Rock Hard: A Kiss And A Promise

Continues from here.

When Adam finally got his affirmative answer the rest of the bus had settled down and while they obviously hadn’t forgotten the text messages they had stopped talking about it. I don’t know if Adam had his phone temporarily on silent by the time I agreed to dinner because the boys had put Slayer on the sound system and I doubt we’d have heard a shot gun fire in the bus but the only reaction the message got was a smiley face from Adam.

While the trucks went straight to the venue, the bus went straight to the motel and after Bob, our tour manager, booked us in we all piled off the bus and headed towards our rooms. Due to our later arrival sound check was a little later than usual and we didn’t hit the stage until 5:30pm. The acoustics of the place really sucked, which was unusual because old halls usually held a sound unbeaten by newer, more fancy venues, but we soldiered on and although sound check took us a little longer than usual we were off stage and finished by 7pm.

As much as I didn’t want to knock back a dinner date with Adam I really didn’t feel like going out, I was tired from the lack of sleep (and good dreams), tired from the road and tired from the late sound check. Honestly I know I was being a bit of a sook and that they crew had worked a lot harder than me but dammit I was going to have a little whine if I wanted to! Sitting in my room I was just contemplating what I would wear for dinner when there was a knock at the door, it was of course Adam.

I swung the door open and walked back towards the bed. “Come in, I’m not ready but it will only take me a few minutes.”

“Was wondering how you’d feel about a rain check.” He said stepping inside.

I was already pulling my T-shirt off, I figured after last night seeing me in my bra was barely an issue.

“Rain check? It’s wet and falling from the sky!” I replied making reference to the stuff I could hear hitting the roof.

“Don’t be such a drip!” He added continuing the rain theme.

I couldn’t think of another rain related remark so I went with trying to find out why he was cancelling our date.

“Is something wrong?”

“Nah I’m just really tired and I was thinking if you were happy to take a rain check until tomorrow I’d go back to my room and have a nap. Give myself more of a chance to have a good show tonight.”

It was almost as if he had been reading my mind. I decided to test the theory a little further and see how close to the same wave length we were.

I stepped up to him, with my left hand I grabbed his right and walked him to the bed. “No point going further than you have to!” I exclaimed as I sat down on the bed and gently pulled him towards me.

He fell onto the bed next to me and from the sitting position I dragged him backwards into a similar position to that which we were in last night. His voice broke the silence.

“Christie I’m sorry, as much as I want to, I honestly don’t think I can. Load in was a bitch tonight, I hate loading into these old halls where the owners think everything is a friggen relic and they watch everything like eagles.”

Although I was a little disappointed I had to admit I was on a similar wave length when my back hit the bed.

“Just lay with me!” I said hoping he wouldn’t leave.

Because everything was later it also meant our stage time was later, we didn’t have to be on stage until 11pm which meant the two of us could cop a reasonable nap before the gig. As he shuffled onto the right hand side of the bed I reached forward and set the alarm on the bedside digital clock for 10:15pm, it would give us nearly three hours to nap and thirty minutes to get to the venue and grab something to eat before the gig. It would be close, but achievable and I’m sure something that would ensure our show had a better chance of success.

I fell asleep on my right hand side, not my favorite side but Adam’s body snuggled up against my back, his chest gently pushing against me, his lap pushed into my backside, his legs entangled in mine, his left arm draped over my body and our hands locked together made it so much better.

We were still clothed but I gently rubbed my backside against his lap a few times just happy to feel his warmth and touch. I felt his breath on my neck as our heads shared a pillow and by the time he was asleep those warm sweet breaths were driving me insane. How I fell asleep I’m not sure, but I did.

Like most times when I wake up I didn’t need an alarm. I woke up at 10:15pm feeling a lot better than I thought I would, part of that was because Adam’s warm body was still nestled up against mine and his fingers were still entangled with mine. Neither of us had moved in nearly three hours and I couldn’t think of a better place to be. The first movement I felt from Adam was his lips on my neck as he gently kissed me just under the left ear.

“Hello sexy.” I said feeling amorous and just a little horny. I knew we didn’t have time for anything like my mind wanted to try but that didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling it, and feeling it bad!

I rolled over onto my back and looked into his eyes. Although all our other contact points changed the second I rolled over there was a new contact point that made things oh so much better. He leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips. It was a good morning type kiss, not deep passionate kiss but the instant his lips lifted from mine I took measures to fix that.

I put my right hand on the back of his head and gently pushed his head back downwards. “Get back here!” I said moments before our lips locked and we began kissing again. This time the kiss was deep, passionate, slow and lingering. The kiss was broken by the alarm going off.

“Shit!” Adam said as he looked at the clock and reached across to turn the alarm off. “I was enjoying that.”

Without thinking I opened my mouth and blurted. “What are you doing later tonight!”


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