What Elvis Doesn’t Know

Continues from here.

I’d organised a day off work for the following Tuesday, Elvis didn’t ask for a reason and I didn’t give him one but given that he could keep a secret like Jackie to himself I figured I could too, at least for a while. I just hoped he wouldn’t be bitter

I turned up at Jackie’s house dressed in only an overcoat, I was totally naked underneath. It was quite the rush walking the three blocks from my house to hers with no clothes under my coat. When I knocked on the door Jackie answered it wearing a tight fitting deep pink corset with black lace trim. The tight fitting fabric hugged her glorious and perky 28E breasts, I could see her nipples poking through the fabric. The flowery black embroidered patterns around the side hugged ever curve of her luscious torso. Underneath the frilly lace waist band was a pair of matching pink panties with the same black lace trim. The triangle of pink silk tiny in size and just covering her little shaven love heart mound of public hair. I felt my lips moisten just at the sight, she was so smoking hot I was surprised she wasn’t in flames.

“Come in, I didn’t think it was cold enough out there for a coat.” Jackie said as she ushered me inside.

I said nothing as I took my first three steps inside the door, I then stopped, turned around and opened my over coat revealing my nakedness.

Jackie smiled at me and swung the door shut. She then stepped up to me and began kissing me full on the lips. I responded in kind and our lips locked together as we kissed hard and passionately. After less than a minute she broke the kiss and lead me to the lounge room. Standing in front of the white leather sofa I dropped my coat to the floor and sat down, Jackie sat next to me.

We looked at each other face to face and before I knew what was going on her fingers were creeping their way up my inner thigh. I wanted to kiss her but I kept my lips just inches from hers and looked her directly in the eyes. He fingers kept exploring my pussy making me wet and sending small shock waves through me every time she gave me a gently pinch between her finger and thumb. Grabbing her hand I moved it where I wanted it, up, down, around, slow fast, everywhere my already aching pussy begged to be touched.

By the time I was begging for her fingers to be inserted into me we still hadn’t kissed, our lips were only inches apart and our eyes had not wavered but we still had not touched lips. Maneuvering her fingers where I wanted them I pushed them into me and mashed my lips to hers. As two fingers slid easily into me wet hole my tongue plunged into Jackie’s mouth.

We sat on the edge of the sofa kissing deeply as her fingers explored my pussy, rubbing against my wet pussy walls and moving against my g-spot. Although I held her hand against my crotch Jackie let her fingers roam free inside me, every one of my pussy muscles worked against her fingers as she flicked difference spots with ever finger movement.

When Jackie broke the kiss and pulled her fingers from me in one quick movement I almost thought I’d done something wrong, instead she stood up and stropped herself naked. I must admit I was a little sad to see that beautiful little corset go and I considered asking her if I could borrow it for my next house visit with Elvis, I wouldn’t even wash it.

We lay down on the sofa, Jackie with her back against the cushion and me in front of her. We started kissing almost instantly, out tits squashing against each other as we got closer together. When Jackie lifted her left foot up onto the back of the sofa spreading her legs wide open I couldn’t resist, my hand went straight to her wet mound.

The deeper our kiss got the harder she pulled me against her. I rubbed her swollen clit, and pushed my fingers through her wet lips, she moaned into my mouth as I did so. I started out with one finger, my middle finger, dipping into her sweet pussy. Holding my hand against her crotch I slid my finger in and out just like it was a long slender dick. I quickly replace one finger with two and put my thumb on her clit. As my fingers worked inside her hot wet hole and my thumb worked her clit I could feel her pussy muscles almost strangling my fingers. I began to kiss her neck, she began to moan loudly as she looked up at the roof with her eyes closed. She was thrusting her hips at my fingers I was rubbing as quickly as I could knowing she wasn’t far from orgasm.

“Oh god, eat me!” she called out as she moaned.

I obeyed. When she orgasmed a few minutes later my tongue was buried inside her hot wet box and my nose was rubbing its way through her sweet lips. She clamped my head between my legs and her body shuddered and rocked it’s way through her orgasm.

“My turn,” she said after realizing my head from her legs, “Sit up there.” she point to the back of the sofa.

Again I obeyed. With my feet on the cushions of the sofa and my backside on the back of the sofa I watched Jackie crawl up between my legs and begin giving me a similar tongue lashing to the one I’d just given her.

An expert with her fingers and tongue she circled my already sopping wet pussy, rubbed my clit and sucked my lips before pounding that tongue in and out of my burning hole. When it wasn’t her tongue penetrating me and exploring my inner most it was her fingers. I had hoped like the previous time she went down on me I was going to cum but unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I did have a massive orgasm which shook me so hard I nearly fell off the sofa.

We collapsed into each others arms and laid that way for nearly twenty minutes.

When I left for home an hour later I was again wearing my overcoat but this time I was wearing Jackie’s corset under it.


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