Rock Hard: Christie wins the bet

Continues from here.

Although Adam had told me he was paying for breakfast I had a bet to win and I didn’t mind if it cost me a little bit to win that bet. Several minutes after our waitress took our order I excused myself from the table with the excuse of going to the little girls room and although I needed too do that I also had another agenda.

After exiting the restrooms I was lucky enough to corner our waitress heading back to the kitchen, Adam’s back was to us so I didn’t even need to hide what I was doing.

“Hey,” I looked her name badge, “Jenny, I was wondering if you could do me a really big favor.”

The look on Jenny’s face suggested she was open to being approached but was definitely weary of agreeing to requests of patrons. I wasn’t surprised by such a reaction I was after all in a heavy metal band with a bunch of guys who at times did forget the staff at restaurants aren’t there for their amusement.

“Umm. Maybe, what’s the favor?” Jenny asked before there was a light bulb moment in her mind and she added, “Oh you’re Hella from Magnhild, aren’t you?”

I nodded and smiled, recognition was still something I wasn’t entirely used to but something I did appreciate. At the same time Jenny looked over to the table to see who it was I had come in with.

“Yes I am, and that’s Adam, he’s our sound guy.”

“I thought I recognized you when you came in. Damn he’s cute.”

“Yeah I think so.” I then gave her a very brief run down of what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it. I then told her the stakes I had riding on the bet and she agreed whole heartedly to help me out.

My plan wasn’t an elaborate one, it was really simple, I just paid cash off the bill to have a few extra items added to Adam’s breakfast. It wasn’t enough to be a complete waste of food just enough to ensure there was going to be food left on Adam’s plate when it was time to leave the cafe.

When I returned to my seat Adam was on his phone, by the sound of it he was talking to his mother, Sylvia, she was a lovely old lass who like Adam I’d known since I was a kid and loved her like my own mother. The call lasted a few minutes more and when he hung up the phone he looked happy.

“How’s Mum?” We’d kind of just fell into calling each others parents mum and dad as if they were our own after so long.

“Yeah she’s good, a little pissed I woke her at 6:30am, stupid time zones, but she was happy to hear from me. She asked how you were doing.”

“Of course she did, everyone cares about me!” I said with a stupid smirk.

Several minutes later our breakfasts arrived and the look on Adam’s face was worth a million bucks, I really wished I could have taken a snap shot of it but I wasn’t prepared.

Of course he lost the bet, I think he knew he’d lost it the minute his meal arrived, I also think he suspected foul play but he didn’t have any proof. Just like the times he’d been able to encourage or discourage our audience into encores and help me lose bets.

Looking at his plate I smiled and said. “Looks like you lost!”

“I get the feeling I’ve been set up.”

“I get the feeling you’ve lost and that means you are required to pay up.”

“Bitch!” he said with a grin.

I spent the next few hours wondering if Adam would go through with the bet. He’d abided by every other bet we’d made over years, even the dinner bet, but this bet was different, it had an embarrassment factor.

After dinner I was laying on my bed with the TV on but again not watching it, I was just relaxing before the gig, when there was a knock on the door. It was Adam.

“Hand it over.” he said when I opened the door.

“So you’re going to go through with it.” I asked.

“A bet is a bet and when I pay this one off you can guarantee there will be pay back.”

“Oh, that’s big talk from someone who is yet to pay his dues.”

“You know I’ll do it baby.” He replied and walked off.

‘Baby? Did he just call me baby?’ I thought as I closed the door and went back to the bed with different thoughts in my mind.

From the band room we heard our intro music start, it was a 75 second musical interlude that was not only track 1 of our latest album but our signal to make our way to the stage.

The entire stage was dark, barring the few red lights that showed the amps and pedals were turned on. The majority of venue was pitch black, no house light, the only light was the small LED light on Adam’s sound desk so he could see what he was doing and the lighting at the very back of the room where the bar was and the exit doors.

As I took the stage I looked out in anticipation at the avid crowd, not just for the coming gig but too see if Adam had paid his dues. Stepping up to my microphone I couldn’t see Adam well but to me it looked like he was bare shouldered. When our intro music stopped and lead us into the first song the stage lighting exploded, as did some of the house lighting revealing us to the waiting audience.

As well as revealing us on stage it also revealed something else, something which not only shocked the rest of the band, but surprised me to the point of missing my queue to start the first verse of he song.

Standing behind the sound desk with a huge grin on his face, probably satisfaction that he’d paid off his debt, was Adam wearing my dark red silk and lace bra.

While the band laughed and I tried to regather the song I was glad Adam didn’t have a microphone but I could see the bastard grinning a huge grin.

At the end of the first song for those who hadn’t noticed Adam I brought him to the attention of the entire room. I didn’t tell them all why he was wearing my bra, or that it was my bra, but I did end the spiel with. “Your turn.”


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