Ride Hard: Jack, Dianne and the moonlit skies

Continues from here.

Once again I found myself sitting on the back of a Fatboy, smile on my face, hair blowing in the wind and really wanting to swap seats so that I could be in control of the beast. The only difference between this ride and my other rides on the bike was that this trip was being done in the darkness. Sure we had street lights and the lights of other road users around us but there was no escaping that it was night and that somehow excited me even more.

I had no idea where Jack was taking me and with my hair blowing out from under the helmet I didn’t care I was just enjoying the trip. I actually tried not to take notice of street signs, buildings and other such things that gave away a location, it was difficult because I’d lived in town long enough to know most streets but I still tried to do it.

Even when we left the glow of the street lights behind and the roads became dark it was hard not to know the direction we were travelling but I tried hard not to think about it. I wasn’t looking at our speed as we leaned around corners and powered along the straights but I was confident Jack was neither speeding or riding unsafely.

After nearly twenty minutes of cruising in the darkness Jack slowed the bike down and signaled that we would be turning right. We hadn’t seen another car for miles but Jack still signaled his intention and the orange lights at the front and rear of the bike lit the darkness giving it a strobbing orange effect.

We turned on to a sandy dirt road, like I said I’d been around town long enough to know the roads but I was at least going to try and act surprised when Jack stopped the bike. There was no street lights to illuminate the way, there was no traffic and Jack had to swerve a few times so as not to hit pot holes and divots in the sandy dirt road surface but yet again his skill with the bike never made me feel any thing but confidence.

There was trees on either side of the road and in parts they were bushy enough and tall enough to hide the night sky, but even through the branches of the trees the full moon broke through offering an eerie but nice glow. Five minutes after leaving the paved road we rode into a large open area of grass, the entire area, not much bigger in size that a football field was surrounded in trees expect for the area immediately in front of us.

Jack had brought us to Lover’s Lookout, it’s official name was Piper’s Lookout because it was named after one of the founders of our town but the locals all called it Lover’s Lookout because it was usually populated by lovers sitting on the high rocks looking out over the seas. How it was not populated by anyone on such a quiet and calm night, especially one with a full moon, was beyond me but I couldn’t see another person, or vehicle anywhere.

I’d been to Lover’s Lookout a few times in my years, once or twice I was even lucky enough to do it with another person and in the darkness, but never had I done it on a motorbike. Because there was no one else around Jack steered the bike up onto the grass and right up to the rocky ledge, a spot that cars could not get too even on a night when the place was empty.

Jack stopped the bike and turned the headlight off leaving us bathed in only the moon light.He then turned off the engine and left us in silence except for the sound of crashing waves out of sight below us. I climbed off the bike and stood on the grass beside it, Jack did the same, we removed our helmets and looked at the area around us.

“What a beautiful place.” I said to him.

There was no escaping the romantic way the moon made Jack’s eyes glimmer, there was even a sparkle in his bright white teeth when he smiled.

“Haven’t you ever been here before?”

“No, never, first time.” I lied

“Oh surely you are kidding me. Everyone’s been to Lover’s Lookout.”

“Everyone? Frequent traveler are we Jack?” I asked jokingly.

“No, but I think we should leave this conversation, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you after all.” The guy had a smirk on his face and I could see the glimmer of his teeth in the moonlight making anything he said seem insignificant.

“Sounds fair. Maybe we should start again?” I said with a smile and tried again. “What a beautiful place this is, I’ve never seen it so empty.”

“That would be because you’ve never been here!” Jack said with a big smile.

I let out a little laugh as we made our way over to one of the benches near the edge of the lookout and sat down next to each other. Although our legs and shoulders touched each other Jack did not assume anything or make any moves he simple sat next to me and tipped his head back like I did and looked at the moon and stars. It was almost liked we’d talked ourselves out over dinner because we sat in silence for nearly ten minutes, I don’t know what Jack was thinking but I was enjoying every damn minute of silence.

When it finally happened it wasn’t Jack who made the first move it was me and it wasn’t a mighty leap either it was a simple movement that saw me place my hand on top of his which was on his leg.

When our fingers linked together I whispered. “This is wonderful.”

Jack’s response was as romantic as it was soppy, “Made all the better by the company!”

