Rock Hard: Adam Returns Christie’s Bra

Continues from here.

I had to give Adam credit, when he lost a bet not only did he do it in style he paid in full and for the entire show he stood behind the sound desk wearing only my bra on his upper body. During the breaks between the first few songs and the guitar solo in “Battle Queen” I got questions from both Dean, my brother for those not paying attention, and Benji, the bass player. Follies between Adam and I were fairly well known and they figured this was just another one of those.

Although talking whilst on stage could be difficult it was doable, the trick was not to get caught yelling at the moment when the music stops!

“What the fuck is Adam wearing?” Dean asked.

“Ask him.” I said between swallowing a mouthful of water and returning to the microphone.

“Is that yours?” Benji asked as Dean tackled the solo.

That question didn’t get a reply I simply smiled and had another sip of water.

After the fourth song nothing else was said as we all settled in nicely and finished the gig.

By the time 1am arrived the band were sitting back in the band room relaxing and cooling down, there was hot and sweaty bodies scattered all over the couches and chairs and the road crew were loading our gear out. The crew weren’t in a hurry to get the gear packed away and we would be returning to our hotel rooms for sleep but we’d be on the road again before 10 the following morning.

When Adam walked in he was wearing a t-shirt but that didn’t stop the guys asking questions.

“What’s with the bra?”

“What bet did you lose this time?”

“Is there some secret you’d like to share with us about you choice of underwear?”

And plenty of other such comments.

Adam laughed at each question and responded accordingly, not once revealing where the bra came from or the actual bet that he had lost. Although Adam was known for betting on just about anything I think it was fairly obvious that the bet he’d lost which resulted in him wearing a bra was lost to me, but again he didn’t reveal it no matter how much the guys pushed him.

At 2:15am I was back in my room, showered and clad in my silk nightie. I was sitting on the bed with the lights on brushing my hair and not watching or listening to the tv that was turned on when I heard a knock at the door. Although we’d had problems in the past with over zealous fans who found out where we stayed and tried to visit us our increased popularity with this tour meant that our security was also better and such things didn’t happen so I knew the door knocker could only be one of a few people. I went to the door and through the peep hole saw Adam standing in light flood of light on the other side.

I opened the door and invited him in and to my surprise he accepted. He was unashamedly carrying my bra in his right hand.

“I believe this is yours ma’am.” He said as he stepped in and stood in the middle of the room swinging the bra by it’s strap.

Reaching out I grabbed it, looked him in the eyes and said. “I dread to think what pay back is going to be when you finally win another bet!”

“Who says I’m not already winning?” He replied with a huge grin.

It was at the very moment I decided I had had enough of the game, I threw the bra on the bed stepped up to him and planted my lips on his and began kissing him. The kiss was long, deep, hot and lasted for at least 30 seconds before I pulled away.

“Come with me.” I said grabbing his hand and dragging him the two steps needed to reach the bed.

Sitting on the mattress no time was wasted before we were again lip locked. Other than our lips we barely touched each other, so close, so hot and so sensual. My heart was already racing.

When he placed his hand on my shoulder and gently eased me back on the bed I didn’t try to stop him and before I knew what was happening we were laying next to each other gazing stupidly into each others eyes.

He leaned over me, I could feel his chest leaning against my right arm as his lips approached mine. I felt his hand touch my stomach and as we kissed he left his hand roamed around my stomach and waist, not lifting my nightie and seemingly not touching anything else until invited to do so.

With my left hand I grasped his right hand and lifted it to my breast, there was fabric between us but I almost couldn’t feel it as he cupped my breast and gentle rubbed my nipple until it was erect.

When his lips moved to my neck his hand moved downward, the touch of his fingers as they snaked down my stomach was almost electric. When he felt the waist band of my panties under the fabric of my nightie he stopped.

My right hand was pined between our bodies, I so wanted to reach out and touch him but I couldn’t, but the didn’t stop my left hand. Dragging my nightie upwards I pulled it past his hand which was lightly touching me and in small gasping breaths said. “Go further!”

He obeyed pushing his fingers below the waist band and over my pubic mound. While his lips and tongue worked around my neck driving me wild his fingers crept slowly downward. I couldn’t believe his fingers were moving so slow, the teasing, the temptation, the absolute lust and the need for him to touch me was driving me beyond wild.

When he finally touched my clit I let out a moan. His first touch felt so good I almost thought I’d orgasmed there and then. I closed my legs holding his hand in place against my wetness.

“Oh my god!” I panted as I felt his fingers wriggle between my closed legs.

His lips moved back to mine. I opened my legs and let him continue what he was doing with his fingers.

Having waited with anticipation for Adam’s touch for too many years to count I was almost in heaven as he kissed and touched me so sensually. The only problem I had was that the length of anticipation meant I knew wasn’t going to last very long before loosing control.

With his fingers inside me and his thumb gently circling my clit I moaned, groaned and panted. I knew I was getting close to reaching the point of no return and I asked him once to ‘take me’ but he didn’t, the second time I was bolder and told him straight out, “Fuck Me!” But he didn’t.

Instead he kept his finger movements going whilst kissing me hot, hard and deep, his tongue playing with mine. When he began rubbing and pressing his fingers on my g-spot I knew there was no way I could hold things off any longer.

My body writhed and my body shook. I thrust my hips at his fingers trying to ride them through the tingling and jolting sensation of my body releasing. I clamped my hips to hold his hand inside me and I think I even screamed.

“Take me now!” I said as I lay on the bed catching my breath.

“Not after only one date!” He said to me before kissing me deeply, removing his fingers and standing up.

Talk about caught between emotions. I so wanted this guy to take me and take me in anyway he wanted but I couldn’t help have just a little bit of respect for him for not wanting to push things too far too quickly. But that respect still didn’t fill the void that was burning inside me.

As he bid me farewell and left my room I was left laying on the bed with the blankets on the floor wondering what was going to happen next.


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