Elvis shows me a new house

Elvis continues from here.

Ok so I am sure you all saw this coming but I honestly didn’t, call me a naive country girl, just call me naive it doesn’t matter I completely missed it.

It was 11am Wednesday morning, Elvis was out of the office doing an inspection with a prospective client and I was on phone duties, drinking my third cup of coffee. When the phone rang I answered it with my usual polite manner.

“Good morning, welcome to Bakersville Reality, Irene speaking, how can I be of assistance?” I said into the phone as I pulled gently on a loose piece of yarn on my sweater.

From the other end of the phone I heard.

“Hey Irene it’s me,” As if I needed a clue who it was when I heard that voice echoing at me down the phone.

“Hey Elvis, what can I do for you?”

“I need you bring the file for 34 Beechworth Road to me, it should be sitting on my desk.”

“Ok you want me to call in Jane to do it in case the phones ring?”

”Nah just put the Back in 10 mins sign on the door and lock up.”

I didn’t point out to him that it would take me at least 30 minutes to get the paperwork to him and back again. I simple rang off and did as I was requested to do.

When I arrived at 34 Beechworth I saw Elvis’ BMW parked in the driveway and pulled in behind it. Turning off the engine and grabbing the file I exited the car, locked it and made my way to the door.

Elvis greeted me at the open door. “Come in.”

“Here’s the folder.” I said handing it to him and stepping inside. “Wow this is impressive.”

“Yeah, not easy to sell in this climate but it is impressive.”

“Have I got time for a tour?”

“Of course.”

At first I thought the tour staring on the top floor was just a coincidence but when he directed me from the top of the stairs to the bedroom and then into the large bathroom that had a massive hot tub in it I had my suspicions. I wasn’t suspicious for long as I realized the hot was full of streaming water and Elvis’ hand was on my ass.

“Ever had hot steaming sex in a hot steaming bath?” he asked me.

I had to admit I hadn’t.

“Should we be doing what it is I think you’re about to ask me to do?”

“I wasn’t going to ask.”

I turned around to see Elvis getting undressed.

“What if we get caught?”

“Whoever catches us will get a surprise.” his shirt was off and he was dropping his pants.

“I’m serious.”

“So was I, but I don’t expect any surprises, the Millar’s are out of town for the week.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement, I started getting undressed myself. By the time I was naked Elvis was in the bath his naked body hidden under a mass of white bubbles. Not wasting any time I climbed in, careful not to stand on Elvis’s legs. With one foot either side of his legs I gently lowered myself into his lap.

Sitting on his lap I looked him in the eye, put my hands on his shoulders and edged my face closer to his. I looked him directly in the eye, he lent forward and gently bit my lower lip. I pushed my hand down into the hot bubbly water, rubbing it down his chest and toward his crotch. Finding what I wanted I wrapped my hand around his dick and held it tight.

“Want to bite me again?” I asked with a smile.

“Ok,” he said and did it.

I laughed and began rubbing his stiffening thick tool. We kissed and let out tongues roll around in each others mouth’s. His hands began rubbing my thighs briefly before moving up to my breasts and gently fondling each one paying special attention to my stiffening nipples.

Although Elvis has said we wouldn’t be visited by the owners I still had something in my mind telling me we needed to get things over quickly. On my knees I crawled up his lap, we did not break the hot passionate kiss.

With my hand still wrapped tightly around his dick I shifted my hips, held his dick below me and moved the tip across my wet pussy lips. We broke the kiss and I could see the smile on his face.

“Do you like the feel of that.” I said as I kept rubbing him between my wet lips.

He nodded. “I want to feel you wrapped around my cock. I want to feel you cum on my cock and I want to feel you shudder as you cum like a fountain.”

I was surprised by how much dirtier Elvis’ sex talk was getting the more we had sex. I wasn’t put off by it, I just wasn’t used to it.

I lowered myself onto that thick throbbing tool, gripping it at it’s base until my fingers were squashed between our bodies. I sat like that for several seconds looking deep into his eyes before removing my hand and starting to move my hips.

My first movements were backwards and forwards, my inner thighs rubbing against his legs and making his dick move against my pussy walls. Elvis then put his left hand on my neck and pulled me to his lips and we began kiss again.

I started to move my hips up and down, using my knees as a pivot point and making his dick slide in and out of me, as the feeling got better the pace picked up. He moaned into my mouth, I moaned into his. I began ramming my hips downward quicker and harder almost thumping our bodies together and causing water to splash out of the tub, and onto the floor.

I was nearly out of breath but still wasn’t ready to cum, I wanted him inside me longer, deeper, harder but I just couldn’t get him where I wanted him. Breaking the kiss I stood up, water dripping from my naked body. Careful not to stand on Elvis I turned around and placed one foot on the step outside the tub, one foot on the base of the tub and then bent over the edge of the tub. With my chest leaning on the tub and my ass in the air I told Elvis to fuck me from behind.

Elvis stood up, I craned my neck so I could see the water dripping off his naked body and I was not disappointed. As he stood behind me the anticipation of having his dick thrust inside was driving me insane and he knew it. Teasing me even more he began rubbing the head of his dick the full length on my wet pussy.

“Oh god, fuck me please.”

His dick touched my clitoris.

“Oh geezus christ! Please put it inside me and fuck me hard.” My dirty sex talk had also increased.

I felt every hot rigid throbbing inch of him as he slipped it past my entrance and into my pussy, I moaned until it was all the way inside me.

“Please Elvis, fuck me hard and fast now!” I was begging.

Obeying my request Elvis began thrusting, hard, fast and deep. His ramming forcing my tits to rub against the tub, it was an oddly alluring feeling.

We thrust, grunt, groaned and humped our way to orgasm, both reaching that point at the same time. I felt his hot white spunk pumping inside me as my pussy muscles twitched and writhed and I moaned so loudly I thought the echo might have been heard at the end of the street. I could have relished that moment forever.

Neither of us could stay that way for long and when Elvis pulled his dick from inside me I felt empty, like something was missing.

Sitting on the edge of the bath and catching my breath I looked at Elvis and said, “I suppose I should get my self back to work. My boss is a real slave driver, always wanting me to do extra work. I wouldn’t want to upset him.”

Like a true gentlemen Elvis not only told me to take the rest of the day off, which I didn’t do, but he also offered to clean up the mess we made after I left.

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