Rock Hard: Text Message Ping Pong

Continues from here.

I’d like to say I slept soundlessly after Adam left the room, but firstly I couldn’t get to sleep thinking of him and his sensual touch, then when I did finally relax enough to drop off to sleep my dreams were so littered with him that I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep.

Although I didn’t need it to wake me up the alarm beside the bed screamed to life at 8:45am and I barely felt like I’d been asleep. The one saving grace of waking up so early was that I knew I’d be on the tour bus within the hour and I could doze on and off all day.

I guess in some ways I did expect Adam to turn up and invite me to breakfast, after all we seemed to have gotten ourselves into the ‘dating cycle’. Or was that me over thinking things? No, I’m sure it wasn’t, everything Adam had said and done indicated to me that he was keen on more than just a quick roll in the sack.

Whatever it was I can tell you now I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him on my doorstep, but it didn’t happen. Instead I packed up my clothes, toiletries and the few other random belongings that I had in the room into my bags and headed for the bus. I knew I had plenty of time up my sleeve so I lumped my stuff on the bus and wandered off to McDonald’s to grab myself some coffee and something to eat. Even though time was on my side I still brought my food back to the bus and got comfortable.

I sat down on the bench seat behind Sam, our driver, and spread myself out. About 20 minutes before we were due to leave the band and crew, those that weren’t travelling in the trucks, lobbed onto the bus in dribs and drabs. Being first on I got to greet all of them as they arrived, no one was unhappy and despite the early hour, early for those work keep the hours we do, there was even a few smiles.

When Dean got on he made a smart ass remark about not buying him breakfast but when I offered him my half eaten Hash Brown he refused so I blew him a raspberry and he kept walking towards the back of the bus. When Adam got on we exchanged glances and pleasantries and I was not at all surprised he chose a seat further down the bus.

We’d been on the road for about thirty minutes when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket indicating I had a new message. I pulled it out and opened the cover, I could see immediately that the message was from Adam but I could only read the first few words on the lock screen. I keyed in my password 9683, Adam’s birthday (honestly I didn’t have it bad for the guy!) and opened the message.

“I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did :)”

I looked at the message twice then went to answer but stopped myself before I tapped the first letter. Of course I wanted to reply but I wanted to reply with the right answer not the hormonal voice in my head. I thought about replying with something humors like, “what did you do?” but again I wanted the reply to mean something and not be taken any way but the way it was meant.

“I had trouble sleeping once you left”

OK it wasn’t the perfect reply but I didn’t want him thinking I wasn’t going to reply. Less than thirty seconds later my phone vibrated in my hand and I checked the message.

“I’m sorry! 😦 “

I didn’t wait for the next reply, I just typed it.

“Don’t be sad, sleeplessness is a small price to pay for what happened last night!”

I hoped I wasn’t being too forward with my comments, but considering he’d been touching me so intimately less than eight hours prior I figured I’d get away with it. When my phone vibrated for a third time I glanced towards the back of the bus, not sure why but I knew instantly that I wasn’t going to do it again.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself.”

I wasn’t sure what to answer that message with. Should I say ‘thanks’? Should I ask if he had fun too? Should I ask him if his fingers were tired? Actually I knew the last one wasn’t the ideal response but that still didn’t help me work out what was the ideal response.

Apparently I didn’t need one because before I came up with the right answers my phone was vibrating again.

“How about dinner tonight?”

Although we didn’t always eat as a band before a gig it was a fairly regular thing and the two of us eating separately, no matter where we ate, would raise questions. Did I care about that? I didn’t think so. Did Adam care about it? He didn’t appear too.

“Are you asking me out on another date?”

The following forty three seconds that I had to wait for a reply felt like a week.

“If that’s what you want to call it I’m fine with that.”

“What bet do I have to lose to get this date?”

“No bet, just dinner with a beautiful lady.”

Ok so I couldn’t resist being a little smart with that text message.

“Who else is coming? 🙂 ”

“I’ll go by myself if you want to be cheeky! 😛 “

I was just about to reply with an apology and something about agreeing to the dinner when I heard a voice from the back of the bus, it was Pete, our lighting tech. He had a phone in his hand waving it high and saying.

“Hey Y’all,” bloody southerners, “Adam’s trying to organize a date for tonight. Anyone wanna bet on who it’s with?”

I’m not sure what surprised me more, Pete’s silly behavior in what was obviously a personal situation, whether he knew who Adam was texting or not, or the reaction of everyone else on the bus who in unison called out.


I felt myself blush as what I thought was a well kept secret suddenly became the hottest topic on the tour bus.

“So what’s your answer Christie?” Dean asked from his seat on the left hand side of the bus. “Come on, don’t leave us all in suspense just answer the man!”

As I have said previously I was never seeking Dean’s approval but somehow knowing he didn’t have any issue with Adam and I dating suddenly gave me a bit more confidence.

“I’ve only got one thing to say” I stood up and leaned against the window of the bus so everyone could see me. When I knew I had the attention of the entire bus I continued. “How do you keep a bus load of idiots in suspense?” I then sat down without adding the punch line.

I sat in my seat, got comfortable and closed my eyes. I could hear chatter and talking, and while I picked up the occasional words I couldn’t make out too many sentences. I knew that sooner or later they’d all know the answer I chose but I planned to give it a good hour before I replied to Adam, via text and hoping he’d put his phone on silent, with an affirmative to his offer. After that there was nothing more to say.


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