Rexie returns to the doctors

Previous Doctor story here.

When I walked into the doctor’s surgery I couldn’t help but notice the bottle of Viagra sitting proudly on his desk. Being the flirty little girl that I am I didn’t hold back with the comment.

“Oh Doctor surely you don’t need such help. You seemed to have no problems standing to attention yesterday when I was here.”

“Oh I don’t take them, they are samples for my less fortunate patients.”

“Well considering you forgot to put the batteries in your measuring stick yesterday maybe you should try some.”

“Oh yes Rexie, of course that’s why you are here. To have you tests done again after yesterday’s cock up.” Doctor Janson laughed.

“It was definitely up!” Dropping onto the floor on my knees and reaching for his crotch I added, “I bet I can get it up again too.”

Within seconds I had his growing dick in my mouth and was sucking, licking and rubbing the thing for all I was worth. I licked up and down the shaft. I rubbed up and down the shaft. And I nibbled up and down the shaft.Doctor Janson let me know I was doing as he wished with quiet moans. When I stuffed my hand down his pants and wrapped my fingers around his balls I brought my lips up to the top of his shaft and sucked hard just on the tip.

Letting my tongue circle the head of his sweet bulbous knob, I flicked across the eye of his dick and around the full circumference of that thick beast. My right hand continued to rub his shaft, I could hear his breathing increase as he moaned.

Standing up from the floor I stripped myself naked, which was quiet east given that I wore an over coat and nothing else, and walked to the patient bed Doctor Jenson had fucked me on the day before. Thinking I was ready to be fucked as I lay there naked and with my legs spread the good doctor walked towards the end of the patient bed.

“Oi you, not yet.” I said to him and motioned him with my right hand index finger to come to me.

Just like the previous day I reached for his thick wet purple headed monster and dragged it into my open waiting mouth. I’d requested the move to the bed purely because it was easier to finger myself laying on my side with his cock in my mouth than it was with him sitting on his desk chair. It’s not that I didn’t want that monster dick inside me, I just wanted to savor it elsewhere before hand.

I set to once again sucking that pink beauty, gently gliding it in and out of my mouth while my hand grasped it and followed my lips. Every few strokes I would remove my mouth, run my tongue along the underside of his shaft and suck his recently shaved balls. At the same time two fingers of my left hand circled my clit, rubbing and gently pinching the swollen love button.

Just as I tasted the pre-cum dribble from the good doctors knob I heard a buzzing sound. I kept his dick in my mouth but my lips and hands froze where the were.

“Relax Rexie, I remembered to put the batteries in this morning.”

What he took out of his pocket was not monstrous in size or fancy in design, it was straight, slick and about 5 inches long and it was vibrating in his hand.

I didn’t say anything with my mouthful I just resumed the job I was doing. The doctor’s bedside manner may not have been the most skilled because instead for trying to turn me on more with the purple dildo he just slid the vibrating plastic dong into my wet snatch. While I admit it did feel good it could have been so much better with a bit of anticipation and play time.

As I sucked harder and he worked his dildo in and out of my crotch I went back to rubbing and tweaking my clit and swollen pussy lips. While I so wanted to taste his creamy white juices I had different ideas about where I wanted him to shoot his load now that he’d brought out his toy.

“Fuck me in the ass.” I whispered as I let his cock slide from my mouth.

“What?” he said in surprise.

I rolled onto my back, lifted my legs into the air and waited. “Get around there and slide that throbbing monster into my ass while working the vibrator inside my snatch.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it.”

With the vibrator still rubbing it’s way around my inner pussy I waited for Doctor Jenson to be standing directly in front of me. I then threw my ankles over his shoulders and dragged him toward me. Surprised by my response his dribbling dick rammed into my leg, I felt my saliva and his pre-cum leave a wet spot on my ass cheek.

“Do it.”

Doctor Jenson pushed hit cock forward, I felt the tip of it touch my asshole. I nodded in agreement and grabbed the vibrating dildo inside my pussy. I felt my ass open up and begin to swallow the first dick it had had in years. Doctor Jenson pushed slowly, almost like he didn’t know what to do, until he was all the way in.

“Now fuck me.” I moaned

Being fucked in the ass while playing with a vibrator in my snatch is one of my all time favorite fucks. It’s made better by the guy using the dildo but Doctor Jenson was not adept at such games, yet. We fucked that way for several minutes, our thrusts getting hard and faster until we both reached orgasm and our hearts skipped a beat.

He removed himself from my tight ass way too quickly for my liking but I understood he had a 15 minute window for appointments and I wasn’t disappointed with my 15 minutes of the good doctor, it was better than yesterday.


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