Ride Hard: The Morning After

Continues from here.

When I woke up at 5:07am I couldn’t believe it not only did I remember the dream I had woken from there was a tingling between my legs that I hadn’t felt upon waking since I was sixteen and had that dream about Mickey Danse the captain of the school’s football team. The most recent dream was of course not about Mickey it was about Jack and while I remember certain details of the dream vividly the images that I immediately woke from, the images that no doubt left me with the tingling had completely vanished.

In the dream instead of just holding hands while we kissed at Lover’s Lookout Jack’s hand gently pushed it’s way between two buttons on my shirt. I wasn’t at all worried by the fact that the button popped off into the darkness somewhere, the shirt wasn’t one I recognized as mine anyway. As we kissed deeper his hand moved under my left breast and gently caressed it through my silky bra. With his tongue circling mine inside my mouth his fingers skimmed over my erect nipple, he then softly clamped it between his thumb and forefinger gently tugging on it. Whether it was through my quiet moans into his mouth or not I don’t know but somehow he seemed to know that gently playing with my nipples was a huge turn on.

When he moved his lips to my neck and began kissing just beneath my left ear I was having trouble controlling my breaths, they were becoming more audible by the second. I felt his hand leave my shirt and without waiting for him to make a choice I grasped it and placed it on my bare leg and dragged it upward pushing my skirt with it. Mr “Take it slow” obviously didn’t need any invitations in dream land because when his hand touched the my underwear I didn’t need to guide him anywhere.

I let go of his hand and he began to gently rub my wetness through the fabric of my pink underwear. When he nibbled gently on my ear lobe I moaned and told him to keep going. He kept going, pushing the wet crotch of my panties to one side and touching me for the first time. The feeling was electric, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I told him to kiss me on the other side, he obeyed. It was at that moment he started to concentrate on my clitoris. The build up of taking it slow had really taken it’s toll on me and by the time he finally did make his move I was so turned on I wasn’t sure how long I could hold on. As it turns out I didn’t have to hold on long because when he slipped his fingers downward and was about to enter me I woke up.

I lay on the bed panting for breath, the tingling feeling was easing between my legs but still there and I felt like I’d just had a marathon session of sex. I couldn’t believe the feeling, I was sure my sixteen year old sex dream was nowhere near as memorable or tiring as the dream about Jack but it was hard to remember back that far. I didn’t have long before I was due to get up for work but I decided another hour of sleep was better than nothing and I dropped off hoping two things, a replay of the dream and that the real thing was as good or better than the dream.

“How was your weekend?” Bill asked me as he lobbed into the office a fashionable twenty five minutes late, with coffee.

“A weekend spent in front of the TV, didn’t leave the house once.” I lied just to make conversation.

“Really? You did nothing else?”

“Nope, just TV.”

“Gee, I thought you might have got a phone call from someone.” He replied as he picked up and ruffled through some of the papers from my desk.

“Well I did get a call from someone selling life insurance.”

“Did you date him?”

“Yes Bill, and we got married last night so if you don’t buy life insurance off my new husband I quit!”

“I’d rather buy a motorbike.”

“Oh yeah as if you’d be allowed to take one of those home, your missus would kill you!”

“I’ll keep the bike at your place and your insurance salesman can keep it running for me.”

Having played the game with Bill more times than I could count I knew it was up to me to end it because he would just carry on with it forever if I didn’t. “So Bill have you got something to say? Is there something about phone calls and bikes you want to tell me?”

“Should there be?”

“Ok Bill how about this, I thank you for passing my number on to Jack. I then tell you we went out for dinner last night and had a good time and then I tell you I rode the bike again. And in return for telling you all that you’ll be happy with the knowledge you did a good thing for someone and you’ll disappear into your office and act like you are doing some work.”

“So you’re not going to give me any details?”

“Geez Bill you’re worse than a group of drunken girls at a hens night!”

“Come on, if it wasn’t for me the date wouldn’t have happened.”

I tried to remind Bill that while his statement was technically accurate there was no reason why Jack would not simply have waited until he could ring me at work and organize a date for any day of the week. But he still wanted his credit, and to be fair he deserved it so rarely I thought it was only fair he got something so I told him all about how lovely night.

Given the way Bill was about hearing the story one could be excused if they thought he wanted every little detail but that is one of the guys redeeming features, he doesn’t need every detail. When I finished at the point of telling him that Jack dropped me off at home and left he didn’t push for why I didn’t invite him in or why he didn’t ask for more he simply accepted that was the end of the date and was happy.

“Is another date on the cards?”

“The burning question is. Will there be another motorbike lesson!”

“Ok answer that and I’ll answer my own question!” He replied with a smile as he headed towards his office.

I said nothing I just smiled at him then turned back to my computer and got on with my work.

Just after 10:30 the phone rang at my desk, I was dealing with a customer who had just dropped off a truck load of steel and needed to be paid and wasn’t able to answer it so after a few rings it went straight to Bill’s desk. Normally I would have just asked the customer to wait, answered the call to let them know we were there and then put them on hold but with Bill there I just let the call go through to him.

By the time I had finished with the customer Bill was off the phone and I didn’t think anything more of it, it was his business if he couldn’t handle a few business related calls he didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t until lunch time that he wandered out of his office to take my lunch order that he actually reminded me there had been a phone call that he took care of.

“Oh that reminds me, Jack rang up before requesting a date. I told him you were dating an insurance salesman and he needed to leave you alone.”

“You what?” I said at him as I picked up the squishy stress ball type thing in shape of a computer that sat next to my screen and pretended to throw it at him.

“Yep, told him you and the insurance guy were hot to trot and that you are desperate for him.”

I knew after that statement that Bill was joking, so I threw the squishy foam computer at him anyway.

“You, Bill Campbell are a cheeky bastard!”

“Thank you so much for the compliment.”

That was two I owed Bill and I was going to be sure to get payback when he least expected it. Once he returned my foam computer he then told me that Jack had actually told him he was busy until after lunch and that I could ring back after 1:30pm.

For nearly an hour and a half I watched the clock tick over until I was able to ring Jack, I think it was 1:31pm when I picked up the phone to dial his workshop number and organize our next meeting.

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