Ride Hard: At Dianne’s house

Continues from here.

To say I was nearly floored when Jack politely refused my offer to come inside for a nightcap was an understatement. I’d practiced how I was going to ask him in for so long the idea of him saying no hadn’t entered my mind.

So what was his excuse? Was he really a gentleman that wanted to wait until marriage before he slept with a woman? Was he playing it slow because he didn’t know what to do? Was it because he didn’t like me enough to sleep with me? Nope, in the end it was a simple excuse, he’d rushed into relationships in the past and they had failed and in his words, “I like you too much to rush into this relationship.”

I wanted to remind him that we’d had at least one date, one dinner and shared a bike and that to me wasn’t rushing, but at the same time I couldn’t help but respect him. The respect didn’t ease the yearning in my heart and the wanting in my mind but I definitely wasn’t going to try and change his mind and risk loosing what it was we did have.

My neighbors lead a different lifestyle to me and they aren’t they kind of people to peak out windows, even when they hear something unusual in the driveway like a motorbike in the wee hours of the morning. But if they were they’d have seen me lip locked to Mr Desirable for so long they’d have been wondering if they needed to call the paramedics to give us oxygen.

During the kiss one of Jack’s hands actually skimmed the underside of my covered breast. The little shock waves that zapped through my body were so electric that I felt my knees jitter slightly. Jack moved his hand away too quickly for my liking and I suddenly wondered if maybe he was feeling the same jitters somewhere in his body.

I pulled him closer to me, held him against me as we kissed and I could feel more than a jitter from his waist, there was something gently probing just above the button of my jeans. I moved my hips slightly wondering what he was feeling and hoping I wasn’t pushing him too quickly. When the kiss didn’t stop immediately I figured I wasn’t pushing to much, but I also didn’t push any further.

When the kiss was finally broken I stood still looking at his face in the glow on the nearby street lights, I was so tempted to lean in for another goodbye kiss but forced myself not too.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I have honestly never had such an enjoyable evening, with such lovely person. You are a true gentleman Jack Richards.”

“Does this mean you’d like to accompany me on another date, possibly to a real restaurant next time?”

“I’d have to check my calendar.” I replied jokingly.

“Maybe you can text me when you’re not busy.” Jack said.

I really hoped he knew I was joking but in case he didn’t I removed any doubt. “Ok, I just checked and for you I’m free any day of the week ending in “Y”.”

Jack let out a little giggle, “Perhaps I could ring you tomorrow?”

“If you don’t I’m not sure I’ll last the whole day!” Dammit, even I could tell I was being too desperate but I just couldn’t help myself I wanted Jack so badly.

Although I knew my want was not going to be satisfied that night it was still hard to see Jack leave. It wasn’t quiet a “Leader of the Pack” moment where I kissed him goodbye and the tears were beginning to show but there was definitely a pang in my heart as he waved and that pang only got stronger as I listened to the bike as it disappeared into the night. I think I only stood outside the house for a few minutes, lost in thought of how great Jack appeared to be, but who could tell time really didn’t matter at that moment.

When I finally did make it inside the first thing I did was head straight to the bedroom and strip off my jeans and shirt. Even though I was home alone I still slipped on a light gown to cover my underwear before leaving the room. It was late, well early in the morning actually, and I didn’t have plans of doing much before bed but I was thirsty and decided that a hot chocolate was in order before bed.

Once made I took my hot chocolate to the bedroom and placed it on my bedside table. From there I went into the bathroom, cleaned off my make up and prepared myself for bed. I then went back into the bedroom, lay on the bed and started to watch TV as I drank my drink.

I’d only been watching TV for about five minutes when my cell phone beeped from next to my cup. I reached over it and immediately saw the message was from Jack. My heart skipped a beat as I keyed in my pass code and scrolled to the messages.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, I’ll be thinking of you as I fall asleep.”

“And I’ll be thinking of you!” I thought as I lay on my bed, longing for Jack to be laying there with me.

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