Elvis, Me and the cleaner

Continues from here.

Thursday and Friday were busy at work, although Elvis and I exchanged a few seductive glances and a few silly school yard winks we remained sex and orgasm free. I know I shouldn’t have been thinking of work that way but it was hard not to given we’d nearly spent more time having sex in the office than I had answering the phone.

“Got any plans for the weekend?” Elvis asked me 20 minutes before I was due to leave and pick up the kids.

“The usual, kids sport, shopping. Ava’s got a sleepover at her friends place. What about you?” I replied.

“Golf tomorrow and a lazy day in front of the TV catching up on Netflix on Sunday.”

I really wanted him to ask me on a date, I couldn’t accept not this early and not with the kids at home but that didn’t change what my head and heart actually wanted. When he didn’t ask I was heart broken but not disappointed.

Thankfully the kids kept me busy all weekend and my desperate libido was able to be kept at bay the whole time. It wasn’t until I got into bed on Sunday night that I actually started to yearn for Elvis’ tool inside me. I couldn’t believe how hot this guy had got me, I’d never been so horny for a bloke in my life. The 25 years of lust for a guy who’d only until recently touched my breast was obviously driving such feelings.

Laying in bed not interested in what was on TV I reached for the drawer beside my bed and retrieved the dildo I kept in there. It wasn’t the same as feeling Elvis inside me but it wore me out enough to let me sleep.

When I turned up for work on Monday morning Elvis was already sitting in his office. We greeted, exchanged stories of our weekends and talked about the work week ahead, we then went about doing our individual jobs.

The morning was busy enough to keep both of us occupied and away from each other and in some ways I was happy about that because work was work, but there was still that feeling lingering between my legs.

Walking past Elvis’ office on the way to the kitchenette I told him that I’d diverted the phones to the answering service so he wouldn’t be bothered and I was going to have lunch. He nodded and agreed without taking his glance away from the computer screen.

I sat down at the table in the kitchenette eating my salad roll and reading the local news paper, a paper so small it’s biggest redeeming feature was that 8 page home buying guide we had inserted into it every Friday. I was just about to get up and put the kettle on to make coffee when Elvis walked in the door.

“Bloody hell it’s been busy this morning,” he said before asking if I wanted a coffee.

Standing up and putting my rubbish in the bin I decided I’d take the proverbial bull by the horns and see what happened. Agreeing to coffee I walked behind Elvis, put both hands on the tight round ass of his are gently rubbed.

“Maybe you need a massage.” I said.

Elvis stood still for several seconds, long enough for me to wonder if I’d done the right thing. He then turned around and kissed me full on the lips. We kissed long, hot and hard, a kiss that felt so desperate we needed it to survive. With our lips locked Elvis pushed me backwards until my butt pushed against the table.

I felt the zip down the back of my dress lower as Elvis opened it showing his full intention. My dress hit the floor, quickly followed by my black silk knickers, he then lifted me up onto the table and continued to kiss me.

Sitting on the table with our lips locked and our tongues dancing in my mouth I reached down and grabbed the buckle of his belt and undid it. With the belt unlatched I immediately grabbed for his pants and unbuttoned them, followed by lowering his zip. Once open I barely had to push his pants down, they were loose enough to fall by themselves. His jockey shorts took a little more effort but within 2 seconds they too were on the floor at his feet.

“Fuck me.” I said into his mouth breaking the kiss for the barest of seconds.

Already wet from anticipation alone when he pushed his hips forward it was like a heat seeking missile, locked on it’s target and hitting the exact spot. He pushed his cock in and began thrusting. We both knew time was not on our side and getting off was more important than longevity.

When he lowered his lips to my neck I couldn’t help but moan loudly, we’d only had sex a few times but already he knew my sensitive spots and was quick to go for them.

“Lay down.” he whispered into my ear.

I obeyed telling him we need to hurry up as I went down.

On my back he grasped my left leg gently and lifted it up. With his throbbing cock still rubbing against the walls of my hot wet pussy he raised my leg until it was against his chest. I rolled onto my right side and with my legs spread laying I the table I begged for him to thrust harder and faster. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and I wanted to feel his hot spunk inside as I came.

He was moaning loudly, I was moaning loudly, I felt him right on the verge, I knew he was about to shoot his load inside me. The instant I felt him reach orgasm I clinched my pussy muscles and held that throbbing beast inside me until I came myself.

We were still joined at the hip, both of us catching our breaths, his dick shrinking inside me and my legs still spread when we heard the back door open. Before we even had a chance to move Jackie was standing in the doorway.

“Whoa, aren’t I glad I came in early this afternoon!” It was a statement not a question.

Jackie was the office cleaner, a young (I say young but anyone in there 20’s is young to me) blond haired beauty with tits like melons and and ass many women would die for.

As Elvis and I tried to cover ourselves up Jackie walked into the kitchenette as if she hadn’t witnessed what she just had.

Slapping Elvis on the backside as he did his pants up Jackie then shocked both of us.

“Maybe next week you’ll consider letting the cleaner join in.”

She then walked out of the kitchenette leaving both Elvis and I stunned. I sounded sincere but I was too shocked at her openness to take it all in.


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