’s all I’ve been thinking of.” I uttered as I grabbed her hand, placed it on my inner thigh and pushed it upward until she could feel I was wearing no underwear.

Almost immediately her fingers went to work moving through my wetness, rubbing lips and rubbing my clit. Our faces were so close together I could feel her warm breath on my face. Her pouty lips were mere inches from mine, the anticipation of a kiss nearly as strong as the anticipation for sex. As she gently rolled my peanut between her fore finger and thumb she pushed her lips to mine and kissed me, no tongue just wet, hot, pouty lips. I nearly came. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted but it wasn’t long enough, I wanted it to last forever, but I also wanted so much more.

When she finally broke the kiss I moved away, I could see the look of puzzlement on her face wondering if I’d had enough, finally come to my senses or something else. I told Margie that I had been thinking about sex with her from the second she left the house after the last effort and part of that thinking was thinking about what I wanted to try, what I wanted her to try. Instead of moving away I stood up, pushed my skirt down to my ankles and lifted my top off over my head.

Stepping over to the chair I lifted my right leg up onto the arm rest, keeping my left foot on the floor, I then bent over and gripped the top of the chair giving Margie a clear and open view of my wet crotch.

“Eat me! Make me cum!” I moaned hoping I wasn’t acting too slutty.

I wasn’t. Margie excitedly climbed off the couch and onto her knees. Putting her hands on my ass cheeks she started off kissing each cheek and rubbing her hands sensually down my legs. Her tongue tracked it’s way from my right cheek down to my crotch, it felt like tiny electrical shocks were following it. Before I knew what was happening Margie’s tongue was doing laps of my wet pussy, licking my sensitive clit, gently biting my flaps and turning me on more with every second.

When she eventually slipped that hot tongue of hers into my pussy I moaned loudly. At the same time I started rubbing myself with my left hand. I thrust backwards and forwards feeling her tongue slide in and out of my snatch. I screamed when I came and my knees nearly collapsed under my weight.

Just as I thought it was over Margie stood up and moved to my side I had enough time to wonder what she was doing before she slipped two fingers inside me. There I was leaning over the Carl’s lounge chair, naked, shaking from the orgasm I’d just had and his sister was thrusting two fingers of her right hand into my hot, wet pussy. I knew it was her right hand inside me because the fingers of her left hand were pinching the nipple of my left breast. I’d never been a fan of having my nipples pinched but for some reason when Margie did it I couldn’t resist it.

“I wish I had the strap on so I could fuck that beautiful pussy of yours from behind.” Margie said to me and she thrust her fingers in and out of me.

I’d never heard Margie talk as dirty as she did during sex but it was nothing but a turn on. She continued to finger me, I continued to thrust and I continued to moan. Her fingers rubbed my pussy walls and when they found my g-spot the moan instantly changed to a scream and my juices flowed. I think Margie wanted to continue but I was out of breath and thought I’d fall over if she kept going.

“My turn to make you cum.” I said as I stood up on shaky legs.

Sitting on the arm of the couch Margie then lay back and lifted her legs in the air. Eager to repay the favor I nearly stumbled as I dropped to the floor on my knees and opened her legs. I wish I could say that I did Margie as much justice as she did me but I was still learning my way around someone else’s wet pussy, Margie had obviously had some experience.

Placing my hands on her inner thighs I spread Margie’s legs. I started at her right knee and gently licked my way down her inner thigh, my tongue moving slowly in small circles as I got lower. I deliberately stopped before her wetness and lifted my head. I then repeated the same movement on her left leg. The instant I lifted my tongue from her leg I felt her hand touch the top of my head.

“Ooohhhh.” I heard her moan as she pushed my head down.

Her moans got louder as my tongue circled her clit and moved up and down her lips. She guided my head where she wanted it all the time groaning loudly and begging me to keep going. After feeling Margie’s fingers so deep inside me I repaid the favor inserting two fingers and wriggling them about inside her.

I tried to slide my fingers gently in and out but Margie was taking over and as well as holding my face against her pussy she thrust her hips riding my fingers. I fingered and licked as if my life depended on it until I heard Margie scream she was about to cum. I knew what I wanted and I just hoped Margie wanted the same.

I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. The scream turned to yet another moan as she writhed on my face. The closer she got to orgasm the more I felt her legs closing and by the time her body was shaking and her pussy walls were twitching she was holding my head with her thighs alone.

Her whole body rocked, her whole body writhed and her screams filled the room. It was the first time I’d tasted another woman, it was the first time I’d fucked another woman and it was the first time I’d made another woman cum. I just hoped I’d fulfilled as many of Margie’s fantasies as she fulfilled of mine. I didn’t need to wait too long to find out.

Laying on her back catching her breath Margie said. “I think I need a shower!”


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