“Jack Richard’s, you are perhaps the nicest man I have ever met. Where have you been all my life?” It wasn’t my usual approach to dating conversation, maybe that’s why I was still single, but something about the moonlight, the light crashing waves below us and the company was compelling me to do things I’d never done before.

“I’ve been down on Franklin Street building bikes, where have you been?”

“Hiding in a steel recycling center obviously.”

“Your perfume is wonderful.”

I have to admit I have never been with a guy who moved as slow as Jack, here I was holding his hand at the most romantic place in town and he hadn’t even tried to kiss me. The few times I had been to Lover’s Lookout with other men we’d barely gotten out of the car before they were layering on the romance, well their versions of romance. Being up here alone like Jack and I were would have seen such men trying to get naked, or forgo the nakedness and just get straight down to the sex, but Jack hadn’t even hinted at wanting a kiss, let alone sex.

Don’t get me wrong what little conversation we were having and the fact that Jack hadn’t made any moves on me was not something I was complaining about, it was actually a pleasure but, once the thought of Jack taking so long to make his move entered my mind I suddenly began to wonder if there was something wrong. Something wrong with him. Something wrong with me. Something wrong both of us.

I let my hand circle his a little tighter and moved it up his leg wondering if maybe I could kick start a move.

Then like a gentleman in waiting he said to the sky. “I’d really like to kiss you.”

I nearly asked him to repeat himself, so shocked I was by the words but instead I pushed off the back rest of the bench, twisted my upper body in his direction and said. “What are you waiting for? An Invitation?”

Jack pushed himself of the back of the bench and looked me in the eyes. “If invites were going out, would it be worth me checking my mail?”

“I don’t know, I guess you could check your letter box but I don’t know that there would be anything there.”

A grin formed on his face. “Maybe I’ll go off and check my mailbox now, you’ll be right to get home from here wont you?”

I knew he wasn’t serious but instead of another smart reply I decided to take control of the situation. I lifted my left hand up and placed it behind his right ear, gently pulled his head towards me. “Stop talking and kiss me!” I said, it was the most movie cliched thing I had ever done.

We kissed long and hard, passionate and deep, hot and sensual. It was a kiss worth waiting for. Perhaps it was the location and the fact that we were alone in the moonlight but it was also like no other kiss I had ever had. I know that kind of sounds like a teenage girl who thinks they have just found the new love of their life after being kissed behind the bleachers but it was true, I had never felt a kiss so deep and so passionate.

When I felt Jack’s hand unlock from mine I wondered where it would roam, where it would explore. But it went nowhere. I’d never wanted a man’s hand to roam around my body so much as I wanted Jack’s hand at that moment. Unless he was completely stupid, and I was sure he wasn’t he had to know I was begging for his touch yet he still didn’t do it.

When he broke the kiss and moved his lips to my neck I moaned quietly. “Oh Jack!” I said without thinking.

I was so excited, so turned on, so aroused. Both of my nipples were erect and there was a wetness between my legs that I was having trouble ignoring. I’m sure if Jack had asked to take me there and then on that park bench I wouldn’t have just said yes I would have stripped naked and dragged him onto to me. But that didn’t happen, we did continue to kiss but there was no hand roaming and definitely not public sex act.

It was 12:30am when we left Lover’s Lookout and I couldn’t remember a better date in my entire life and just as I thought it couldn’t get better Jack asked me if I wanted steering duties of the Fatboy on the way home. Of course I said yes.

Like some strange magic trick as we were heading down the dirt road towards the paved road I had to dim the headlight for an on coming car. We hadn’t seen another person the entire time we were at Lover’s Lookout, perhaps one of the busiest places in town of a night time, even a Sunday night, yet as we were leaving a car was headed down there. I made a mental note to ask Jack when we got to my place whether that was his doing or not.

As well as concentrating on the road and the traffic I also spent the trip home figuring out how to invite Jack in for nightcap, or something else which might ease that feeling in my heart, the feeling that made it feel like my heart was being constantly pulled toward the hunk behind me. I thought hard and I thought well and by the time I pulled up in my driveway, conscious of the noise and the neighbors I thought I had those words.

When we were both off the bike I turned to Jack ready to ask him in.


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