Ride Hard: Dinner with Jack

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As much as I would have thrown away my lazy afternoon at the drop of a hat if Jack had invited me…well anywhere, I was quite happy to not have to get dressed up and go out. I hadn’t had an overly busy week by some peoples standards and it was busy for me but only because I didn’t have much of a social life outside of work. However I did go out twice after work and it was the kind of busy that saw me emotionally drained rather than incapable of actually doing things. I was just happy for a restful afternoon.

I started out by watching some of TV shows I had been recording during the week. Depending on my moods at the time I will record things like NCIS, Blacklist, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory etc and leave them for my Saturday afternoon lazy time. Lazy time often reached well into the evening and usually required something easy dinner, but the most important requirement of lazy time was no interruptions. No interruptions usually meant I would send all calls on the landline phone to the answering service and my cell phone would get turned off, but for some reason having not long before set up a date for the following day I couldn’t bring myself to turn my cell phone off while I settled in to watch the latest episode of Walking Dead.

Watching TV can be tiring and by 10pm, I had eaten around 7:30 in case you were worried, I decided it was time for bed. Sometimes at the end an afternoon of lazing in front of the TV the tiredness I feel is a false feeling because I will go to bed and lay awake staring at nothing for hours before sleep finally arrives. Thankfully on a night where I would be really happy for a good night’s sleep I actually got it. Before turning off my light I put the TV on one of the music channels and set the timer to turn it off after thirty minutes and I didn’t hear or see it switch off.

When I woke in the morning I felt well rested and was looking forward to the day ahead, but I still spent the next eight hours anticipating my date. I wasn’t obsessing over it, I spent the day doing the usual things I did on a Sunday, housework, washing all the exciting jobs and I only thought about Jack maybe fifteen or twenty times throughout the whole day.

When it came time to get ready I had my shower then wandered in and out of my walk-in in robe five times wondering what would look best. The first three outfits I chose were long dresses with zips which I put away immediately, my mind told me that a long dress on a pinion rider was probably not the best thing. The second two choices I just didn’t feel comfortable in, I couldn’t pin point a reason but they went back in the robe with the first three. In the end I settled on a pair of blue jeans and a white button up shirt with pink floral patterns embroidered into it, it wasn’t the most stunning look but we were only going to a Sunday session at the local tavern.

Jack turned up at 5:30pm on the dot, it was almost like he was waiting around the corner for the last second to tick over. The rumble of the Fatboy’s engine as he came to a stop in my driveway sounded like heaven. I didn’t wait for him to knock on the door I went straight to it and opened it and waited for him.

“Good evening Jack,” I said as he stepped up to the door and saw me standing there.

“Hello my fair lady.” Jack replied oozing with charm.

Although I was ready to go I decided to play the female trump card, the card we all have used from time to time, just to settle my mind and make it think I was in charge.

“I’m almost ready Jack, I just need two minutes. Please come in and take seat.” I stepped out of the door and swept my arm toward the house interior in an inviting move. Have you ever done that to a person and realized how weird it actually feels?

“You look perfect as you are Dianne, but please take as long as you like, there is no rush.” Jack said as he entered the house and my mind was asking how can one person be so damn perfect.

As I said I was pretty much ready, I just wanted one more check in the mirror to make sure, a few minutes of waiting time for him to keep his anticipation up and then I’d be ready. Like a gentleman when I walked out of the bedroom he was sitting on the edge of the couch, seeing me he stood up, looked me directly in the eyes, smiled, complimented me and asked me if I was ready to leave.

“Do you want to take the car in case it rains or gets cold?” I asked hoping he would say no but prepared to offer anyway.

“The weather will be fine, but if you’d prefer a car to the bike I’m more than happy with that.”

I back tracked quickly and hoped that Jack did not realize my question wasn’t something I wanted him to take seriously. “Oh so we are an expert on the weather now are we?” I joked.

“You don’t ride a bike without checking the weather. Trust me one day soon, when I have finished with you, you’ll be checking the weather everyday to see if it’s a good day for riding, or a great day for riding..”

“Finished with me? Baby you need to start with me first!” I thought but made sure not to say.

Dinner was excellent. I had been to the tavern a few times and always enjoyed their meals but somehow the same meals with the company of such a great person made them oh so much better. I wont bore you with the details of what we ate and drank, or the things we spoke about but needless to say our time getting to know each other was great. When he invited me up to dance with him as the house band played some country music I was hesitant, I hadn’t danced for years, I hadn’t had anyone to dance with for years and I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.

Jack being the great guy he was managed to talk me into getting on the dance floor, I resisted just enough to ensure he had to playfully pull me to where he wanted us to be, and we danced for more than an hour. I may not be the best dancer in the world but things started to come back to me after a few minutes and I think I held my own on the dance floor, Jack must have too because we were dancing for more than forty minutes without a break. After our dance marathon Jack and I went back and sat at our table for a bit of refreshment.

At 10:30PM Jack asked me if I was ready to leave. Now Jack had been perfect gentleman in just about every aspect since I’d met him but 10:30pm, even on a school night, seemed a little to early even for a gentleman. For a brief second I wondered if maybe he figured 10:30 was a good time to leave so we could go home and he could get lucky. It kind of went against his gentlemanly actions of the past few days but once a mind wanders it’s hard to convince it otherwise. The other part of that scenario was that I wasn’t entirely sure I didn’t want him to get lucky.

I decided to go with the polite response. “Do you have an early start in the morning?”

“No earlier than usual.”

“Oh I just thought going home at 10:30 might be a bit early for a man like yourself, even on a school night.”

“I wasn’t planning on taking you home.”

My eyes lit up and I am sure he realized it. “Oh is that right?”

“Well it wasn’t my plan.”

“So what is your plan?” I asked.

“Maybe we should blow this joint and find out!”

I thought about it for several seconds, that’s all it took, I was fairly sure I could trust Jack and I was fairly sure he wasn’t going to take me anywhere I wouldn’t like, but the suspense, even after a few seconds was killing me.

“Well I guess if you’re not going to tell me I better get on the bike out there and let you lead me astray!” It wasn’t quite what I wanted to say but it came out before I had a chance to drag it back.

We stood up and headed for the door, mind and heart full of anticipation.


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