Ride Hard: Waiting for Jack.

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I woke with a start at 3:34am, I didn’t sit bolt upright like they do in the movies but I did open my eyes wide and I think I even gasped. I was dreaming of roaring down a coastal road, deep blue ocean as far as the eye could see on my left, a craggy rock face that extended high above me on my right, a cloudless sky, bright sun, hair flowing and me on a Fatboy with Jack riding his bike beside me.

Definitely one of my better dreams, that was until I woke up with the thought screaming thought my head. “HE HASN’T GOT MY NUMBER!!”

It only took several seconds for my brain to kick in and remind me that while he might not have my cell phone number, he did have my work number. I closed my eyes with the hope of finding my wonderful dream again.

“But it’s SATURDAY!” My mind didn’t scream the second revelation quiet as loud but I still opened my eyes wide in shock.

What was I going to do, Jack did not have my number, I didn’t work on Saturday’s and although a skeleton crew did, they would not give out my details to anyone if they even answered the incoming call. I could ring them and confirm that it was okay to give my details if Jack called but I didn’t want them knowing about my personal life. Then it hit me right between the eyes. He dropped me off at home only a few hours earlier, if he couldn’t call surely he would drop around. I breathed a sigh of relief and silently laughed at myself for being so silly.

My second attempt at going back to sleep, even though I’d realized Jack could find me if he wanted too, was not very successful. I was in one of those states where I was so awake my eyes just wouldn’t stay closed and my mind just wouldn’t turn off. I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking because I’m sure my mind was blank but I just couldn’t drop off. The last digits I remember seeing on the clock were 4:21am but I’m not sure if that’s when I fell asleep or not because when I woke up at 8:47am I felt tired and worn out.

My usual Saturday morning routine was shower, breakfast, a quick run down the shops for the necessities of the week, coffee, home for lunch and a lazy day of either reading or watching TV. It wasn’t that I was an anti-social person just that I liked one day a week totally to myself. Was Jack going to upset my alone day? I hoped so!

During my quick shower, I wasn’t rushing just in case Jack turned up honestly, I decided that I would forego a trip to the shops. I figured I had enough ‘necessities’ in the house to get me into the following week and I could always stop on the way home from work if I ran out of things. Besides Jack might turn up up while I was out and how would he get hold of me then?

It was over breakfast when I finally came to the realization that I was acting like a school girl with a crush on the school bad boy. Sure I liked Jack and he seemed to like me, but I didn’t need to see him every day. I didn’t need to wait around the house for him and I didn’t have to pine like a sick puppy for him. If things were meant to be they would happen, besides I did actually need toilet paper so a trip to the shops was going to have to happen.

When I did return from the shops at 11:30am I half expected to see a motorcycle in my driveway and Jack sitting on the doorstep waiting for me but he wasn’t. Before I unpacked the car I walked, fast but not a run, to the letter box to see if there was any notes in it, there wasn’t. I also checked the front door, no note there. What was I doing?

Berating myself for being so foolish I made my way back to the car to unpack the things I’d bought at the shops and went inside the house. I only had a few bags to unpack but even before I’d managed that task my cell phone was ringing. I ratted through my bag in search of the phone, when I found it and dragged it out I could see the call was from an unknown number. I considered putting it back down and continuing with the shopping, especially the frozen things, but changed my mind and hit answer anyway.

“Hello, Dianne speaking.”

“Hello Dianne.” The voice on the other end was male, deep and sexy. My heart beat began to spike.

“Well hello there, I didn’t expect to hear from you, I didn’t even realize you had my cell number.”

“It’s surprising what you can find out when you need to.”

“You needed to find my number?” Of course I knew who it was but as you might have guess already I like playing games.

“I like numbers”

“I can think of a few for you” I continued to play innocently silly because I wasn’t sure how else to play it, then a thought hit me. “Hey hang on a minute how did you get my cell anyway?”

“I have my ways!” he replied in an even deeper voice.

“Well sir, if you are going to be like that I don’t think I can talk to you any more.” I was playing with him of course and I really hoped he wasn’t taking it seriously, but I did want to know how he managed to get my number.

“Oh in that case I shall come clean!” I heard him take a breath on the other end of the phone as if he was about to start something deep and meaningful. “Bill gave me your number.”

“Oh did he now?” I answered not upset that the game was ending but slightly worried about what would come next and why Bill had given my personal number out.

“I didn’t want to just turn up on your door step unannounced.” Oh how sweet I thought. “And I didn’t have any number other than your work number, so I rang there on the off chance you were like the rest of us dedicated workers and were spending your Saturday slaving away at your desk. Instead I got Bill.”

“About time the slack ass did some work,” I joked then moved into a more serious voice. “And he just gave out my cell when you asked did he?” I wasn’t upset that Bill had done it, I knew he wouldn’t have given it out to just anyone but I was having some fun.

“Well I had to promise that I wasn’t an ax murderer and that I would treat you like a princess, it also cost me a case of bourbon, but he eventually caved in.”

I knew how much Bill appreciated his bourbon and reacted immediately spoiling our silly little game. “What? He made you fork out for a full case, just for my number?”

I heard laughter on the end of the phone and knew I’d taken the wrong path. “Haha, no don’t be silly. As much as you’d be worth it Bill’s a straight up bloke. As soon as I told him it was me and that I was looking for your number he was happy enough to pass it on. I did have to offer him a ride on one of the Fatboys but it was worth it.”

“Have you seen him on a bike?” I asked.

We spent the next twenty minutes talking on the phone, about half way through the conversation I remembered the frozen stuff in the shopping bags which I promptly went and put away while we talked.

“So how about making Bill’s ride worth it.” Jack said as the conversation came to a natural end.

“By being there to film it?” I asked sarcastically.

Again there was laughter, “Not quite what I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of letting me take you out to dinner again.”

“Oh so you didn’t ring just for a few new numbers? I think I’ve been mislead.”

“Oops I’ve been caught out!”

“Well sir I’m not sure I can go out with someone who so blatantly misleads women.”

“Damn, I better ring Bill!”

“He’s married, he doesn’t go on dates!”

“So my whole effort today has been a wasted!” it was more of a statement than a question.

“Awe, don’t cry, I hate it when a good looking guy cries.” I kicked myself a little bit for the ‘good looking guy’ comment but not that much because I’m sure he knew he was easy on the eyes. “Maybe we can make it a sympathy date?”

“Oh you really know how to make a guy feel good about himself Dianne.”

“So does that mean you don’t want the date?” I asked with so much sarcasm that I hoped he was able to pick up on it.

He did pick up on the sarcasm and once we both stopped being silly we organised a date for the following night. Nothing fancy, just dinner and a few drinks at the local pub’s Sunday session, the sort of meal that suits me perfectly.

When I rang off I looked at the clock and realized I only had a mere thirty hours to prepare for my next date, I hope it was long enough!!


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