CopyCat Cafe: Kat gets an apology

Continues from here.

After Sonya was able to escort Simon’s ex out of the cafe so easily by threatening to tell Simon that she was sleeping with her I had to wonder why the excuse worked so well. According to what Simon had told me previously his wife never left the house, yet in three gray days I had seen her outside the house in three different locations.

Her reaction to me was understandable, unacceptable but understandable, but her reaction to Sonya’s comment didn’t make sense. Why would she care if Simon was told she was sleeping with another woman? Was she really sleeping with another woman? Was the woman so hell bent on not loosing her husband but also not wanting him in the house actually having sex with another woman? Unfortunately in my mind it made sense, I had no intention of telling Simon my thoughts but it made sense.

I didn’t at the time know how Simon he found out what had happened in the cafe but I think he must have scorched a trail between the Music Barn and the cafe as soon as he heard what his wife had been up to.

I pushed my way through the swinging door and stepped into the kitchen and there he was having come in the back door of the cafe. “Oh geez Kat, I am so bloody sorry!”

Slightly shocked by the speed of his arrival more than anything else I responded. “Honestly Simon you don’t need to apologize. I probably deserved it, I was screwing her husband.”

Simon shook his head and tried to reassure me that none of what had happened was my fault. That what we did was not wrong, and that his wife, estranged wife, had no right to abuse me at all, let alone come into my place of work and abuse me. It didn’t work though I still felt bad, not so much for her mainly for myself because against every damn thought I’d ever had I had just become the other woman!

“We might have been having an intimate liaison but….”

I called it screwing he called it an intimate liaison, was there something wrong here?

“…she still had no right to burst into your house, or your work. She was out of line and when I see her I will be telling her so.”

“Simon, honestly you need to protect what you have, protect your kids, you don’t need to defend me. What I did was wrong.”

He didn’t even think about his reply before he spoke it. “Kat! Stop that please. You did nothing wrong. My wife just wants what she can’t have and is afraid to loose.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better Simon.”

“What can I do to make you feel better?”

I wanted to tell him to leave her, I wanted to tell him to get rid of the woman so we could live happily every after but I just couldn’t because I knew that was not possible.

“How did you even find out so quickly?” Simon had a sheepish look on his face as if what he was going to tell me would upset me. “Come on Simon, I think we are beyond being to shy to tell each other the truth.”

“I’m not shy, I’m embarrassed.”

“You’re embarrassed? You weren’t even here.” I said questioningly but without expecting an answer.

“No I’m embarrassed because my aunty was one of your customers and she rang me to tell me what was going on.” I obviously looked stunned by the statement because he went on to explain. “Not embarrassed for me, for you. Embarrassed that you had to put up with that outburst in your cafe.”

Alright he redeemed himself a little bit with the comment but I still didn’t feel that much better.

“What did Sonya say to her that got rid of her so quick?” Simon asked.

It was my turn to look embarrassed but just like I told him only seconds before we were past embarrassment and I told him exactly what Sonya had told me. He laughed. I laughed. Simon commented that he couldn’t believe that such a thing worked, and we laughed again before a silence fell over the kitchen. While I did wonder how he would react to my idea bout his wife sleeping with another woman I remained true to my thoughts and didn’t ask him.

“So where does this leave us?” Simon asked several moments later.

I thought about my response for nearly a full minute before replying with….


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