A visit to the doctor

“But Doctor I only came for a sore throat and because I was feeling knackered, are you sure I need to lay on your examination bed?”

“Yes Rexie, I want to look down your throat and it’s easier in your laying down.”

“And it’s absolutely necessary that I be naked?”

“Of course Rexie, what if I need to take your temperature?”

“So where is your thermometer?”

Doctor Janson unbuckled his pants, dropped his zipper and pulled his raging hard on out from the confines of his boxer shorts. His lovely hard cock pointed towards me, by turning my head I could see it in all its glory. The purple knob looked soft and tasty.

“I don’t see any numbers on printed on that thing, are you sure it works?”

Lets see. Doctor Janson stepped closer to the bed I was laying on, I moved my head closer to the edge, we edged closer to each other. I open my mouth and let the doctor insert his rigid thick shaft into my mouth. I closed my lips around him and as I started sucking that lovely thick dick he gently moved his hips backwards and forwards dragging his cock slowly out of my mouth all the way to the tip before pushing it back in.

Reaching for his shaft I wrapped my hand around it and let my hand follow my lips. I sucked his cock like a vacuum. I heard him moaning, I hoped those moans were not making it through the walls and into the waiting room.

When he slipped two fingers between my waiting open legs and rubbed my clitoris I felt a shock wave through my body. Before I knew it his fingers were exploring my wet pussy lips and gently rubbing against my entrance.

I desperately wanted to feel his fingers inside me. I desperately wanted to feel him touching the inside walls of my pussy. I desperately wanted to cum on his fingers while he came in my mouth.

But then the bastard denied me.

He slid his throbbing cock out of my mouth and removed his fingers from between my legs. I felt lost, I felt hard done by, I felt like I’d be deflated. Then before I able to have another thought I felt Doctor Janson standing between my legs pushing that large chunk of man meat inside me.

It was quick, it was fast and it was explosive by the time we both came.

Getting dressed I noticed we’d left a wet spot on his examination bed, I wondered what the next patient would think of that.

“So Doctor was my temperature normal? How was my throat?”

“I forgot to put the batteries in. Maybe you should come back for a follow up appointment tomorrow.”


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      1. I didn’t realise it was a prompt til I ran across that particular blog! You did very well. (I tend to use the word fairly often….It sort of fits with where I am right now!)

        Liked by 1 person

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