Elvis and a table for two

Elvis continues from here.

After our last liaison in the house of a client while they were out of town I had to admit when Elvis rang me at lunch time on Monday and told me he needed a file brought to 1287 West Mulberry I wasn’t overly surprised or panicked. I didn’t even ask him if he wanted me to ring Jane, to fill in on the phones, I just assumed he was giving me permission to lock the door and meet him.

Pulling into the driveway at 1287 West Mulberry thoughts of the previous week floated through my mind and I smiled. I was still smiling with dirty thoughts as I knocked on the door. Elvis greeted me in a silk robe.

Handing him the file I looked him up and down and said. “Wow you’re not wasting any time this afternoon.

He replied with a smile and ushered me into the house. I wasn’t even in the mood for a tour of this house, I’d come for one thing and one thing only. Elvis!

When I dropped the file on the table I felt Elvis behind me, his hands on my hips, his lips on my neck and a rigid pole poking into my backside. I reached around behind me and pushed my hand into that robe.

“I see you brought me a toy!” I said to him as I turned around and looked into his eyes.

The one thing I had learned since working for Elvis was that looking nice and well dressed was good for the office but clothes that were easy to remove were more important.

“I want to try something new.” Elvis whispered to me with his lips on inches from mine. I asked what it was he wanted to try. “You naked on the table, head laid back hanging down and my cock in your mouth while I rub those glorious tits.”

It wasn’t something I’d tried before but until I started working for Elvis sex in the office wasn’t something I’d tried either. I quickly stripped myself naked and laid on the end on the table. I let my head drop off the edge, my neck stretched and my mouth open. I felt a bit slutty but I didn’t think about it for long. Elvis undid his robe and stepped forward, his massive hard-on poking out in front of him. I reached for it, wrapped my hand around it and dragged it into my mouth.

As I worked my lips and my hand along that stuff shaft I felt his hands cover my breasts. My nipples got hard. I could feel wetness between my legs, I so wanted his tongue circling my clit. His beautiful hard dick slid in and out of my mouth, I sucked on the head of it, flicking my tongue across the tip then swallowed it down to the base as that glorious tip touched the back of my throat.

My crotch was begging for attention, I open my legs, moved my left hand down and began to rub my swollen clit. It was then I felt it. Another hand touched my wet lips, from the angle I knew it wasn’t Elvis. In the mere seconds it took me to remove his dick from my mouth and lift my head the fingers had turned into a tongue. When I looked down I saw Jackie, our office cleaner, looking up at me over my own pubic hairs.

I suddenly remembered being caught in the kitchenette at work the previous week and Jackie’s suggestion that she should be invited to the next session. And here she was with her head between my legs giving me a glorious tongue lashing.

I’d never had anything close to a sexual experience with another woman before, I’d read a lot of accounts but never experienced one. I was eager.

Tipping my head back I took Elvis back into my mouth and resumed sucking him off as Jackie worked her fingers and tongue around my wet slippery crotch. Just the thought of being eaten but another woman was turning me on, I was getting hotter by the second. Jackie gently probed me with two fingers, I could feel her finger nails, longer than any guy who’d ever been in the same place but not too long to be uncomfortable. She knew where to touch, knew where to rub and knew where to nibble. With Elvis’ dribbling dick in my mouth, I moaned letting both of them know I was heading down a path I couldn’t return from.

Things escalated quicker than I expected, Jackie was working my g-spot, working my clit and gently nibbling my lips. I was groaning, I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. I couldn’t concentrate on Elvis as much as I’d have liked to thanks to what Jackie was doing but when he removed his dick from my mouth I still felt like something was missing.

It was then I realized Elvis was moving, he was joining Jackie. Jackie stopped licking for the briefest of seconds and told Elvis where to put his head, she then used the hand that had been rubbing my clit to push him there. I could feel two tongue circling me, both fighting for their own piece of me. Then it happened, Jackie pushed gently and rubbed her index finger against my g-spot.

I screamed and for the first time in my life I ejaculated, I’d orgasmed before and I had been so wet that my juices flowed but until that moment I had never realized exactly what ejaculating really was. I squirted into the faces of both Jackie and Elvis, Jackie obviously expecting it more than either Elvis and I were. Less than 10 seconds after I came I orgasmed it was an orgasm that felt like it lasted for an hour it was that good.

5 minutes later we had changed positions and I was kissing, licking and nibbling my first ever pussy. At the same time Elvis was having his dick sucked by Jackie just like I had not that long before. I tried to do to Jackie what I loved having done to myself, I let my tongue roam her wetness, circle her clit, gently probe her entrance without penetration and rolled her love peanut gently between my teeth. She was obviously enjoying it because I could hear her moan, even with her legs jammed against my ears as she held my head against her crotch.

Although I didn’t make Jackie cum, like she did to me, after several minutes her hips were shuddering, her body shaking, her hips were thrusting and she was screaming. As if he didn’t want to interrupt my first girl on girl experience I could see, through Jackie’s short pubic mound, Elvis standing beside the table watching intently and rubbing his dick.

When I’d finished eating Jackie out and her breathing has settled down to a manageable level we both got on our knees in front of Elvis and bean working his cock. He’d helped the two of us reach orgasm, the least we could do was do the same thing for him.

With two mouths, two tongues and an already aroused Elvis at our mercy we worked his throbbing meat. We looked up at him lustfully, tongues dribbling pre-cum, mouths desperate to taste him. We didn’t have to wait long for our prize.

An instant before he exploded he took over the rubbing. He jerked himself off and spurted white juicy cum into our faces. Our mouths greedily fought for the luscious tip trying to get every last drop from inside him.

By the time we’d all caught our breaths, got dressed and primped ourselves I had found out that the house we were in was in fact Jackie’s and that Jackie’s early arrival to work the previous week had been a set up just to get me naked.

Before I left the house to do the school run I told the two of them that while such elaborate games do add to the turn on factor, from now on all they had to do was ask.


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