My Sweet Sister-in-law part 4

Continues from here

I lay in bed on my back, covered only by a sheet. I’d just woken, yet to open my eyes because they were still held together with that weird sleepy goop that they attract during sleep.

I moved my hips and lower back slightly getting comfortable, it was then I felt it, a shuffle of the sheet and a warm hand gently sliding up my leg and pushing my silk nightie upward.

My heart fluttered slightly until the fingers crept their way between my legs and touched my clit, at which time my heart skipped a beat. The fingers gently rubbed small circles and pushed downward, I opened my legs and allowed them more fiddling room.

I refused to open my eyes too busy enjoying the sensation of coming out of a nap and having those fingers exploring their way around my moistening crotch. The more the fingers rubbed the wetter I got. When the fingers pushed their way inside me on their first trip down I knew something was different, these weren’t the sensual fingers of my lover.

I opened my eyes, I was right, the room was dark, it was night time and the slippery fingers poking at my entrance belonged to my lover’s brother, Carl, or as he was better known my husband. I moved enough to let him know I was awake.

“Hey babe,” he whispered, “sorry to wake you in such a nice way.”

Don’t get me wrong I was only a little disappointed. I still loved Carl, a love that controlled my life, but I also loved his sister Margie and I especially loved the way she sucked, fucked and rocked my world. Carl’s problem was his irksome working hours, it rarely left him time or energy for sex. Just because my dreams were full of his sister there was no way I was going to pass up his advances.

He was a little quick to do things in bed as evident by the quick fingering he was giving me but I had to admit it still felt good letting him take control felt good.

When he threw the covers back and buried his head in my crotch I was both surprised and elated, he had a good tongue and knew how to use it. He started by circling my clit and then gently dragging his tongue downwards, circling my entrance and then dragging it back up again.

I closed my eyes and I swear I couldn’t help what happened next, it just did. I imagined it was Margie’s head between my legs, imagined she was licking me out. Every downward stoke, every quick nibble and every circle of the sweet tongue done by Margie.

As Carl entered me with two fingers I let out a little moan, I’m sure he said something like “Oh yeah baby how do you like that?” but all I heard was Margie’s voice telling me there was more where that came from.

With two fingers inside me and his tongue working up and down the excitement was more than evident but when he reached over my leg with his right hand and put his thumb on my clit and gently rubbed I nearly forgot to breath.

“Fucking hell!” I groaned

Carl had lost none of his ability to give head, the problem was I was still imagine it was Margie. As I lifted my knees in the air and spread my legs wide he used both his hands to separate my pussy lips, his fingers moved up and down keeping them apart while his tongue licked and probed every part of my wet pussy. He kept that up for longer than I’d ever remembered him doing it, I was moaning and short of breath, the sex drought between the two of us had obviously given him energy he’d never had before.

When he eventually slipped his tongue inside my hot wet snatch I stopped dreaming of Margie and nearly came immediately. He pushed that tongue as far as it would go, his nose and chin rubbing against my crotch. I felt his thumb return to my clit as he penetrated me with his tongue. I knew I wasn’t far short of cumming. I reached down with my right hand, grabbed a handful of hair and pushed his face into my crotch. As I lifted and thrust my hips I held his face against my sopping wet pussy I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. He licked, his thumb rubbed and I came, came hard. My entire body shuddered as I lost control cumming on Carl’s tongue, something I hadn’t done for so long I couldn’t remember the last time it happened.

Before I’d caught my breath Carl’s face was in front of mine, his body leaning on mine and his stiff dick was poking me between the legs. Even out of breath there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity.

“FUCK ME NOW! Put that cock deep inside me!” I whispered to him.

At the same time as his pussy flavoured lips touched mine his rigid shaft slid into my hole. It felt like heaven, felt like I never remembered it feeling. We kissed deeply, lips locked and tongue entwined. I could taste my juices in his mouth.

Having had the Margie’s double ended dildo inside me not that long ago and thinking how realistic it felt I have to say I really was wrong. Sure it felt good, felt great, but it felt nothing like the real thing, nothing like the rock hard thick throbbing piece of muscle that was pumping inside me.

Carl moved his lips to my neck. Losing his tongue and the taste in my mouth was a disappointment but he quickly made up for it by guiding those sweet lips straight to the sensitive parts of my neck and driving me fucking insane. Varying his thrusts time after time, deep, short, quick, slow brought me quickly back to the edge, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held him tight meeting every thrust with my ramming hips.

We fucked for ten minutes, I can’t remember the last time we fucked for as long. By the time I felt his warm white cum shooting inside me I was screaming, literally screaming my way through my second orgasm.

Sex over and breathing slowly coming back down to a normal level Carl lay on top of me kissing me. I felt his dick shrink inside me until it was just sitting there, after such a long sex drought even that felt good. I don’t think either of us slept another wink all night, we just lay arm in arm enjoying each other’s closeness again.

In the morning when Carl went work I rang Margie to tell her what had happened, not the full details obviously Carl was still her brother, just that he’d rocked me so goddamn hard that I was almost considering making him have another 6 months sex drought just so we could repeat it. To which Margie replied.

“So I have competition do I?


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