Hold my rod

“It smells like fish.”

“Of course it does, that’s because it is fish you idiot! And if you catch another one like it I’ll reward you with something special.”

Fishing wasn’t my favorite past time but I indulged my husband occasionally because he indulged me when I let him. We were sitting out on Tahoe lake doing a bit of bass fishing, being a weekday it was quite and we hadn’t seen another boat for hours. Lonny had just dragged in a 14 inch large mouth, it wasn’t record breaking standards but if he got another one we were more than prepared for dinner and he was going to be rewarded.

We were sitting in a 21 foot Ranger Reata, I’m not sure what that means but Lonny always says it when someone asks him what sort of boat he has. The fish was flopping around on the back deck next to the single seat in front of the motor.

Lonny dropped the fish into the live well and went back to fishing. Half an hour later I was still waiting for the next catch, but I was getting bored. When I saw the lure pop up out of the water next to the boat I told Lonny to put his rod down, I wanted to play with a rod on my own.

Strangely enough it didn’t take me much to convince Lonny to put down his fishing rod. Because we were anchored it didn’t even take much to convince him to move from the dickie seat to the aft row.

“You said you wanted to christen the boat.” I said with a smile as I unzipped his pants and took out a rod of my own.

Kneeling on the carpeted floor of the boat I motioned Lonny to sit down. He did so and I went down on him swallowing that warm growing dick as far into my mouth as I could. I worked his rod slowly with tight fingers and a wet mouth, up and down, down and up. I ran my tongue around the tip and tasted him, as always he was sweet and I wanted more.

Standing up and sliding my skirt and underwear downward I turned around and with my back to Lonny I lowered myself. Had we more time we could have enjoyed a bit more fun but we were still floating on a lake that had the potential to get busy at any time.

Sitting on Lonny’s dick I moved up and down, the boat rocked with my movements, his dick pushed inside my wetness. Reaching down I began tickling his balls as I bounced on him. I could hearing him moaning.

As I began to move faster I could hear the water lapping against the boat, a quiet slapping noise as the boat bounced in the water and created little waves of it’s own. As we got into a rhythm, me moving up and down, Lonny meeting my thrusts and the boat helping us along the way our moaning increased.

It wasn’t a marathon love making session but it was a-maze-ingly good, we both got off, both ended satisfied and we both ended with a smile on our faces.


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