My Sweet Sister In-Law part 3

Continues from here.

Three days later Margie was on the phone.

“Babe.” I’m not sure when we moved from names to babe but I didn’t correct her. “We really gotta met up for coffee again.”

Although she didn’t need to speak in code I knew coffee was her way of telling me she wanted to get me alone again. Not only did she not need code she also didn’t need to ask twice. I still hadn’t managed to get my leg over with Carl and his stupid working hours and the time spent with Margie was becoming so much more enjoyable as we tried things I’d never tried before.

“You know I’ve got an empty house for at least the next five hours.” I replied.

I assumed my sister in law was on her way over because she didn’t even say good bye, I went from having a conversation, albeit short, to listening to the dial tone of a phone that had been hung up.

The distance between Margie’s house and mine was not that far but the time frame between hanging up the phone and hearing that knock at the door seemed like an eternity.

When I opened the door Margie took one step inside and planted a passionate kiss on my lips, holding the back of my head and pushing our lips together as she did so. When I was able to I broke the kiss, dragged her all the way inside and shut the door.

“Shit girl, we can’t do it in the doorway, what if the neighbors are watching?”

“I don’t mind giving them a show.” came her reply.

“Maybe not but Carl might get a little bit pissed when they can’t keep their mouths shut.”

“Well we can’t have my dear brother knowing the while he’s at work I’m fucking the brains out of his dear darling wife now can we. That would spoil both our fun.”

“So what do you want to try today? Coffee and watching Days of Our Lives on TV.” I asked with a nervous smirk never knowing how to start of an intimate session.

“If I remember correctly you promised me a shower.”

“It’s in there,” I said pointing to the bedroom with a smile on my face.

“I’ll need someone to wash my back.”

“Want me to ring Max and ask him if he’s busy.” I replied cheekily trying to tempt and tease her a little bit.

“Or you could just quit with the teasing and get the tight little ass of yours in there and wash it for me.”

“Consider me and my tight little ass showering.” I whispered as I headed into the bathroom stripping off my shirt.

I felt a hand on my back as I walked into the bedroom.

“Let me take that off.”

I stopped, turned around and waited as Margie slowly began to unbutton my blouse and slid it off my shoulders. She then placed her hands on both my breasts and cupped them through my bra. I had considered taking my bra off when I knew Margie was coming back as Margie gently caressed my tits and rubbed my nipples through the sleek silky material I was glad I didn’t.

“I bet no guy can do this,” she said as she leaned in put her lips to mine, reached around my back with her right hand and unlatched my bra with a single hand.

Breaking the kiss I let out a little laugh as she pushed my bra straps down and let the black silk and lace garment drop to the floor.

Next came my skirt. I have led a somewhat sheltered sex life and no one had ever removed a piece of clothing from my body as slow as Margie removed my dress and underwear. Her touch was so intimate and sensual I could feel a patch of dampness forming between my legs.

Standing fully naked in front of her Margie kissed me on the lips and slipped two fingers between my legs and rubbed them against my dampness.

When she broke the kiss it was my turn. I wish I could have undressed her with as much passion, as much sensuality and as much intimacy but I just don’t think I did it. However Margie didn’t seem to mind.

Both naked we stepped into the bathroom leaving a pile of clothes on the floor of the bedroom. The double shower rose provided us plenty of space and I turned both showers on and gave them a few seconds to adjust to a comfortable temperature. While we waited Margie’s hand was squeezing my ass cheeks.

Stepping into the shower I adjusted the shower heads to point into the center of the shower and put my hand out to invite Margie in with me. The slowness of undressing quickly thrown away as she stepped up to me and we began kissing.

Once again Margie was first with the roaming fingers and before I knew it her fingers were exploring my wet pussy and rubbing my swollen clitoris. I opened my legs and allowed her hand to explore further, I desperately wanted her fingers inside me. She teased my entrance, slipping her fingers slowly down through my wet folds of skin then stopping at my snatch and circling her fingers before slowly dragging them back up again.

“Put them inside me.” I begged but she ignored me continued to kiss my neck.

It was not something I usually did, even with Carl, but with her ignoring my pleas to enter my pussy I decided I would take charge of the situation.

I spun her around, pushed her up face against the back wall.

“Stay there.” I said.

“Oooohhhh.” was the reply I got as I crouched down on my knees.

The floor was slippery and having never licked another woman’s sweet juices in the shower I hoped I was going to do it right and we weren’t both going to end up in a ball on the shower base.

“Spread ‘em.” I uttered hoping I wasn’t sounding too slutty or too silly.

Margie pushed her hips out from the wall and spread her legs, I was presented with her gloriously toned ass directly in front of my face. With water running down her back and over her ass I began to gently rub her pussy treating hers as if it was my own.

Pushing my hand all the way to her clitoris I rubbed gently, rolled that sweet little love button between my finger and thumb and listened to her moan up against the wall. I rolled the soft sweet folds of her pussy in my hand.

“Pinch me. Oh Fuck pinch me.” She screamed.

I gently pinched her pussy lips. I couldn’t hold off any longer I wanted to taste her, I wanted to bring her off and I wanted her to scream my name as she came on my tongue. I kept rubbing my fingers up and down her wet lips as I slid my tongue back and forth inside her. Her breathing increased, he moaning increased and her hip movement increased. I removed my tongue for long enough to say.

“Scream my name as you cum.”

Within seconds I was hearing my name echo through the bathroom as Margie came on my tongue.

When Margie’s breath had come back down to a manageable level she turned from the wall and said, “Damn girl, that was so fucking hot.”

Opening the shower door Margie pushed me backward out onto the floor and up against the vanity unit.

“Get up there.” she ordered.

I nearly jumped onto the vanity top.

Margie started by kissing me, the deepest hottest kiss we’d had all day. As our lips massaged each other her fingers massaged my clit, I was already wet and I was already desperate for penetration but the concentration she showed on rubbing my clit was driving me wild.

When she eventually went down on me I was moaning as loud as she had been moaning in the shower.

Her lips and tongue were moving up and down my sweet lips while her fingers gently probed my waiting hole. Two fingers both moving independently inside my hot snatch and I was on the verge of exploding. The walls of my pussy were tingling, I was trembling I was so close to cumming that I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

It was then one of her fingers hit my g-spot. I didn’t just moan, I screamed. My pussy muscles tightened around her fingers and my entire body shuddered so wildly I thought I was going to fall off the vanity.

The orgasm was so violent it lasted for what must have been fifteen seconds, and before it finished Margie had replaced her fingers with her tongue. I came on her tongue again. I couldn’t believe how much better orgasms were with Margie, I was out of breath and completely rooted!

We eventually did have that shower Margie requested, we even managed to do it orgasm free, although it was darn hard keeping my hands off her completely as we washed each others backs. The only thing that kept at bay was that I still hadn’t caught my breath from the first time!


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